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Dei Is Out, Donyell In

I read Dei will still be writing for CSN and be part of the post-game as an analyst.

Yeah, I said that in the post above. She's just out as the sideline reporter.

I knew Donyell was considered for analyst before they hired Ed Pinckney. He should be great for this show. Also would you agree the new sideline reporter is easy on the eyes ? One thing about Dei though she absolutely knows basketball and she is really good at her job.

Dei was really the only decent part of our broadcast team (Marc's kind of a moron, Salmi knows some things but doesn't belong on television). Why are they doing this? Donyell is a nice get though.

Salmi's gone. Not sure why they did this, could've been Dei's choice, actually. She's still on air but doesn't have to travel w/ the team.

I'm going to miss Dei - she definitely knows the game. I really hope Jaime Maggio knows what shes talking about.

I love the media's constant Blazer masturbation. Check this out from Chad Ford's chat:

Chad Ford
(1:17 PM)

I think the Blazers are only going to get better. Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge are still young and improving. Greg Oden has taken huge strides this fall and is my early pick for Most Improved player. Rudy Fernandez is getting acclimated. And I think they have the most underrated coach in the league. I know Andre Miller has struggled to adjust ... but I think we all saw that coming. I think he could be an important trade chip for them in February as they try to package together a few pieces for another star. So yes, I'm very bullish on the Blazers. I think only the Lakers and Spurs are better in the West.

The season hasn't even started yet, and Ford is saying that the guy they signed to a $30M contract two months ago could be an important trade chip? WTF?

Miller always looks like a bum in October. I'm pretty sure he will help that team in the long run. they are well equiped to hide his poor defense and shooting. Its hard not to bullish about a team with that much talent.

Oden has to prove (a) he can stay on the floor and (b) he isn't Olawakandi part 2 before I'll take Portland seriously. Right now they have Roy, he's a very, very good player, and Aldridge, who is an overpaid soft four. Fernandez can shoot. Nothing else about that team is remarkable to me. If Oden turns into a stud, they may have something, but they just spent all of their cap space re-upping Roy and Aldridge and signing Miller. Someone on the roster is going to have to make a leap for them just to maintain what they did last season, and that was a first round ass kicking with home court.

Sean reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 14:29

Agreed. Portland made a mistake going for Miller. Does not fit with Roy at all. That team is stagnanted

Ryan F reply to Sean on Oct 27 at 16:52

Portland made a mistake not taking Durant. Not as bad as taking Sam Bowie, but not much better.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 16:01

Oden didn't look like Olowokandi Pt. II this preseason. Granted it's just the preseason, but I think he's more than a stiff, and see 16 and 10 as his future.

We'll see. Last year, the team was better with Joel on the floor than with Oden. Much better defensively.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 20:10

Joel's got talent, defensively anyway. Big space-eater under the rim, blocks shots, gets boards. Oden's just a second-year player, you know. Remember how useless Przybilla was all those years in Milwaukee? Eventually he turned into something pretty good. And on Kandi-Man, one tipoff that he was never going to amount to anything was his shooting 43% from the field his rookie year. Oden shot about 57% last season. I see Oden as, say, a slightly better version of Elden Campbell.

Portland better hope he's better than that.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 17:07

Chad Ford is high. The Pacers will edge us out for a playoff spot?!? How do these guys make a a living when thee are so many desperate and deserving people out of work right now?

Another one from the chat:

brian (philly)

@chadfordinsider : So you think losing Andre Miller is going to kill the Sixers, and keep them from making the playoffs, yet he's so useless for Portland (over Steve Blake no less), that they'll wind up trading him this season? And some team in the league is going to take on the $20M/2 years remaining on his deal (even if it isn't fully guaranteed).
Chad Ford
(1:29 PM)

Yup. Something like that. He had cache and chemistry with the Sixers. He doesn't in Portland. I'm not confident at all in the Lou Williams as point guard experiment and Jrue Holiday isn't ready yet. I think the Sixers should've kept Miller.

What a response.... What about all the rest of the team's talent. They obviously have no part. We made the playoffs the last 2 years with Millers cache and chemistry. Gimme a break

I may come off as a jerk, but this is a sports forum. That Jamie Maggio chick is pretty hot. Good news for Jason Smith

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