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And Then There Were 13

Someone mentioned the Wiz cut Dixon.

Might be a decent pick-up. He's fit nicely on the second team next to either Jrue or Green, and he knows the offense better than anyone on the Sixers.

Sean reply to tk76 on Oct 22 at 9:26

That's a thought. I might have been tempted to keep Christmas and toss him in the D-League for the year, but I can see why they didn't.

Odds are Christmas winds up in the D-League, without a contract from a pro team anyway. If they wind up needing him, they can snag him on a 10-day contract.

Dixon would be interesting. At least that would make one guy on the roster who knows the offense.

Ryan F reply to tk76 on Oct 22 at 17:14

I wanted Dixon when Ivey opted out. It would make sense, being he isn't horrible and knows the system very well. At the least he could help other players in practice.

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