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A First Look At the First-Rounders

deepsixersuede on Oct 12 at 10:58

Brian, 2 guys I liked, Douglas and T.Williams seem to be doing well. The Williams/ Iggy dual was fun to watch at Friday!s game, he is some athlete.Blair has found the perfect destination, he can play limited minutes [Duncan,Mcdyess] and get nights off when necessary if needed for his knees.The p.g. debate will rage on all season with Flynn probably getting the biggest oppurtunity to succeed.Brian, funny asside at the practice; a guy was 10 rows in front of me, looked like you but afterward I approached and he wasn!t, did look for you though.At the practice Kapono didn!t miss but J.Smith!s shot looked terrible, wonder if all the weight lifting is affecting it.

I was actually on the opposite side of the floor when they split the court into 4 on 4/motion on one end, shooting on the other. From the shooting I did see, Lou's jumper looked sweet, EB and Iguodala seemed off among the starters, and Sammy was stroking baseline J's from about 15 feet.

Kapono can't miss, you're absolutely right. Don't remember much about Smith, although he looked active in the defensive rotations.

I think I was in section 202, we took off right after the player introductions after the practice was over.

deepsixersuede on Oct 12 at 13:24

I was opposit the bench side and Jrue at one point hit 3 jumpers in a row from the corner. In Friday!s game he finished a 3 pt. play strong going up with his left hand, a good thing.L.Will. looks like a different player so far, lets hope it lasts.

Enjoyed the practice, was very surprised how crowded it was! Got my Thad jersey afterwards which made it worth the trip.

Thought the practice was more for show than practice but did like how the coaches stayed on them.

Btw, coach Jordan was with his mom for her 80th birthday.

I was at the practice on Saturday. I was actually impressed by...I'm surprised too...Dalembert's shooting touch from inside 18 feet. After Kapono, he was hitting as many shots in the drills as anyone. Willie took Speights to school in their mini-slam dunk contest. Willie was impressive. Thad on the other hand was exceedingly unimpressive. I know it was just a practice for the fans, but I really believe if your shooting touch follows you wherever you go, and Thad's shot was flat, with no lift from his legs. Even if he was just being lazy, McKie should have been all over him for dogging it and practicing bad habits. It was a fun practice. Chatted with Stefanski for a minute afterwards. Brian, I think I was on the same side as you.

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