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Buck Season at the Wach

If Elton doesn't climb over Mbah a Moute I think Sixers can win. Translated Elton needs to get that inside position and get that rebound. I mean cmon Kurt Thomas,expiring contract, new point guard and no D playing Michael Redd. If the Sixers don't come back angry something is wrong. I will be disappointed with anything besides a double digit win.

A win alone won't mean a whole lot to me if they don't show significant improvement on the defensive end. They're better than what they showed the other night.

At this stage of the season I'd take any win they can get. They won't go from Wed nt to being a cohesive unit in one game. But I'd like to see some positives signs and doing whatever it takes to get a W.

They should be embarrassed by the defensive effort on Wed. The hustle alone should mean a dramatic improvement on that side of the ball. The offense will take time, definitely.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 17:18

Was it effort or inability? Last year we sucked MAJOR ass at defending the perimeter, and this year, I'm not even sure if they'll be held accountable.

They have the roster and athleticism to be very good defensively, but I'm just not sold as them being a good defensive unit with this coach.

If they don't get a W tonight, I'm going to the Halloween loop in Wilmington dressed as myself. My depressed face will be good enough to scare the shit out of most people.

I mean, when we're talking about leaving shooters unchecked, which is the number one issue, then there are three factors in my mind:

1. Defensive philosophy
2. Quickness/Athleticism
3. Discipline

They have plenty of the second on their roster, the other two are coaching issues in my mind.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 17:51

Whats the word on the group seating? Any news?

I'm waiting for a win to make it official :) Probably more info early next week, but it looks like we're a go.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 18:12

Agreed completely. Last year I blame it on incompetence from the coaching, this year it will probably be negligence.

EugeneBWhitaker reply to Ryan F on Oct 30 at 20:58

The Sixers have had perimeter defense issues since the end of the Larry Brown era. Similarly they have had rebounding and FT issues as well. I'm not sure why but these seem to be 'institutional' problems

jsmoove reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 18:22

Shouldn't effort and accountability (kind of falls under discipline) factor in here? The philosophy may be skewed (too early to tell) but this has been a problem under multiple coaches. At some point it has to fall on the players doesn't it?

Ryan F reply to jsmoove on Oct 30 at 18:58

Disagree. If you take anyone of the team's players and ask them to play one v one defense against any quality offensive player at they're position, I think they'll do well (minus Lou). Team defense is something that has to be taught. Rotations, help etc. It has to choreographed, it has to have rules, it has to have discipline.

Example: San Antone, they have a team full of capable defenders. Capable the KEY word (most of them from the notorious defensive years are old or gone), but they'll still be sick defensively b/c of POP.

eddies' heady's reply to Ryan F on Oct 30 at 19:32

I differ from you here in that you say 'you think' they'll do well. I don't think EB, Thad, or Lou would do well in a one on one setting. You can't just look at numbers or ratings and judge solely on that.

How do we know that it hasn't been taught and the rules have been implemented, but the guys just aren't sticking to the principles of executing it or giving maximum effort? It's easy to assume that a certain coach is or isn't this (offense) or that (defense). But ultimately it is like on offense and knocking down a shot - the player has to come through at some point.

And if the players don't come through, the coach has to replace them with others who will execute.

Hows about this kiddo? I know they would do well in a 1 v 1 setting. They don't know how to do it as a team. Plain and Simple.

while everybody's biggest concern is brand, i'm wondering what is wrong with the wings. iggy did not seem to put that much effort in defensively any more (and of course we already know about his offensive struggles). thad is not being involved properly. last year, we saw him become a scorer. he needs to get that back or he will not even be good enough to be a rudy gay-lite (let alone a carmelo-lite, which is what we all pretty much want). also a 33 year old jason williams should not be dominating louis williams, but he made lou look like a kid. i agree with what you said that brand might need some 20 games to actually recover, but in the mean time the rest of our roster can't play like crap.

also, is holiday active tonight? i'd much rather have ivey be inactive than holiday.

Jrue is dressed, I believe. We're off.

As for the wings, Iguodala's D was fine as far as I could tell. His shooting was poor, but has ever started a season shooting well?

Back-to-back threes to start it off!

Better movement on both ends early. Not resulting in much going to the hoop on offense, though. Brand dribbled into the high post once and converted. Missed a fall-away that was a good shot, I thought, also.

Bucks hit one transition three, but Brand was out there challenging it. Jennings hit a three, Lou was nowhere to be found.

