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Sixers Preseason Stats

Based on those figures, we better hope Kapono and Speights both get starter's minutes this year.

and that's a big reason why looking at the standard stats alone can be misleading.

Crick reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 9:26

Not doubt. Though, to clarify, I'm not suggesting that they actually start... only that they get playing time comparable to the starters. I believe that's justified, particularly since Lou and Sammy are both starters and almost certainly don't deserve more minutes than either Marreese or Kapono.

I read Tom Moore's article in the paper today, he said that there are 2 spots open in the rotation for Green, Ivey and Carney. I am sure Carney will be one, so, who would you rather have, Green or Ivey. Can I choose Jrue even though I am sure it is too early for Jrue!

Brian: I am also as dazzled as you are by Willie Green's stats. I cant imagine where those assists came from?

Hope Carney shoots the ball well. we cant rely only on Kapono (he's MONEY).
On a darker note, how badly are the Magic gonna destroy us on Wedneday night. Would help if they were not at home since they are not a very good road team. Minus Rashard Lewis, that squad blew out an Atlanta Hawks team that was supposedly shining throughout their preseason.

Ryan F reply to jkay on Oct 26 at 17:20

I too believe it's gonna be a rough first game. I think Orlando is the most talented and deepest team in the EC, maybe the entire league. It amazes me how all these experts have them automatically ranked behind Cleveland and Boston.

I'm already so sick of Cleveland, and I haven't even seen them play yet. Moon and Parker are going to help that team more than Shaq, in my opinion. I keep hearing how deep Boston is now, but Sheed looks out of shape, they still haven't replaced Posey. Orlando looks strong, I'm hoping there will be some extra motivation in game one for the Sixers after how last season ended.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Oct 26 at 18:29

You read my mind on Cleveland with your Parker and Moon statement; they addressed a major need [bigger wing defenders]when going against Boston and Orlando.Ryan Anderson and Bass had good preseasons and Turkaglu is needed less with Nelson back, I think Orlando wins the East.

Duracorr reply to Ryan F on Oct 26 at 20:34

Maybe it's better that the Sixers face Orlando on the road since the Sixers are still getting themselves together and this is a game they are expected to lose anyway. Better to lose to the Magic in FL than in Philly where they should have some home court advantage. If, they don't get blown out and lose all confidence.

Good job compiling those stats. Some things that stick out for me:

1. Speights is incredibly productive per minute (offensively). I'm with you though as he needs to be somewhat competent defensively. As I recall last year whoever he'd be guarding would score like crazy when he was in. Unlike a lot of guys, Speights definitely has the athleticism to be a good defender.

2. I'm still worried about Iggy's shooting % and turnovers. That being said, I think he can improve both and, if so, he'll be a really good SG. I'm encouraged seeing his FT% is 80%. He needs to keep it there.

3. Seems like Thad is improving his rebounding and passing which is very good. He has to carry that through to the regular season. He also has to improve that FT %. Below 70% (or the low 70s) isn't very good for a SF. He should be up about 80%. He also needs to get to the line more.

4. I'm not crazy about Lou Will's numbers at all as either a PG or SG. I'm worried he is going to be shooting a ton and not distribute the ball that well. His shooting percentage has to improve.

5. Jrue needs to get his turnovers down but everything else looks promising. I just hope he gets / earns some real minutes.

6. Signing Brand is still looking like a mistake. I hope he proves me wrong.

7. Curious if Sam is going to be de-emphasized (in lieu of Speights and Smith) and, if so, whether he'll turn into a malcontent. At this point, he is what he is, but if he could ever accept his role he can be a good rebounder and defender and really help the team.

Sean reply to Chris on Oct 27 at 2:05

On Iguodala's shooting numbers, I'd say they are distorted by the one really bad shooting game he had(2-14).

Eric reply to Chris on Oct 27 at 3:42

I think Thad's 'improvement' in passing is a direct reflection of the offensive system. The PO gets more people moving and thus more shots are assisted (someone can check the #'s on this one if they want) - more movement off the ball = more assists for everyone.

Thad is shifty offensively, and makes people miss him so he doesn't draw contact much. While it gets him more open looks, you're right it doesn't help him draw fouls.

I'm not worried about Iguodala. He looked like an absolute stud in the latter stages of the preseason. Brand, however, is some cause for concern but I'm going to hold off on judgement until the real games begin.

Real and Speightacular on Oct 27 at 7:47

No later than Christmas, Jrue should be steady enough, consistently enough, to at least swap spots with Ivey on the depth chart...We're seeing what Jordan saw in Willie, a steady distributor. Hope he either shoots less or gets things closer to his career average. He's a solid, reliable back up in this system...In the lax-on-defense pre-season environment, Speights is not exactly going to be killing himself on the end he doesn't like so much. Perhaps as conditioning improves, he'll be willing to expend more energy on a consistent basis (he is decent/helpful from time to time). However, in the meantime, i still maintain he's a net positive. We can appreciate him for that (being an overall plus for the team), if he never gets his defense consistent enough to make the all-star team.

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