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FPR: Celtics @ Sixers

Thanks Mike, great job as usual.

deepsixersuede on Nov 4 at 6:54

Mike, thanks for the insider view.I agree about Elton, he was gotten for playoff time yet I doubt he is much of a factor against the big boys and I keep getting a vision of a smart, good positioning, intelligent on defense Reggie Evans whose best role may be next to Jason on the 2nd team by years end.Brian, looking at all our pieces I wonder if one change,a starter for a bench guy, would make us more of a team.Looking at the shots Thad was getting a pure jump shooter may be more value in our starting 5 where Thad!s slashing may benifit our 2nd unit.Or starting Marreese next to Sam may make more sense, not now but if things don!t click by midseason.I caught the Thunder/Lakers game after ours, it looks like S.Brooks is doing with his young players what we all hoped T.TYhibodeax could do with our guys, they flat out defend. It was neat watching J.Green take Artest to the floor on a dunk.

Rob_STC on Nov 4 at 7:14

Funny,When I took the picture with my phone I didn't realize I got those Celtic fans in it. I mean there was lots of them and they were sitting courtside. I hardly ever do this but I left with 8 minutes left in the game. Excruciating is a good word for it. When your team is getting rocked and opposing team's fans are in your own building. I had one sitting right behind me trying to impress his girlfriend. Had to leave early. I was proud of Lou Williams though for manning up to saying he had no energy and it is on him. More and more I am starting to like him as a player and person. If you follow him on twitter he is just a regular guy it seems who can be everybodys friend,not bold or brash but just humble.I can handle moving on to the next one and trying to forget this one and getting back to work today to improve on what they need to.

After watching this game, I think the biggest thing affecting their play was just confidence. They know the team they are playing against is solid, and it shows. Defensively, the first half of the first quarter was just beautiful. I knew this would not keep up, especially when the second unit got to the floor. This transition is something they will need to work on heavily.
The confidence struggles came with their shot selection. We know the celtics are great on defense, especially when clogging the paint. The sixers outside shooting was just piss-poor. There's no other word to describe it. To counter this, I saw multiple times where they would try to drive, fail, and force up a terrible shot. Other times they just weren't making shots they would normally make.
Other than confidence, I think the biggest factor right now concerns pick and roll defense - nonexistent.

I somewhat disagree about players on this team not knowing their roles. I think Lou, Iguodala, and Dalembert know their roles. I think Thad is still trying to find his role, but that's natural as he's developing. Brand is probably the biggest question mark on this team. I believe he'll find his place. He will never be worh the money he is paid, but I don't think he'll be a complete bust either.

Right now the bench is the biggest factor - I don't think any of them really understand their roles, nor are the talents of some being utilized. If EJ is competent, the rotations should also get better.

On a final note, it pisses me off to watch these great teams, because even Scrub Mcgee-second-last-draftee can hit a three with relative ease.

JohnMagee on Nov 4 at 10:56

quite glad my free preview ran out before last night - this sounds unfun to watch.

The Sixers showed in the 1st half that they can play elite defense (at least the starters.) But the C's are coached up to keep that type of defensive pressure all game, while the Sixers sort of backed off (and put Sam on the bench.) That was the difference between a respectable game and a blow out.

I wonder if the team can reach is potential as a strong defensive squad without being led by a defensive minded coach. I guess we will see.

I In other matters, great game by Sam- shame he is so inconsistent and moody. Another game where Brand looks lost and can't finish inside- not that he had many chances. It's scary that his role and play resembles that of a borderline 8th man.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Nov 4 at 11:33

Iggy, in post game interviews made a telling statement, basically saying we "d" it up for the first 5 to 10 seconds of the shot clock and then tend to relax. This group,playing at home against the undefeated Celts, can!t play with a greater sense of urgency? Okl.City was in a similar situation and had the Lakers on their heals, although their crowd was a bit more into the game but what comes first, the chicken [intensity] or the egg [big crowds].

Rob, thank you for the tip on free parking, the best part of the night!

Guys (and girls if you are out there!), our team needs to start using brains! When one is cold, stop airballing outside shots. Don't make lazy passes (AI). Move on the court, don't stand around looking dumb.

Great write up on the game above.

Very discouraging but sure they will re bound. I do appreciate Coach trying all his players. But, please no more Willie Green. Please.

thanks for the kind words

i really like the holiday signing, but i admit i've been keeping track of ty lawson. 17pts & 6 asts in his NBA debut. and last night he dropped 23 on the Nets on 9/10 shooting, 3/3 from beyond.

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