Why does Pickney constantly sound like the mic is stuck in his ass? Anyone miss Salmi yet, I think I do.

I was a constant follower of Brand (always had him on my sporting news fantasy squad) since I first had league pass a few years ago and he looks no less athletic than then.

Really? I have no memory of him as a Clipper, except seeing him absolutely torch the Sixers one time. He's looked good so far tonight.

Iguodala is smothering Redd. Blocked one of his shots and forced a turnover when he tried to work off the dribble. Two-handed jam for Brand in transition, started by a Dalembert block. That's the type of play we need.

16-10 at the first timeout.

Please pay attention to what Iguodala is doing to Redd on the defensive end, because it's a thing of beauty. MIL is going to have to look for someone else to create offense.

To be honest I think Brand looks the exact same physically

They turned up Pinkney's mic.

Small lineup early, Ivey first guard off the bench?

Fuck WTF, what the fuck is up with these substitutions this early? Hows about give the starters some burn? This bullshit is baffling!

All the flow on offense came to grinding halt, right when they finally seemed to be doing something.

Sorry about the burn Brian. These rotations make me flacid, why arent the starters actually aloud to play together?

Damnit. Completely disjointed now.

This fag coach is soooooo hung up on offense he took EB out for Speights when Eb was looking good . Fuck this weak coach and his decisions. This is why I never wanted him. He'll lead us right into defensive blasphemy

eddies' heady's reply to Ryan F on Oct 30 at 19:44

He can't play EB for 40+ min when he is just in the 2nd game and still rusty. He has to space his min for the rest of the game. Don't blame the coach.

Nice. Defense to offense for a jam. AI9 w/ an o-board and a throw down. aaaand, slow rotations lead to an open 3 for Charlie Bell. Ugh.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 19:47

exactly, and those slow rotations cant be on the coach

Part of it is. Shit like that doesn't happen when Larry Brown is your coach.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 19:49

exactly, and those slow rotations cant be on the coach

Death to Jordan

Put a body on Warrick, Smith.

At least he drained a three.

if they don't put Eb or Sam back in the game right now im down with this team. why is he not playing 1 player worth shit on D right now?


These refs are a joke. They said no basket before that foul shot.

Bucks 5/8 from three. Not good.

does anyone have a stream for the game?

This doesn't look much better than Wed. right now.

Bad pass by Sammy out of the post, but oddly, a good thought. He knew where Thad was going to be, just didn't have the room to make the pass.

Lou is playing well, defense still looks horrible, even w/ the starters back on the floor.

These refs are shit.

EugeneBWhitaker reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:12

The referees are rusty, unfortunately they had to delay the inevitable contact agreement a few weeks so they have to get up to speed in regular season games. I am confident that the referees will attain their usual mediocrity by the middle of the second beginning of the third week of the season

That's just bad basketball on both ends. Milwaukee will be one of the worst teams this season. They can be lucky if they reach 25 wins and yet we're even worse at this point. The offense is no where near to be ready.

and that was no where near a goaltend.

I still can't believe that call. And the Redd 4-point play? WTF?

terribe play by Ivey there

Sixers manhandled in the second, 29-18. Pitiful display. Jordan doesn't really talk about defense at all in the interview, just says we need to turn them over more. The sideline reporter brought him back on point.

11 turnovers in the half for the Sixers. Ugly rotational splits.

Brand with a solid first half, though. 9 points (4/8 from the floor), 5 boards, 2 steals, 1 block.

Thad has the worst +/-, at -9. Jason Smith has the best, +3.

So what was worse... defensive rotations or the refs?

Neither the refs or Sixers seem ready for the regular season.

BTW, Lou's defense?

Is that what you'd call what Lou's doing on that end of the floor? Doesn't look like defense to me.

Ivey has three fouls in 8 minutes.

Give Jrue some more burn.

BTW, no sign of Carney, nor Green in the first half.

Keep in mind these Bucks are as bad as it gets in the NBA.

Yup. They're horrible. Not feeling very good right now.

Hopefully they crush them in the 2nd half.

I'd like to see Iguodala and Brand look good at the same time, and the team play at least not horrible defense.

this is a team you can beat without fancy passes or risks. Just play straight up.

Real and Speightacular on Oct 30 at 20:18

+3 for Smith? Jason's only been on the floor for four lucky mins (contrast w/ Jrue @ -5 with less than 3 mins burn).

