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Lou Has Played Perfect (Offensive) Basketball

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 14:53

Count me in the surprised camp. I had said on here back at the end of the summer that I felt Lou would be better just because being out there with other better players would calm him down some. I had no idea it would be to this degree though, but it has only been three games. With EJ being a former guard himself, he seems to have reigned Lou in some, but Lou's apparent offseason work shouldn't go unmentioned either. Kudos to Lou for the, so far, transformation.

One favorite of mine about Lou is I haven't seen him attempt to jump in the air and then pass, as he was notorious for this last year. But sadly, Dala did try and get away with this once against the Knicks Sat. night.

I really want to see big things from Lou on slowing down Rondo's penetration and breaking down of the defense on Tues. night. Oops, I tried not to say the 'd' word. At least it was used in the team sense and not individually. :)

Lou has performed admirably thus far and I did not expect this at all. I hope he keeps this kind of performance up (the numbers thus far are ridiculous and would be good even if you drop it 20%.)

I'd be more than happy to say I was wrong about Lou never being a point guard.

I honestly am not surprised as I have stated over and over for the past year. Lou wants to succeed and LISTENS to people (see his tweets today, guys). He still is young and sure he will not always keep us happy. But, I believe Lou can be a great guard IF he has coaching. Time will tell.

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