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The Truth About Sam

Great post Brian.

I won't sit here and say I've been someone who has been a Sam supporter over the years, but unlike most, I do feel he has value and a larger positive impact on the team than most. He makes some HORRIBLE decisions sometimes, and doesn't finish some of the easiest of easy put backs, but in the paint defensively he is unmatched on the team, and pretty unique throughout the league. I still wouldn't mind if he were traded for another asset, but if it happened, i wouldn't be surprised if it did more harm than good.

It's funny, sometimes I think if his contract was expensive, but sane, if he'd be so hated. If it was 6 years, $48M or even 6 years, $54M with no yearly raises would people give him more slack?

Of course, if that was his contract he probably would've been viable trade bait and he'd be gone right now. So many layers to the Sam situation.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 20:07

What if when Jrue wrestles away the starting p.g. position this team clicks defensively [beginning of next year?]. Is there anyway this organization asks Sam!s agent if he would resign at a decent number [6 mill. per ?]. Before anybody laughs, what alternatives will be available and if we become a very good defensive team [challenging in the east?]how do we replace him?

That's a valid question, and I don't have an answer. That's why I was so keen on them signing Gortat this summer. Thought he would've been an ideal longterm solution for reasonable money. Unfortunately, Dallas and Orlando had the same thought and Orlando held the trump card. I'd keep an eye on the Gortat situation, though. I think Orlando signed him with an eye toward moving him before that contract is up.

Good research,

I think most people understand Sam`s value to this team. Even last year when he had a horrible season, we could see first hand how the opposing team took advantage of the 6ers when he wasn`t on the court as often. It`s just the sulking. I think most fans would react this way to any player in any sport if such a player had a bad attitude - affecting the team.

Good points. My biggest problem with Sam is that he is just so DUMB. Otherwise, I really don't dislike him as much as it may seem!

paul reply to DeanH on Oct 28 at 13:31

Agreed. The negativity towards Sam has intensified significantly during the past year because of his mediocre year last year and his infuriating sulking and poor play in the playoffs.

I think some other influences on the negative thinking about Sam's contract are:

1) The sheer length of it;

2) The fact that the economics and salary policies of the NBA seemed to have changed. Four or five years ago, Sam's annual compensation didn't seem out of line for an average center with (as Brian mentions) Sam's durability. Another very average big man, Dampier, has a very similar contract. These days a durable quality veteran point guard like Andre Miller can only get two years with an average of 7 million a year and a money scorer like Ben Gordon can't get resigned by his own team and isn't given many good offers.

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