@ Ryan F, deathcaller, note that at the half Sixers starters have played appreciably longer than the Bucks starters.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:21

I know it's convenient to bash the coach, but he has been given the same hand that DiLeo and Mo had basically. The front office didn't hand deliver him any help. This team has had and will have these same weaknesses until they change some personnel. It will be the same shit just different year. Wait, probably worse with no playoffs this year.

Sad, just sad. I'm not sure LB could even work his craft with this bunch.

Should've been two dunks for Sammy on those two plays.

Brand and Sammy taking turns blocking shots, that's what we need to see.

Attacking the mismatch w/ Thad on the post right away. Like that.

15 for Elton.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 20:32

He really looks no different than when he was in college to me. He never had mad hops or anything, he would mostly rely on brute strength. I reference college b/c I saw tons of his games but only a few here and there when he was in LA.

That block from Brand against Jennings has put my hopes up that he can regain his old strength. He was very quick of his feed on this play.

What a play by Iguodala, block, collects the ball, coast-to-coast for the contested, twisting layup. Just sick.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 20:41

They are running the same schemes on both ends but doesn't the effort look to have picked up trememdously?

They are going to have to pull it from within at home and on the road b/c the home crowd is not going to do it for them.

Speights and Sammy in the front court together now. Green in the game.

Have they abandoned the princeton for this half?

Hmmn. Need to pay closer attention.

Haven't really seen an offensive set in a while. They might have, went right into the post a couple of times.

That last set might've been princeton.

I'm not sure either. I think we will find out after the game.

Whatever they used in the third looked a lot better.

If Jrue threw the pass Willie just did, he'd get yanked and yelled at. That's pitiful.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:44

Come on sp8's, dont go baseline and add another defender.

Well, they've looked day-and-night better in the third quarter, and I like the rotations Jordan used here better as well.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 20:49

But not liking rotations and wanting the defense to improve is contradictive to what EJ is doing. He is rotating like he is (in the 1st half) b/c of the ones that are not playing defense and he doesn't have many options.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:50

I mean, why do you think Ivey was the first guard off the bench?

His first sub in the first quarter was Speights, Kapono and Ivey for Dalembert, Brand and Lou. That was not a sub for defense.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 20:58

Well sure that paticular sub wasn't, it was for minutes. But some of subs tonight have been affected by guys not doing what he wants so he sits them.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:52

Willie there's some iron up there too.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:56

a lil shake-and-bake!

Willie gives you absolutely nothing. He looks like he's drunk or something... Nice move by Jrue hopefully they can switch spots in the rotation

Willie is horrible, but luckily, he doesn't really have a spot in the rotation through 2 games. That was a strong move by Jrue, congrats on his first NBA hoop.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:01

On Willie... trying to crossover and dribbling it off the guys leg. c'mon man!

Rich reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:02

I know he only played 8 minutes the first game, just meant the depth chart in general. It's tough to get to big of a read on rotations in the first two games.

Brand to Kapono- nice.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:59

It is so nice when that shot can go in.

Pretty pass from Brand out of the high post to Kapono for the three.

Nice look from Jrue to Sammy. Surprised he caught it.

Haha I was about to say that if Kapono were out there 10 minutes I'd expect that he'd at least attempt a 3-pointer.

And he hits one right at the start of the fourth.

Great. Take out Jrue when Willie is being a freaking albatross out there.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:04

If Sammy can have these numbers every night and only take 5 shots, we'll be in a favobable position more times than not.

Just look at Bogut's numbers in comparison with Sammy's tonight.

Alvin reply to alvin on Oct 30 at 21:06

Just ignore the turnovers. LOL.

eddies' heady's reply to alvin on Oct 30 at 21:07

yeah, and meaning?

Dalembert has had better production than Bogut in less minutes tonight. And Bogut is one the the more solid C's in today's NBA.

Essentially as long as Sam can keep himself off foul trouble, I can live with the goaltending and crazy plays when he can be a force defensively and come close to 10/10 like tonight.


eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:25

And when Marreese can give us those boards and not gun it, we are even better.

So here's the question, have the Sixers been appreciably better, or are the Buck just showing their true selves in the second half?

When the Sixers play better the Bucks are too lousy to counter.

Brandon Jennings' line is incredible. How much of this is down to Lou, and what do you think would have been the difference if it was Miller?

Miller would have posted him into submission.

