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Sixers Waive Swift and Singletary

Is there are a particular reason that Swift was let go? Assuming his effort was there, his skill set can still provide assistance to our bench.

Yeah, he never had a chance after the injury.

court vision on Oct 12 at 13:35

because he injured himself in the first day of camp and hasn't played since. no surprises here, although i think i would have liked to see singletary stick around.

deepsixersuede on Oct 12 at 14:42

Brian, less Singletary, more court time for Jrue during practice and preseason. He should be running the backup p.g. along with Ivey for more minutes now. Spieghts and Smith also get more time with this move, a good thing.Swift, though a good fit athletically here was never a cerebreal player, something needed in this offense and something Brezec may be better at from all that Euro coaching.

yaboishaad on Oct 12 at 18:41

brian how did u like that 1 point win on friday

I'm still bitter that I couldn't watch it. From what I heard/read, I think it's a very good thing that he got the starters in there to finish the game. Closing out games is something you need to practice. I like that Jordan went to Brand with options for the final play. 38 points in the fourth is a positive sign. Turnovers weren't as much of an issue, but still, plenty of work to be done. It's a shame Carney is missing so much time, wondering how hard it'll be for him to move up in the rotation when he gets back.

Just wondering what other people are thinking...
I think the sixers are crowded at the shooting guard and PF spot. Obviously if they took a 14th man he would be a bench warmer, but if they were to take a 14th man, who do you think is the most logical choice?

Nothing personal, but I would think you would have to go with the position that is most likely to be injury prone - that being the PF spot, and thus Bowman.

I don't think they'll keep a 14th. If they do, it's probably going to be whoever plays the best out of the two remaining guys, regardless of position. I'd say the odds of whoever the guy is getting off the bench would be next to zero. If they sign someone, odds are he's wearing a suit to about 75 games, if not cooling his heels in the d-league. Actually, if they really love Christmas, that may be the route they take, sign him and send him to the d-league.

I was at the game friday, and to be honest, I was truly disappointed. We did look really sloppy, missed a ton of layups (EB and Thad most notably) and stuggled against a terrible team. The come back was nice and great for us in preseason, but if they play the way they did for the majority of that game, it will be a very long and disappointing season.
-We made CDR and TWIll look like all stars.
-Only real bright side was Lou Williams. He looked better than ever. Confident, smooth, and strong, albeit really scoring oriented (could have been the fact that everyone else seemed off, or him gunning, not really sure). Hopefully, he can get the guys involved like AMiller did last year because if he has to do all the scoring... I think it is safe to say we are in trouble.
-The and-1 drive by Jrue was a strong move, hope to see more of that.
-Trenton Hassell looked like he was 38, so slow and just sluggish. My over/under with my buddy was 33 and we both took the over. Never would have guessed he is only 30. Looked really old.
-Like others have mentioned, Kapono's shot looks unbelievable. We should be setting him screens as if he is Jimmy Chitwood.

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