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Depressed Fan Field Trip

Hey, I cover the Sixers for PhinallyPhilly.com and I'd really love to come, I'm sure all the guys from Phinally would. Just let me know the details. Thanks!

Rob_STC on Oct 26 at 8:58

I will be at the game but I think it is a nice send off on the last home game before the annual holiday trip. It should be rockin for a weekend night and a decent crowd. I will pay for my T-Shirt however. Wouldn't want to miss that !

i am LOLing at the prospect of seeing "Depressed Fan" on the scoreboard

Of course I am in, Brian.

That's a great idea, but I'm unreliable.

And for my two cents, if we can get center court tickets at the 200 level, I would think they would be better than 100 level tickets at either end.
And aren't you buds with Ed? Couldn't he get you a better deal?

It looks like the tickets will be in section 115. I'm just confirming with the Sixers now.

Count me in!

In fact, I might be good for 4 tix

That's great. I think there's enough interest at this point. I'm going to get the ball rolling.

Spots left?!?

Yeah, absolutely. I'm just gauging interest right now. When I reserve the seats, I'll put up a post with info on how to lock down your seats. Probably in the next day or two.

Count me in as well. Probably for more than one.

Great, I'll have more info in a couple of days.

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i am LOLing at the prospect of seeing "Depressed Fan" on the scoreboard

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