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An Expected, Yet Excruciating Loss

Was there.
Best thing about the game was the $5.00 special on light beers(miller, bud & Coors). Unfortunately, I lost my appetite for anything during the 3rd qtr. Embarassing.
6-7000 fans. 2000 cheering/happy Celtics fans. Frustrating.
Thaddeus needs some balls. Elton really is looking like a colossal bust. We need a BIG Athletic big to sub for Sammy(he looked good again!). We looked very small and weak out there. This is the kind of game where Andre Miller would've provided some 1/2 court offense and leadership to keep us somewhat in the game. Where was Iggy in the 1st qtr? Enough rambling........ Had to vent.

More concerned that we had no answer for House than Wallace. Sheed is going to give every team in the NBA fits this season: too much versatility, smarts, and range. But House is a one trick pony. You know exactly what he's in the game for and yet you continue to let him come off screens open beyond the arc? I know they're a good team but damn.

Has Coach J given up on Elton already? It's possible the guy has nothing left, but if you don't ever give him the ball how would you know?

Long term, my biggest worry is that our Coach, to paraphrase Denny Green, is what we thought he was. When he gets down, he tries to catch up by adding offense. Sam was one of our two best players on the floor last night. Why no minutes? The consistent pattern so far this season is that offensive guys get the nod over defensive guys. That's what made the Wizards such an underachieving team. Hate to think we're going that route.

No real complaint about Iguodala's game - hard to get assists if no one can make a shot - but per the previous comment I would like to see him assert himself more (like Miller did last year) when the team starts to slide. Good to see his turnovers down.

Real and Speightacular on Nov 4 at 10:45

I don't get the third-last line in the rotation sheet -- were there only four guys out there?

Stupefying to realize Lou's no better a defender than Miller. This is the time of year to throw stuff out there and see what (if anything) sticks. Yes, forget about giving the elite teams real trouble before the new year.

Sorry, the chart is fixed. My sheet got a little sloppy at the end there.

Stupefying to realize Lou's no better a defender than Miller

Not really, Lou never really impressed me as a defender of any merit and he doesn't have the 'nba savvy' that miller might have had.

Statman on Nov 4 at 11:46

Just a few quick comments:
(1) The Sixers' poor shooting was only partly the result of the Celtics' defense. Part of it was that they seemed intimidated by playing the Celtics (they missed a lot of open shots throughout the game that they had been hitting in the first three games, esp. Thad, Speights, and Lou). Though I don't miss Miller in general, I agree that this was one game where he would have helped -- he doesn't get intimidated by anyone.
(2) I was skeptical about Thad's ability to defend small forwards even last year, but it's disturbing that his shot is off as well. He's 1-10 on 3's for example. Let's hope it's just early season adjustments.
(3) This is at least the 3rd game where the opposition hit a barrage of 3's when the starters subbed out at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. Boston starters went 1-4 on 3's and their bench went a ridiculous 13-16. The Sixers' starters showed some pretty good defense over stretches. For the season, the Sixers are now giving up 13 3's a game [dead last in the NBA] on 45% 3-point shooting.
(4) So far this year, the Sixers have beaten two teams they swept last year and lost to two teams that swept them. So Friday could be considered the first barometer game [this year vs. last year], since they struggled so much with the Nets last year. Even though the Nets lost Carter, a win against them will require good defense by Lou (on Harris) and Thad (on CDR). Keep in mind, the crowd will be either festive or downcast because of the Phillies ...

jsmoove reply to Statman on Nov 4 at 12:01

Two points:

I didn't see where the intimidation factor of the Celts affected shooting at all. We just have the same inconsistent, sporadic shooters. When a shot presents itself within the flow of a game, I seriously doubt that particular player catches a case of the ooh-these-guys-are-better-than-me.

Lou will have to worry about good defense on Rafer Alston on Fri. night as Harris is suppose to be out with a groin issue.

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