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Hollinger Noticed

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 15:22

Sounds like was doing more than watching! It appears he was reading here too. From your wrap of the game and questioning of Jordan's moves to my comment on that post about the guys learning a new offense and defense while the coach is also learning how to best use his new parts.

OK, I'm fudging a l'il here since he was referring to other teams with new coaches, but it is rather eerily similar.

Speights might have been better than Sam alone because the Sixers needed offense as well and he is improving as a defender. Both Sam and Speights would have been better together in that situation than what was on the floor. I didn't underastand why Jordan kept Kapono in there for so long at the end of regulation.

But I think Sixers fans have to guard against putting all the blame on the Sixers and failing to give any credit to the opposition when an opponent gets a big rally. We have seen the Sixers rally like this on multiple occasions during the past few years. Were those occasions only the result of the other team playing lousy and their coach making poor decisions?

Al Harrington played like a man possessed. I would think that even the likes of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or Larry Bird would have been impressed with the ferocity of his will to win. Other players like Duhon and Larry Hughes seemed to catch a bit of his fever, too. And Danilo shot the lights out for awhile. Speights may have made the play of the game in fouling out Harrington. The Knicks finally ran out of gas right after that.

On the whole for the Sixers, I think the good outweighed the bad for this game.

Harrington was impressive, but you have to find a way to hold on to a 23-point lead. The Sixers are a good team, or at least and average team, they're going to make runs. The Knicks are just horrible, and the Sixers lost the lead by playing away from their strengths. That's the thing I can't get over.

You're right, though, I'm so Sixers-centric, I often don't pay much attention at all to players on the other team when I'm breaking down performances.

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 16:42

Hmmm....that tidbit about Al Harrington sure does sound familiar too....

But a question - what was the lineup that the Knicks had out there at these points in the 4th? Is there a reason why EJ didn't want to bring two bigs in the game b/c they may have difficulty guarding whomever D'Antoni was playing on the perimeter?

They used a small lineup all game long. The point is, you're the team with the big lead, you don't go away from what got you that lead to match up with what the other team does. They're the team with their backs against the wall. They're the team that needs to try desperate things, not you.

To answer your question, though. For the bulk of the minutes it was Harrington, Chandler, Gallinari, Hughes and Duhon.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 17:08

I'm privy to everything you mentioned in your first paragraph. Just fishing for reasons to maybe backup why he didn't want to have Sam and Marreese out there together during their run. Don't know, but it seems EJ knew they were on fire with that run and didn't want to compound it by putting an obvious mismatch out there, with our bigs probably reluctant to guard on the perimeter and getting blown by on drives too.

And I don't know that the Knicks have any desperate measures to turn to. What else could they do - try hoisting up a hundred threes instead of around 50?

JohnMagee on Nov 2 at 17:53

Does Royal Ivey have a defensive reputation I"m unaware of? I mean yeah he's 19, but isn't the 76ers best defensive point guard right now a guy names Holliday?

It looked like that was the case throughout the preseason, but not sure we can definitely say it considering he's played a grand total of 7 minutes through the first three games.

Of the guys who haven't been glued to the bench (or inactive) for the first 3 games, Ivey is the best defensive PG. He wasn't in at the PG on that final play, however. He was at the two, guarding Hughes I think. You had Lou on Duhon, which is a mismatch, Ivey on Hughes, Kapono on Gallinari, Thad on Harrington, and Iguodala on Chandler.

I'm not sure what the ideal lineup would've been. Probably something like, Jrue on Duhon, Ivey on Hughes, Carney on Chandler, Iguodala on Gallinari and Thad on Harrington. Something like that, where you have your five best perimeter defenders on the floor to take away the three. If the Knicks were smart, they would've gone to Harrington in the post, but they didn't exactly have a ton of time to set that up. Essentially, this is the lineup you'd want in the game if the opponent is going small and you lose if they hit a three. Or at least that's my take on the situation.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 20:43

I agree Brian, that's the lineup I'd go with too. Jrue/Ivey/Carney/Iggy/Thad in that situation.

JohnMagee on Nov 2 at 18:15

You had Lou on Duhon, which is a mismatch, Ivey on Hughes, Kapono on Gallinari, Thad on Harrington, and Iguodala on Chandler.

Man, even I know that there's at least 3 things wrong in that sentence

I agree that we do need to consider other teams getting hot sometimes. Even Willie Green did it ONE time last year! If he can, ANYONE CAN!

Personally, I am not so sure Thad can be included as a top 5 defender on the sixers so far this year! He tends to lose his guy alot (ie, last year Boston).

mymanjrue on Jan 22 at 22:48

wait why the hell did dorell wright only get four minutes with ruchardson out?i mean not that i am so in lvoe with dorell wright but he seems a clear better option to me than ivey, wilkins, n. young etc

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