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Glad to read something that isn't laced with panic regarding the Yanks. Coming home tonight all I heard on talk radio was how the Yankee bench is terrible, how Joe Torre should be fired and how Rivera is done.


I really think Hughes is going to be at the front of this rotation come July. There were really only two results to come out of this meltdown, either (a) they bring Hughes up or (b) they sign clemens for about $1M per start.

If the meltdown had come later, they would've opted for clemens, and they still might, but look at it this way:

If Hughes pans out, which I think he will, the Yanks have a really, really solid 1-4. Wang, Hughes, Pettitte and Mussina. Then they can throw Wang or any of the other rooks out there once a week to take his lumps.

This is a huge upgrade over the rotation last year, and really any rotation they've had since 2003, maybe even 2001.

Not only is it a better rotation, it's a younger rotation.

Can't wait til Thursday. Thank God it's a night game.

I think the key is getting Wang and Mussina back in the rotation. I'm interested to see how Hughes performs, but I'm a bit surprised that the Yanks are bringing him up. I thought the Yanks would bring up Hughes when he was ready to stay in the rotation. He might stay up if he pitches well, but I'm surprised they did it now.

You think Pavano even bothers coming back? I mean, at this point it's just a complete joke.

He'll come back. Will he stay? That's a different story.

brandon on Apr 24 at 7:26

I still don't understand why you think Hughes is going to be so awesome. If the guy was that good, he would have been here before Chase Wright.

I hope Torre gets fired. I'm loving this.

Hail Arod!

Two reasons Wright was up first.

1. they needed a starter for that night, and it wasn't Hughes' night to pitch, it was Wright's.

2. they were hoping to not have to bring him up this early.

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