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Sixers Take First Preseason Game

I watched the last 3rd of the game. When I saw the starters playing, wow, they looked like a different team from last year. Good review, Brian.

I think the turnovers were just from rust. This was their first preseason game, afterall.
Still, I hope this doesn`t follow them into the regular season. Iguodala can really hurt the team if he averages more than 3 TO a night (the younger guys will be doing it enough as it is).
I really wish I could`ve watched the game. I`m excited to see this new offense in action. I think Brand and Thad will get better as well.
I`m not surprised about the free-throws - they might lose 5 or more games this season from bad free-throw shooting alone.
I didn`t get to see the game. Any comments about their defense?

I spent way too much time on the importance of free throw shooting to the Sixers last year. Check it out, you may be surprised.

Anyway, the portion of the game I saw really didn't feature much defense on either side of the ball. A couple of things I noticed, Jason Smith was showing very, very aggressively on the pick and roll, and he was quick enough to rotate back to his man. That's an important skill that we need all of our bigs to work at. Ivey was a menace. Willie had a ton of trouble sticking with Quincy Douby, Jrue over-helped a couple of times to make up for Willie and they got burned by threes.

Jrue was a mixed bag from what I saw, one play he sort of got lulled to sleep by Marcus Banks and gave him a free ride to the hoop. Another, he did a good job of forcing Banks into his help on the baseline.

Kapono didn't look half bad, from what I saw.

I'm really hoping that Kapono was just not the right fit while on the Raptors. You'd think a shooter would be perfect for that open offense, but they would put him on the floor with other weak defenders who could also shoot. So his shooting was less of a premium while his defense was exposed.

On the Sixers they can have him be the dedicated sniper while surrounding him with good defenders. He really might thrive.

I still don't want him shooting more twos than threes.

deepsixersuede on Oct 7 at 8:00

Thanks for the review Brian, sounds like they will be tough to deal with on the offensive end; a spread out team with all our quickness.

Tonight - http://atdhe.net/

Tonight - http://atdhe.net/. ive never been dissapointed with this site, theyve always worked so far, hope thats true @ 7pm today

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