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Game 3 Avanced Stats and Offensive Domination?

deepsixersuede on Nov 2 at 7:31

Iggy is leading our team in rebounding [8 per], he is just too strong for most 2 guards.Brian, I don!t want Iggy to think too much about his numbers, the beauty,it seems, of this offense is having a star willing to give the ball up and Iggy is tailor maid for this.Minn. may be a tough apple for him with the 6'9" C.Brewer at the 2 guard.Brand and Iggy in a 2 man game could pay dividends in endgame situations with the key being Iggy drawing Brand!s man away.Right now I don!t know if anybody will leave a player to double Brand though it happened a couple of times.

deepsixersuede on Nov 2 at 7:42

Brian, I watched the replay of the game and Kapono played Gallinari a lot better than Thad,staying tight on him when Thad kept helping on the drivers consistantly even after a Bird-like shooting display. I consider Thad a pretty smart player so doesn!t he have to take it upon himself to adjust during the game.I don!t put that on the coach.

Thad is still learning to play the wing on both ends. Growing up playing in the paint I'm sure his instinct is to help. Bigs protect the rim 1st and their man second.

I'm not defending his defense- just pointing out there are things he will learn (and unlearn) with time.

I don't know, I have Gallinari scoring 8 of his 11 points in the fourth quarter on Kapono, shooting 2/4 from three and Kapono also sent him to the line, where he hit both shots. (When he scored the other three, Iguodala was technically playing the three, though I don't remember Iguodala covering him at all).

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 11:03

Suede, thanks for pointing out those very valid points. Just because Kapono has a prior reputation of not being an above average defender in no way means he is costing us games in the fourth quarter by being on the floor. And I don't think EJ would have him out there if he were to show signs of being a detriment on the defensive end.

It seems that, to fans, just because Thad has good measurables and freakish athletic ability that it will somehow translate to automatically being a lock down defender. But right now it doesn't. And I mentioned it during the MIL game thread, that I like Kapono being out there in crunch time along with Lou, Dala, EB, and Sam because Thad really only gives you what Kapono gives you minus the knock-down shot. But as you saw also, Thad isn't even giving you the defense that Kapono is right now.

Thad lacks discipline, smarts and the other things you get in an inexperienced player. well at least thats the excuse for him now.
his rebounding should increase if he could just stay back instead of breaking off. he is so gifted around the basket, he doesnt need to rely on the fastbreak to put up points.
as much as he is a good shooter, i want to see him inside more. he's way better down on the blocks.
Iguodala can keep up this pace he's playing at, they'll have to let him in. 8rpg is ridiculous. very Jason Kidd like.
Lou Williams is on of our more efficient scorers. who would have thought?

In his rookie season, I thought he did a really good job of on-the-ball defense. Just the pure physical aspect. I have to believe those tools are still there, but his grasp of the team concept is definitely lacking to a degree. I hope we see growth, his rebound rate is terrible again, but that doesn't concern me as much as Elton Brand's. Iguodala is pulling down more rebounds/36 minutes than EB.

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