But his offensive line probably would've been the same. He's quick, 1 board and 1 dime away from a triple double in his first NBA game.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Oct 30 at 21:15

straight abused the kid and played better D on him, believe it or not.

Alvin reply to tk76 on Oct 30 at 21:16

i think we all know that. But a lot of people made comments about how Lou is better defensively than Miller was, but i don't see it, and I see Brandon Jennings coming close to a triple double with Lou guarding him.

I think both Lou and Miller are better off the ball. Miller w/ position and strength, Lou with quickness in the passing lanes. Neither are worth shit on the ball, which is a slight problem when we're talking about PGs.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:08

the former by far.

Our best offense, without a doubt, is an Andre Iguodala defensive rebound.

Alvin reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:19

I'm glad Iggy is having one of his typical games. It was painful watching him start slow last season.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:13

I like this lineup better than when Thad is out there. Sam EB Jason Dala Lou, esp b/c it just seems to calm Lou.... or maybe it doesn't. No telling with Lou, but I do like Jason with them instead of Thad just b/c he can be good enough to get by on D and still knock down the jumper - which really is about all Thad gives you sans the jumper.

Thad's slashing ability isn't needed when Dala and Lou can both do that. The pure shooter fits better.

Finally, we have someone who stop a run with a three!

Great ball movement on that play. Crosscourt to Lou, quick swing to the corner before the defense could rotate. How many times have teams done that to us over the past couple of years?

They're in the PO now, or have been most of the 4th, I believe.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:27

C'mon man, they've been running variations and making reads off of those the whole game at certain times.

That's the beauty of this offense - when movement occurs, and execution, and most importantly, making the shot you can't tell whether it is a play or not.

Yeah, we were just trying to figure out if he had abandoned it in the third quarter or not. Not an indictment of Jordan, just an honest question.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:37

I never mentioned Jordan.

But like I said the other day, it will be a stroke of genius when even we don't know if they are going to go in motion and cut etc. (ala Princeton) or run basic sets.

The opponent will have more to prepare for, when playing against, and watching tape.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:17

And as soon as I said that, he took EB out and inserted Thad. And appreciably, I like him out there with this lineup too. Just keep Jason K on the floor.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:18

Serious question - is this better coaching or better play?

Both? I have a feeling he tore into them at the half and the defensive intensity has been there this half.

Alvin reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:25

Yeah I think so too. No matter how bad a team is, you can't cakewalk a game in the NBA. Once the other team plays harder anything can happen. I think the players weren't up for it in the first half and it probably took some swear words to get them playing.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:30

I would wholeheartedly agree he ripped them a good one. If for nothing else, because he can't go out there and still play.

The coach can't be the problem when it is only two games in. We all have to extend to him the chance.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:45

Kind of... he may not have been the one we wanted but you have to give him a chance. Like I'm doing with Jrue.

I know he took a bad shot there, but Lou seems to have nice driving angles in the PO. By moving Sammy up to the high post and putting a guy in the corner with the two guard set, Lou has a chance to beat guys with his 1st step.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Oct 30 at 21:39

Agree. That presents nice angles and lanes.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Oct 30 at 21:41

And, if you keep Kapono out there, when Lou hits that lane with that quick first step, he is perched at the line for the kickout.

Iguodala is a man.

first win of the season. yeah!

Feels good. Need to back it up tomorrow night.

Thanks for taking part guys, good crowd for this early in the season. I'll have a wrap later tonight with the rotation chart.

6 guys in double figures, nice.

bebopdeluxe on Oct 30 at 21:43

Brandon Jennings.


Some mocks had him falling to 18...and if he had been on the board, I still would have taken Holiday...or Lawson if Holiday was gone.

Shows you how little I know about basketball.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:48

That giddy feeling of a Sixers win....give me more, give me more!

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:00

Jennings wasn't the only one flirting with a triple-double.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:07

We killed us a 13 pointer, in keeping with the hunting reference.

bebopdeluxe on Oct 30 at 22:09

Iguodala has 85 million reasons to have games like he had tonight...tghe other guy was playing his first NBA game.

Pretty impressive.

eddies' heady's reply to bebopdeluxe on Oct 30 at 22:13

Just sayin...both respectable but Lou was guarding one of 'em.

The mighty mite's was pretty impressive too.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:11

Did Carney tweak his injury in the first game? Curious as to why 'he' was the one that got no minutes tonight.

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