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Big Day For Rondo

The Greek on Nov 3 at 11:56

Hefty praise. When asked about Williams' ability to recognize how each teammate likes to be passed to, Jordan said Williams was not even the team's best.

"Jrue Holiday is the best," he said. "I think Jrue is going to be the best in the offense that I've ever had."


Ignoring the grain of salt for a moment, maybe that's why he's being so tough on the kid now. Sees the potential and wants to enforce the right habits. Ugh. I just want to see the kid on the floor.

Tray reply to The Greek on Nov 3 at 12:28

WOW? Has Jordan ever had a good passer? I guess Antonio Daniels..

This game has got me concerned. I really hope the right principles are enforced in this game. Our offense will go against probably the meanest D in the league whereas they can kill us on the other end.

Obviously Iggy on Pierce is our best bet but I don't need to be reminded that Thad always loses his man and you don't want that to happen when his man is Ray Allen. He has hurt us before and he can be expected to do it again. Eddie House is another who can kill us from downtown.

Brand against Garnett is going to be bad. Ouch. If they're gonna go Daly on Garnett and Brand on Rasheed then that's a concern too, because Brand would not go out to stay with Sheed, our hope would be that he misses the wide open shots (which is more and more common these days).

It's looking like one bad beating for our Sixers. I just hope it won't be as bad as the Orlando game.

I'll be pleased if the team somehow finds a way to compete. The Celtics look damn menacing already at this early stage so it's a great early test for EJ and this team.

JohnMagee on Nov 3 at 12:48

I'm not sure I'm concerned about this game, the sixers are going to get waxed, the Celtics defense has been obscene since the season started...anyone who expects the sixers to be 'in' this game might be concerned, I expect them to get taken to the woodshed and beat like Dwight beats Mos

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