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Who's Going To Practice Tomorrow?

Tonight's game is on Sixers.com, but audio only. As I posted at realgm, it is sort of embarrassing when Comcast owns the arena, team and TV station (CSN) but would rather air poker re-runs then pay the few thousand it would cost to show the game on CSN. Obviously they do not believe their team is worth watching.

There will be no online feed since neither the Nets or Sixers are airing the game. It is a shame I decided to follow such and obscure sport as Philadelphia NBA basketball.

No one is airing video of the game, for either team? Wow.

Comcast lacks the resources to air the game :)

I'll volunteer to kick in for a 30$ webcam if they would agree to put it courtside and stream the game...

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Oct 9 at 16:13

I will be there as well with my son. My main reason for going to the practice tomorrow is that when I renewed my season tix I got a voucher for a signed Thad Jersey which I will get after the practice. By the way I will give you some feedback on this game tomorrow as I will be there tonight. Evbn though it is pre season it has been 5 and a half months since I have seen live action so I am ready for it.

I'll be at the practice tomorrow as well.

Well I'll be there around 10 with my friend Ryan, aiming for the court side seats! I'm baldish as well and I'll be wearing a red Rudy Fernandez t-shirt.

I'll probably be wearing my Thad throwback jersey, my 1 year-old will be wearing his "Tough Guys Wear Red" T-shirt as well :)

I'm hoping to get there early and get as close to the floor as possible as well.

I look forward to your guy's 1st hand assessment. Especially how Brand looks.

I wonder if they'll let us shoot video.

That pisses me off as well. I could see if there were a flyers or phills game on, but re-runs. They want us to appreciate this team so badly but won't show the game when there is no logical excuse other then finances.

I'll be there tomorrow, I'll bring flashlights just in case they couldn't afford the electric either


10:29 PHI - T. Young defensive rebound

6 boards for Thad in the first quarter. They were up over 80% on the defensive glass (of course, they gave up an offensive board/put-back at the buzzer).

I will be there. Not planning on getting there real early.

If you want to try to meet up like 10:50ish or whatever, I would suggest just behind a section like between 201-226?

I think what I'm going to do is post on Twitter where I'm sitting when we get in. It's going to be hard for me to meet up with the kids and wife in tow. So if you follow me on twitter, check for an update some time after 10 am.

deepsixersuede on Oct 10 at 0:04

Brian, will look for you at practice, debating whether to wear my Iggy jersey, went to game tonight, left review on previous post; as exciting a 4th quarter as a preseason game could have, it was good they seemed to play to win in front of their 1st home crowd.

eddies' heady's on Oct 10 at 11:09

Happy Birthday, l'il Nora!!

And here's hoping you are blessed with good health for many more birthdays to come.

Cheer on the Sixers l'il one...We need more fans like you that are born and bred into it.

Meaningless info, but going into tonight's game, Curry was 8-32 in three preseason games.

5/8 so far tonight, 5 boards, 5 assists (and 4 turnovers).

The real story on GSW is Morrow, that guy is just a stud. They should get rid of Stephen Jackson just to get him more minutes.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 11 at 12:46

Well yeah, or actually maybe they shouldn't have Curry to steal minutes from Morrow, when Morrow may well be the better shooter and player. Morrow's not a point guard, but I'm not so sure Curry is either.

Fair point. I still think Curry is going to be a stud, but GS wasn't really a great fit w/ Ellis in the back court.

Did ya'll read this on Kate's article earlier today:

After Thursday's practice, Jordan said Young needed to rebound better; he had eight rebounds at the half and finished with a double-double (10 points, 10 rebounds). ...

I think he heard loud and clear!

DeanH reply to DeanH on Oct 11 at 2:00

One more thing about Friday Night game after interview (in so many words):

Coach: If we would make simple passes instead of trying to be fancy and make our foul shots, we would have had an easier win. Encouraged by Thad's rebounding as we challanged him. He also stressed being quicker and running our offense on purpose.

I am really starting to like our coach alot! Seems to think the way we do!

Iguodala had an interview on CSNPhilly.com talking about how some of his turnovers are coming from attempting passes to expose opportunities that his teammates missed on the floor.


An interesting concept, especially for an offense that requires both passer and receiver to make reads.

I also like the increased emphasis on Screens.


In other preseason non-news, DeRozan seems quite a bit more competent (judging purely by box scores) than I would've thought. I was expecting a repeat of Gerald Green. That could make a difference for Toronto.

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