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, all the time

you would be suprised to find a Jason Collins mix somewhere

Just checking in after a long time, DF, I was out a couple of weeks for my job

Congratulations for the Sixers 2006/2007 recap, that was a nice job of collecting cool video and pictures, very well done

I have to update my blog as well, delivering the S4G awards for this season

Unfortunately I was right, winning so many useless games completely screwed us up, and our boy WG did the most damage in the last games of the season. F'k him

With 2-3 less wins, we could have some more ping pong balls, those W at Detroit and vs Toronto vere really annoying

BTW what's the point with the Hunter video? I don't get it... you really like him or you were just kidding?

Later. Ricky

I just couldn't believe someone actually took the time to make a Steven Hunter mix.

ouh, ok sorry I didn't get it first. I didn't know the exact meaning of that expression, "on my hands" sounded weird to me, poor guido

BTW Hunter can't rebound even in that video :-)

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