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Three-Point Mirage

deepsixersuede on Nov 5 at 7:51

Brian, I am higher on Carney than most ,and think he and Kapono should be getting 30 minutes combined EVERY game.This philosophy of giving a different guy a D.N.P. every game doesn!t give the 2nd unit a chance to be consistant.Willie brings nothing to the table, and I thought he could for 8 min. or so,that helps this team.Carney has a skill, though inconsistant, that this team needs,and Holliday may also have that skill. there is only one way to find out.

Over the next couple games the coach better solidify this substitution rotation. This designated bench warmer each game is getting old fast. Agree that Carney needs more minutes.
Does it appear that JSmith has turned very robotical? He was much more athletic last year. Seems like the weight training used during rehab has made him very stiff.

eddies' heady's on Nov 5 at 9:04

Short and sweet answer to the question posed:

YES, all year long.

And I hope Snider is to blame here for the lack of shooters and him tightening up the purse strings. Because Stefanski brought in his hand picked coach that he knew was going to be running an offense that was predicated on outside shooting and presents frequent open looks from the perimeter, but he didn't add anymore shooting?

Puzzling, and beyond me at the same time.

JohnMagee on Nov 5 at 11:17

It's partially his fault for passing up shots with a pump fake and a dribble in for a long two

Which he was criticized for doing too much in Toronto as well - some sort of misguided attempt to be more than a '3 point sniper' - know and accept your role.

And I hope Snider is to blame here for the lack of shooters and him tightening up the purse strings.

That's what happens when you have ownership answerable to stock holders instead of only answerabe to themselves - that's why the sixers will never win a title until new ownership takes over

Lawson led Denver in scoring last night with 23 points, perfect shooting from three, just one miss from the field. Outside of Jennings, clearly the most NBA-ready guard in this draft, though to be sure, Holliday and Curry may surpass him one day.

JohnMagee reply to Tray on Nov 5 at 11:22

Lawson also plays on a more talented roster and probably with a better coach...

jsmoove reply to Tray on Nov 5 at 16:24

Holiday will never come close to being as good as Lawson and Curry are right NOW. And Lawson and Curry WILL get better. The upside talked about with Jreu may also have a downside in that that upside may have a lower peak than some think. Stefanski will be known for that pick by most fans as his defining moment with this franchise and the beginning of his end here.

OK, first of all comparing Jrue to Curry makes no sense. Curry was taken 10 picks before Jrue, the Sixers had no opportunity to draft him.

Second, Jrue has played a total of 19 minutes in his NBA career, and he's actually played pretty well in them.

Third, like it or not, Jrue has a higher upside than Lawson. Lawson is now, and will always be an under-sized PG in the NBA. That doesn't mean he won't be successful, but it does mean he's always going to be at a disadvantage and there's always going to be a relatively low ceiling to exactly how good he will be, especially on the defensive end.

Jrue has exceptional size and all the tools to be an excellent PG in the league, his ceiling right now is basically limitless. There's no physical limitation to his potential. Not to mention the fact that he's three years younger than Lawson.

Will Jrue ever be as good as Lawson is right now? Well, first we need to see enough of each them playing right now to make an accurate assessment as to who is the better player right now. You can't say anything definitive based on 19 minutes for Jrue and 103 minutes for Lawson. If it is proven that Lawson is better right now, which he probably is, then we have to give Jrue a year or two to reach the experience level Lawson's at right now, then maybe we can assess it.

Ultimately, we aren't talking about what either player is right now, what we're talking about is how much they're going to grow, how much growth is possible, and what type of player they're going to be when they're in their prime. If I had to bet, I'd put my money on Jrue at 22 being better than Lawson is right now. I'd put my money on Jrue at 25 being better than Lawson will be at 25.

I could be wrong, the Sixers could be wrong, but in my opinion, the Sixers made the right bet in the draft and you aren't going to have very long to bang the Ty Lawson drum, so get it all out of your system now.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 5 at 17:44

Um, Chris Paul is an undersized point guard in the NBA and what exactly is his ceiling? Allen Iverson was an undersized TWO guard in the NBA and where was his ceiling? Yeah, it's true that Lawson will always be vulnerable to point guards who post you up, and big guards in general, but there's not necessarily a low ceiling, or any ceiling, on how good a passer and scorer or how ridiculously efficient and smart a player he can be.

