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Sixers Pick Up Three Options

I'd extend him as I think taking a chance and paying him more (or much worse, letting him walk for nothing) would be very bad and could handcuff us severely or cause us to get nothing for a pretty good asset.

That being said, they need to see where he fits in on this team. He can't rebound enough to be a really effective PF (plus we have Speights anyway). Good comparison with Aldridge but if Thad stays a PF I think it would be bad for the team. If that were the case, I think he should be traded for either a SG or SF depending on where Iggy plays.

If Iggy does a good job going to SG and Thad continues his improvement more along the lines of his first year (and rebounds, passes and defends a little better) I think he could be an All-Star type talent and would be a good fit for the team. If he continues at last year's path (more Rudy Gay type) then I'd see if we could move him for something else.

The worst option is to let him walk as he is an asset we could get some value for but in that case it'd be better to have him extended as he'd have a more easily swappable contract (on the rookie contracts you can really only take back another rookie due to the matching salary clause of the salary cap).

If you extend, it's a tough trade because he becomes BYC, meaning you're sending out $10M (roughly) and you can only take back $2.9M (I believe). That's only for the first year, the following year it's even money in a trade.

As for letting him walk for nothing, that's not really a concern until he becomes an unrestricted free agent. It almost never happens that a team loses a restricted free agent they want to keep, but if you wait for restricted FA, you could wind up paying much more than if you had extended him early.

Chris reply to Brian on Oct 22 at 16:38

You're right.

I forgot about the base year issue. But I'd still extend him. The reason is, I think Thad could blow up easily (at least, scoring wise if he gets the shots) which would make him really expensive later on. Scoring leads to big paychecks even if it doesn't always lead to wins. If Thad starts doing all the other ancillary stuff (boards, passing and D) then keep him as he'd be a hell of an asset. If he winds up scoring and nothing else (like Gay) I'd move him. Someone will want him.

Agree on the scoring aspect. If he cracks the 20ppg threshold, even if his ancillary stats don't improve at all, someone is going to want to overpay him. I'd see what his number is next summer, and give it a long, hard look in relation to where the team is going. Iguodala's comfort at the 2 is probably paramount in the decision-making. If they can coexist at the 2/3, then I might extend him.

If there's a chance that you can use the wiggle room created by his caphold the following summer to significantly augment the roster before re-signing him (like they did with Iguodala/Brand) then I'd wait and just bite the bullet when he hits restricted free agency.

Statman reply to Brian on Oct 22 at 19:14

In terms of his offensive game, Thad's best comparison isn't Gay, who draws more fouls and is more aggressive overall. Right now, the player whom Thad resembles on offense, from the lack of foul-drawing right down to the smooth lefty hook, is Tayshaun Prince. At this point, Prince is a better passer and defender, but if Thad became a higher-scoring version of Prince, then extending him would be a no-brainer. But it's a big IF, whether Thad will ever defend as well as Prince. And this year, you can be sure a lot of teams will be going right at him, the way Orlando did in the playoffs.

It's also worth monitoring how well Thad and Iguodala continue to mesh. So far, they've had excellent chemistry, but as Thad develops in his career, he may want the ball more.

Here's a 4-way comp, Thad, Lamar Odom, Rudy Gay and Tayshaun, through the first two seasons of each of their careers. Personally, I think Thad's numbers hold up to all of them, he actually had the most win shares in the group. Also noteworthy is the fact that he was the youngest of the group and he played for playoff teams both seasons.

I'm not sure who the best comp will be for him going forward, but this is a pretty solid group so far. Tayshaun's defense is really what defines him. Odom turned into a much better rebounder later in his career. Thad, I believe, has the most offensive potential of any of these players.

I wouldn't sign anybody not named Lebron, Bosh or Wade before the new CBA is settled.

The cap is going to go down for the next two years as well.

We overpaid for AI, really who else had the cap room to sign him.

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