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10 Games at a Time

I predict a 6-4 start (too optimistic?) with wins at home vs. Milwaukee, NJ, Phoenix and on the road vs. NY, NJ and Chicago. It would be a good start with such a tough initial schedule.

I'm not basing this opinion off of the pre-season, but I think they have a better chance at beating the Suns than the Nets.

They just don't match-up well against the Nets. I certainly hope I'm wrong, except beating the suns of course.

I guessed 4-6.

The big question for the 1st half of the season is how many games they can win without a good half court offense and with a number of players in new positions. If their talent is enough to keep them near .500, it could bode well for a late season push.

Here is a more realistic or I think in my opinion how I see this team. Keep in mind there is such a fine line because if you turn around 4 or 5 games in a season you could be looking at a 50 win season. Maybe that is the optimist in my but if you think about last year when they were 40-35 late they were still comppting for the 4th seed. I also do believe Jordan is the right coach with the right systems for this team. With a healthy Brand, a dead eye shooter in Kapono,and others improving and a deeper bench this year, conventional wisdom says you can at least win 5 more games then last year ?


Rob, great find on that article. Well balanced and seems to be objective (love the part about Willie (Bill) Green).

I hope that they are atleast .500 after the first 10. IF they are atleast .500, I will consider that a great start.

eddies' heady's on Oct 27 at 23:07

With EJ willing to deviate from the infancy of the new offense to basic sets, this could prove beneficial to the versatility this team can present to it's opponents. That being said, there will be a certain level of frustration throughout the course of games from the players concerning lack of execution of the new offense. So my take would be:

@ORL - W, They will provide payback of that forgettable egg in Game 6. Magic will die by the three in this one.

MIL - W, They have to take care of these teams if they want to make the playoffs.

@NY - L, Just feels like a proverbial let-down game and the legs will be tight from the game the night before.

BOS - L, They will be done in by the three-ball in this one (and Pierce always seems to catch a streaky fire against us).

NJ - L, Devin Harris and Lopez shine and Terrence Williams attempts to prove himself against the guy he patterned his game after (Dala).

@DET - L, The Palace has never been good to us, offense and their abundance of shooters, and our lack of, will be the difference here.

PHX - W, They will want to run which is the worst thing they could do against us. Will be similar to last year's blowout although not as substantial.

@NJ - W, The offense will start to show itself in this payback game from the earlier loss at home and esp the Harris faulty buzzer-beater from last year.

Utah - L, Same old, same old, they will get carved up by Sloan's movement offense in this one.

@CHI - L, Back-to-back on the road, Salmons will pick up Gordon's slack and Tyrus and Joakim will be to spry for Brand and Speights.

4-6 it is. And I predicted on another site earlier this offseason that the Sixers would finish 10th in the conference this year. Oh how I am hoping they fill up this empty plate with crow for me to gnaw on in April.

Tomorrow night, baby!

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