Paul measured about a half-inch taller than Lawson at the combine, but unlike Lawson he doesn't have alligator arms. Lawson's wingspan is a hair over 6-feet. Paul's was over 6'4". That being said, most people think Paul is a defensive liability, and Iverson was ALWAYS a defensive liability, no matter how you feel about his offensive game, which you and I have debated in the past. Both Paul and Iverson were already full-time starters in the league for a year or two when they were Lawson's age, as well.

But if you want to get into the absolute best case scenario based on size, then we're talking Oscar Robertson, Gary Payton, Clyde Frazier, Jason Kidd and the list goes on and on when we're making comps for Jrue. Complete players.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 5 at 17:46

And why won't we have long to bang the drum? Guys who are this good in their first five NBA games typically get better, not worse. Unless they're talented but lazy types like Villanueva who play really hard their rookie year because they're mad at where they went in the draft and then regress to their normal nonexistent work ethic. Lawson's not that type of player. Ergo, he should only get better.

JohnMagee reply to Tray on Nov 5 at 18:14

Please don't compare ty lawson to chris paul or allen iverson - it's disingenuous and aside from height they have very little in common including the hype coming intot he league

I'm sure the people who hate jrue holliday will hate jrue holliday for ever - and those same people probably don't comprehend that you draft a guy for a career and not a year - and nothing is decided in one year....

Check out kobe bryants numbers his first - you probably would have whined about the lakers getting him compared to other guys who performed better (plus he cost them vlade divac)

Lawson has been playing higher level basketball than holliday for 3 years with better players around him IN HIS NATURAL POSITION

Though I'm not sure why i keep banging my head against the wall as all the lawson lovers don't see the inherent differences and long term expectations or the concept of ceiling...too much instant gratification demanded not enough realistic patience

PS - even now - Ty Lawson plays with a better roster than Jrue Holliday and doesn't have an idiot for a coach

You couldn't have possibly typed that with a straight face.

He's played 5 games, FIVE! He made no impact whatsoever in two of the five. This one game that everyone has a boner over he was playing against the Nets, without Devin Harris. The Nets had 1 point guard on their roster and he only played 29 minutes. Who was guarding Lawson?

I guess by this logic we can expect DeJaun Blair to be averaging 20 pts and 20 rebounds in a couple of years, right?

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 5 at 19:36

We can expect Blair to get "better"... we can't expect him to become a top 5 player in the league, no. But I suppose he will improve, if only in terms of doing what he does in his good games on a more consistent basis. Same for Lawson - you could one day have a Lawson where he goes out most nights and scores 20 with a lot of assists and very few turnovers, instead of just once in a while.

JohnMagee reply to Tray on Nov 5 at 19:40

Or his knees will give out because he has no ACLs

And I'm saying you won't have long to bang the drum because I believe Jrue will pass Lawson sooner rather than later.

Brian: 4 games. too small a sample size. gallinari has the luxury of being in a NY offense. still trying to fit it. we do know that kapono can shoot so the problem is just opportunities which will come in time. plus sixers dont swing the ball along the perimeter well, at all. saw that in boston game.

I agree about the Holiday pick....I mean, the other guys just get plugged right in, and Holiday can't crack the lineup....Jennings did play with grown men all year last year, that had to help...Lawson's damn good though, and can shoot, not great defense, Holiday's got superior size for a PG though and super vision, length, and defensive ability...can guard the 1 and 2 spots no problem.

JohnMagee reply to theo on Nov 5 at 17:30

Let's not forget the age difference....Holiday played one year of major college ball out of position where Lawson stuck in college for 4 (even though he was a projected lottery pick a couple years wasn't he?) so his game is more mature and history indicates has less 'growth' to it....Lawson is closer to a 'finished' product than Holliday is.

Part of the reason Holliday can't seem to crack the line up is i think the coach is a moron

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