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A New Season Is Upon Us

deepsixersuede on Oct 28 at 8:07

Brian, its a shame they open up tonight, I gotta ask, what is your series prediction? I say Phillies in 7 !!!

eddies' heady's on Oct 28 at 9:06

Is it 7 pm yet?

What a shame they open up the same night the Yanks begin their return to their perch atop the baseball world, but this is way better than last year so no complaints here.

The guys will need big contributions from Speights, Smith, maybe even Primoz, and Sam of course, on the big fellah. Use up the fouls and send him to the line, limit his layups and dunks tonight.

And for good measure, Yanks in 5!

Brian - I forgot you were a Yanks fan. My co-blogger Pete covers the Phillies hard. Check us out for the Phillies side of the coin. Pretty good debate going on now on his series preview. Some Yanks fans have made their way over.

DeanH reply to Dannie on Oct 28 at 11:10


That is the only problem I have with Brian. He is a Yankee fan. But, maybe, after seeing the Phils beat the Yankees in 5 (as Jroll predicted), maybe he will see the light! So, Go Phils and Go Sixers. Let's make it a Wednesday night sweep by the Philly teams and begin shocking the world again!

It's going to be an interesting NY/Philly weekend. Sixers @ Knicks on Saturday night, Giants @ Eagles on Sunday afternoon and game 4 of the series in Philly on Sunday night.

Hey, I checked out the preview. I don't think he mentioned Lee's 8 HRs allowed in 52 innings against the Yanks or his 1.58 WHIP :)

I have the Yanks in 7. They win 2 handily, 2 close ones. The Phils have one blowout win (probably a Burnett start) and win two close ones thanks, in part, to idiotic managerial moves by Girardi.

Looking forward to the series, this is really the first time I don't truly despise the Yanks' opponent. It's a weird feeling.

Real and Speightacular on Oct 28 at 11:36

Sounds like a great plan, you know we come here for the savvy breakdowns as much as anything else. But I do wonder if/how you're going to manage some context for points 1 and 2? I mean, how will we know if Eddy's bad (or good) compared to other coaches?

It's going to be more relative comparison and anecdotal evidence. Like, for example, if there's a unit that performs very well, but he doesn't it use it enough, I'd see that as a bad sign.

Or if the team produces much better when Speights is on the floor with Dalembert, so Jordan uses him in that situation more, that would be a good sign.

For the dead-ball situations, I'll probably just look at production on a per-possession basis. If they average less than 1 point per dead-ball possession, that's not good. Things like that.

The stats alone won't tell us if Jordan is doing a good job, but tracking rotations etc can tell us how the team is responding, and how he's adjusting things to make the team better. That interests me greatly.

LOL people talk about the Phillies also when commenting the post of Sixers' season opener

HOOPS, guys, hoops !!

Brian, have a great Sixers year, I'll be there exchanging comments and links as usual, keep up the great work


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