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Everybody Loves Sammy

I think it is good to see that Sam is buying in. There was a chance (and still is) that Sam's relationship with the team becomes so toxic that he no longer could be used. And given how much they still have to pay him, that would be a problem.

Sure, he's still gone in 2 years, but they need him to fill a role becasue I don't see Smith or Speights ready to be full time NBA centers in the next year (if ever.) And the Sixers will lack the resources to upgrade their frontcourt. Not with them paying Sam+Brand so much.

So its not so much that I see Sam being a very positive force. But even a not horrible Sam for 25 min/game is needed right now.

Yeah, it's really essential that Sam works out for this team... you hit the nail on the head, Brian, when you described his success as the difference between mediocrity and actually challenging some teams in the postseason.

Just eight to ten points/game on a high shooting percentage, while dominating the boards and providing an intimidating presence in the middle... that's all he needs to do. Is that asking too much? I don't know. He'll have to keep his fouls down in the process, which is obviously something he's struggled with in the past. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but for some reason I'm cautiously optimistic... and that's a rarity for me when it comes to Sam D.

Check out this blurb from Tom Moore's column:

“We have to take care of our turnovers,” said Sixers coach Eddie Jordan.

Jordan also said forward Thaddeus Young has to work on his rebounding and that the Sixers need to play at a pace closer to the opener than to Game 2, when they walked the ball upcourt too often.

It's refreshing to see a coach thinking along the same lines as we are.

Sure we all want Thad to grab more boards, but I'd still have him try and leak out a lot of the time. As a PF you have to always crash the boards. But as a SF you can leak out, especially if they send their SG (Iguodala) to grab boards.

They probably should have either Iguodala or Thad crashing the boards... but not always both.

IMO Thad should try and crash the O-Boards unless his man is leaking out. Thad is better on the O-Boards then Iguodala. But on defense I would rather have Iguodala go to the boards. Iguodala is better suited to go coast to coast off a d-board, while Thad is more of a weapon leaking out on the fast break. Thad is also more likely to beat his man (SF) down the floor than Iguodala, since most SG's are trained to get back quickly on defense.

I know some will say conventional wisdom is to send all of your players to get rebounds, and that you can't run unless you secure the glass. But the reality is that teams that are built to run need to leak out the right player in order to take advantage of mismatches. This can help disrupt the other team's chances of getting an O-Board by putting pressure on them to get back and deny the break.

I really don't think they need to cheat to get running opportunities. It's nice to leak once in a while, but I'm much, much more concerned with securing the glass. I want them all to crash and then run, to a man, they should be able to beat their men down the floor once the ball is secured (outside of Brand, I guess).

Now if you're telling me EB, Sam and Iguodala are handling the defensive glass at 75% clip or better, then by all means, leak out. But we aren't there right now.

I believe Sam, Brand and Iguodala can secure the boards at a high rate. Last year Thad was PF. Its a whole different game w/ Sam and Brand at PF/C.

Again, I'm suggesting the SG crash the boards in place of the SF, not to abandon the boards. I'm no expert, but I think in most cases the SG does not routinely crash the defensive glass on most teams. But for the Sixers, Iguodala should, since he is such a good coast to coast weapon.

I believe the sixers could be a very good team IF Sammy continues to buy in. But, that is a big IF but happy to hear all this early in the season. A good sign and hopefully it will just keep getting better.

They say if you feed the dog, he'll guard the yard." - never knew Iguodala had some wit. good analogy for Sam. lol

deepsixersuede on Oct 9 at 23:52

Brian, just got in from the game; 2 best surprises, L.Will. [efficient scorer, not turning it over ] and Kapono ,as TK 76 said earlier, very intelligent player who created for others along with moving well defensively. Thad and Sam had major issues making decisions on the offensive end ,Sam being Sam and Thad just not comfortable yet playing on the perimeter and having to pass or shoot rather than catch and shoot in the post.The 5 that made the 4th quarter push [Marreese,Elton,Kapono,Dionte and [cringe] Willie.There was no cutting till the 4th quarter, a lot of spread the floor, dribble handoff and gain no advantage stuff.

And you thought you hated Sammy's jumpers before..? Be afraid...


"I just hit a half court shot jason kapono hits one @teamlou23 hits one sammy d hits it was crazy!"

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