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Sixers Hosed By N.J.

Carney? How'd he look?

Carney seemed active and he definitely wasn't shy. Pretty much what he used to be. Jumper looked good, and I think his release looked a little quicker as well.

Iguodala & Sam look ready for primetime, the others were all over the place. Carney was pretty solid, especially considering it was his 1st game. Jrue needs seasoning, glad Andre willingly provides it. Thad seems totally out of rhythm right now.

One thing I failed to mention about Jrue, he can really run the break. Makes the right pass, always gets a dunk or easy shot for someone. It's the simple stuff that he's struggling with.

Mike reply to Brian on Oct 24 at 16:02

that is great news about Jrue imo. it seems like he has natural instincts. the turnovers, bad passes, all that stuff will come. i wasn't sure at first, but i think they made another really good pick. when i think where this team would be without brand's contract i want to slap myself. they have made such good draft picks, but the brand signing is really going to kill their immediate future.

Eh, I don't know about kill their immediate future. I mean, no matter what he turns out to be (and I'm not feeling overly optimistic), they're still better off with him. And had they not signed him, where would the money have gone? Is there any impact free agent who signed elsewhere either last summer or this summer? I don't think Hedo, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villaneuva, etc would really make the Sixers much better than they are right now.

Two years down the road, we could really be lamenting signing Brand, but the immediate future, he's not really going to hurt, he's going to help, it's just a matter of how much.

deepsixersuede on Oct 25 at 10:17

New Jersey seems like a different team with C.Lee healthy and in the lineup the past couple of weeks.People [National reporters] keep touting Toronto but ,to me, N.Jersey is better than them in a lot of ways; defensively and quickness wise and with the confidence Lee gained in the playoffs he may become the 18 pt. scorer they need to go along with Harris and Lopez.They have a bright future.

Yeah, I had the Nets sneaking into the playoffs and finishing ahead of Toronto. If Terrence Williams plays like he did against the Sixers on Friday, they could have a very bright future. Maybe bright enough to entice LeBron.

Pretty fair assessment, Brian. Since I live far outside the Philly area, I can only see the Sixers on League Pass so last night's game, unfortunately, was my first chance to see them.

Despite that bad turnover, I liked what I saw from Jrue. He is a strong and fast kid with good skills and natural poise and I think he will be good when he becomes adjusted to the game. I think I agree with what Jordan said about him earlier in the year. He might be better off for awhile being a little more scoring oriented than playmaker oriented because he has the speed, agility, and physical skills to attack the hoop and his three point shot may already be one of the better ones on the team.

I was really hoping Primoz might be a little better than he appeared to be. Right now he looks like a Michael Bradley with an older, slower, and softer body. I really can't see the point of playing him when Speights and Smith are available. Perhaps they should have released him and kept Brandon Bowman (or Dionte) instead.

I also was encouraged by Brand late in the game. He may no longer be what he used to be physically but he is still strong and can still play with ferocity. I don't know what's happened to his short jumper. Last year he was a solid short-to-medium range shooter.

Carney was better than expected for his first game back.

deepsixersuede reply to paul on Oct 25 at 12:50

Paul, I actually would rather have Voskuhl [just cut I believe]. He is more of an energy,screen setting, physical guy that could bring some of those qualities off our bench that Marreese and Jason sometimes lack.

Sixers should sign him up, then, and maybe release Primoz. I think Speights has to play and the Smith experiment should continue for now but the team couls use another veteran big man other than Primoz.

Brand signing is still too early to give opinion. I believe after this year we can fairly state whether it was a bust or not. Given AI9 signing I am not sure we really would have much money for others anyway.

Our future depends on Jrue, Lou, AI9, Thad and Speights. If they can all jell (like the Phils have, see: http://www.phillyburbs.com/news/news_details/article/117/2009/october/25/doing-well-in-chem-class-1.html

My excitement is timid this year and am happy that I downgraded my season ticket this year. Hopefully next year will be a great year if the get it together this year.

Fun preseason stat - Jeff Teague went 0-15 from the floor Friday night. He'd been playing well though. In the same game, Vince and Howard went 18-20. On Brand, I had the feeling he might be done as a big-time offfensive 4 last year, and he's doing nothing to change my mind. Too banged up.

Oh, and Ty Lawson - 29 points, 6 assists, 1 turnover, 5 steals against the Lakers the other night. I guess we'll see how he, Curry and Holliday turn out.

forbes came out with a last ranking the most overpaid nba players. sam is not even on here. they said the most overpaid player is andrew bynum. not sure i can trust an overpaid list that does not mention sam.


Ryan F reply to zig on Oct 25 at 21:29

I love how they have a picture of Biedrins up for Kirilenko.

paul reply to Ryan F on Oct 26 at 12:18

"not sure i can trust an overpaid list that does not mention sam."

Particularly when the list includes Erick Dampier whose contract and numbers are very similar to Sam's.

Dalembert and Dampier at least play. Eddy Curry?

Forbes should stick to...I don't know, something other than ranking basketball players.

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