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Sixers Move to 4-0

eddies' heady's on Oct 14 at 0:01

Man, hate to hear that about Speights. Could it be Lou/2008 will now be Marreese/2009? Sure sounds like it.

I guess that article the other day in the local papers about Speights looking for this shot first is going to be just as dooming as Mo Cheeks telling Lou last year that he was 'instant offense'.

If Lou only had one turnover then who was the culprit for coughing it up so much? I'll give Green a pass since he surely still had some effects of the flu.

I hope EB has this kind of attitude each and every night. He needs to play like he has something to prove (b/c really he does).

Funny on that Kapono line - looks eerily similar to Willie G's lines from last year.

deepsixersuede on Oct 14 at 8:05

I expect Elton to score less [15 ppg] but be a better defensive factor this year. He is just one of five in this offense, not a bad thing. In fact I doubt anybody gets to 20 ppg.To get the win is nice,but abandoning the offense when in a game situation bothers me a bit.Eddies Headies, on a previous post you said in the no-handchecking rule league a defensive p.g. isn!t a necessity, I disagree.It is more important to be fundamently sound on your slides and more important to have a willingness to give maximum effort since you can!t use that advantage and Holliday learned both under his college coach. We all saw last year how a breakdown up top caused our defense to scramble a lot.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Oct 14 at 20:28

I'm not devaluing defense at all. But if the importance you speak of (slides) was really that effective with today's rules, then why are there very few so-called 'shut down' PG's when it comes to preventing penetration?

Royal Ivey is known as a decent defender but I don't recall him stopping any of the good penetrators throughout the league from getting in the paint. I mean, no matter the defender, who in the league prevents the Rondo's, Chris Paul's, Tony Parker's, and Derrick Rose's from getting where they desire within the lane?

There are breakdowns up top on almost every team in the league just because of the no hand-checking rule nowadays. I value defense trememdously, it is just for that position a more adept offensive guy and penetrator is more valuable with the rules construction of today.

I asked the other day if players would step up and help settle the team during bad runs sort of like Miller used to do.

Well no one stepped up in the 2nd, but Iguodala stepped up big time to start the third. He took over and set the tone. I wish he would be that aggressive grabbing D-Boards and working it up the floor all of the time.

I'm not sure if he can play like that all the time. I mean, you're talking about max effort on both ends of the floor, defending, banging in the paint for the board, then sprinting the ball up the floor. Can't expect him to do that for more than a couple key stretches each game.

One thing I failed to mention, Iguodala handled the ball maybe 75-80% of the time when he was on the floor.

Agree that he can't geive that type of effort every minute. But scheme-wise I'd rather him be crashing the defensive boards more (with Thad being the one who leaks out.)

There's definitely merit to this line of thought. A defensive rebound for Iguodala is almost always a running opportunity. Thad can beat his man down the floor about 90% of the time (he did it several times last night).

I'm still hesitant to absolve Thad of defensive rebounding responsibilities, though. Pick and choose, maybe, but not if the team rebounding rate isn't up above 75%.

EugeneBWhitaker on Oct 14 at 12:33

I must say - regardless of the outcomes of the games this pre-season, I'm getting some disturbing 'feelings' from the trends I see on the sixers.

The excellent game report provided by Brian does nothing to assuage my worry that this team is too far from where it needs to be, and brings into question not just the coaching ability of Mr Jordan by the basketball intelligence of many of the players on the roster.

Three players I'm not worried about right now: Iguodala, Thad and Brand. They all looked good last night. I was surprised Iguodala finished with so many turnovers, because I didn't think his play was sloppy. He was trying some low percentage passes (I can remember at least 4 that should've been dunks, had they not been thrown to Primoz, or if they were handled by Sammy/Speights).

The rest of the team....I just don't know right now. And Coach Jordan...ditto.

Sean reply to Brian on Oct 14 at 13:48

Not worried about Iguodala's TOs yet. Check this link out


If that is what he is trying to do, then go for it.

I am actually not worried about 4 of them so far: Lou, Thad, Dre & EB. Actually, make that 5, because Kapono is what Kapono is, and since I got to watch the previous three games, I'm cool.

M16 is a little up & down, interested to see how they iron that out, if they can.

Also, really looking forward to when Carney gets back, considering he was really being talked up in Camp, honor roll and all.

Hopefully, Jrue gets some minutes from here on out. I am hoping that the only reason Ivey got those extended minutes was because he missed last game.

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