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A pinstriped Les Paul does sound pretty sweet.

paxton17 on Feb 10 at 3:12

cmon man if bernie wants to play one more year dont hold it against him.. if damon went down i would love to have bern out there one more year he deserves it ... do u know many nights i dreamed about playing baseball or shed tears watching a baseball game cause i have gone a whole year without playing baseball for the first time in my life baseball is in my blood and it is in bernies too , its the greatest game ever invented if bernie wants to play one more year i say go for it pal.. i cant wait to play in another game i wont be the same till i step into that batters box again .. I LOVE BASEBALL

You're out of your mind if you WANT to see bernie in center this year. If damon goes down it's melky's spot. and the only thing in bernie's blood is his guitar.

brandon on Feb 15 at 7:51

I think you left out some important information.

Bernie's batting averages for 2002, 2004, 2005

His salary for those years.

His World Series batting average.

The fact that this guy thinks the Yanks owe him anything or that he has somehow been disrespected is a joke. Look up "over-rated" in the dictionary and you will see a picture of BW.

No use beating a dead horse, and the Yanks don't even get to the series in 96 if not for bernie, he carried them through the ALDS and ALCS, combined BA: .471, with 5 hrs and 11 rbis in 9 games.

Actually, his career playoff numbers before the series are stellar. Those numbers count too.

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