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You Ain't Got No Alibi...

Like a few similar games last year, the Sixers barely showed up against a depleted opponent. Careless T.O.s, poor FT shooting, poor defensive rebounding (aside from the starting guards), settling for jumpers. All signs of lack of focus.

The difference was that they managed to win.

The reason the won was 3 pt shooting (8-16), something completely absent last year. This covered for their miserable effort. Also, Williams stepped up with 9 reb and 6 assists- so he gets my Andre Miller-lite player of the game.

Biggest head scratcher:

The 4th Qtr line-up of Speights-Kapono-Carney-Gree-Williams. If they grabbed a defensive rebound I missed it. My initial conclusion was EJ is on crack.

Kaponographic reply to tk76 on Nov 7 at 11:51

Whoaaaa! Now, don't go assumin' Jordan is hittin' the pipe between quarters. Iggy needed a catch-me-breath and the only alternative was he-who-shall-go-unnamed.

That lineup was the fourth-highest-scoring personnel grouping of the night, albeit tied for the second highest of points-given-up. Of the six highest-scoring personnel groupings of the night, any notice of who was a part of three of 'em?.. JK, point taken.

Kapono was a plus in this game, IMO. I wish he'd take 6 threes every game, to be honest with you. The times he kills you is when he's out there and not shooting. He did have 1 rebound too, so give the guy some credit :)

BTW, anyone notice both Thad and Sam made paases right to the opposing team for no reason? Not trapped or anything. Passed it to a Nets player as if he thought they were a Sixer (or where a Sixer should be.)

Yup. I love unforced turnovers. Iguodala had a really sloppy pass in the half court as well.

97-94, not 97-84. I guess we should feel lucky the Nets didn't dress 10 men.

Type-o. Fixed now, good eyes.

Real and Speigtacular on Nov 7 at 7:52

Don't have much to add but this:

Brian, it seems clear to me that you're really putting the blinders and noice-cancelling headphones on when you're doing your writeups this season. Ignoring all the yip-yip and writing clear and straight as you really see it, biases on the chain. Commendable. Keep it up.

In the mad rush to claim 'first!' ground for "predictions" guys are settling into some theme camps already, a handful of games in. For right or wrong, cognitive dissonance will hem them in for keeps.

It'll be interesting to see how the string plays out. EJ's methods? Well, there's a little more rope still left.

deepsixersuede on Nov 7 at 8:26

Hassell reminded me of the old pudgy guy that doesn!t get picked till last at the playground than goes on to abuse the young guys with every veteren trick in the book.Thad better learn to get more physical on defense,maybe next we can move him to 2 guard.

Brian, agree about Jason Smith. He looked more fluid out there. Less robotic. Good thing. Don't like the walking the ball up the floor with the athletes we have out there. Very disappointed with Thad so far in every part of his game. His game may not match this system. I'd consider moving him for a young player who better fits with this system.

I think Thad should fit the system, it's just tough to figure. I want to see how he plays against Detroit then I'll dive into it a little more.

Rob_STC on Nov 7 at 12:12

So tell me is Richard Jefferson's dunk more worthy of being #1 in the top ten for last night ?


Iguodala got hosed.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 7 at 15:54

He got second on ESPN - and might have been first if not for an obscenely good catch in the BSU LA Tech game

eddies' heady's on Nov 7 at 13:49

The best thing about last night's game besides the W is -- the headline of this article. Can't say much more because it says it all.

It was a very tough game to get excited about last night at the Wachovia. It began w/ Thad just playing horrendous and taking 50% of the shots. I agree with SFW that we need to consider moving him if things do not change soon. I know he is a favorite here but other than making some easy taps, he is really hurting us on the court these days. Being that I like Thad, I hope he gets it together real soon!

I think you give Willie Green to much positives, I believe they won inspite of him being on the court.

eddies' heady's on Nov 7 at 15:28

While it looks like Thad has caught a case of Willie-itis(and that's being nice), not sure he needs to be moved just yet. New system, new coach, new position.....Wait, that's too many alibi's.

Evaluation ongoing.

eddies' heady's on Nov 7 at 15:43

Btw, any correlation between Al Thornton beind demoted out of the starting lineup last night and Thad appearing to need the same? Just saying.

JohnMagee reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 7 at 15:55

A. Well probably not since their different teams coaches and players.
B. Who would you suggest from the motley crew should start right now? Yes thad sucks right now but who is better and how is benching him better for the long term success of this team - you know like not playing Holliday may seem smart in the short term but in the long run it's asinine

Rob_STC reply to JohnMagee on Nov 7 at 16:08

I think Kate Fagan was onto something with a commment on Twitter during the game. His shot is off and it seems like it is a problem with his footwork. He is missing a lot of shots and last year he was a decent outside and 3 point shooter. He made some in year corrections last season and I hope he does the same here. We need him because he gets open shots.

eddies' heady's reply to JohnMagee on Nov 7 at 16:15

Sarcasm detection appears to need some work.

DeanH reply to JohnMagee on Nov 7 at 20:09

I would say Carney as we would lose nothing Thad brings and maybe it would be a wake up call to Thad.

Just to make myself clear, I am not for trading Thad yet but if something comes up, he would be my first choice for a trade. Obviously, not a desperate move as he still may have a bright future and still is young :-).

eddies' heady's on Nov 7 at 16:19

While what Kate said re Thad is valid, it's just ONE of his many deficiencies. I wish all he was struggling with was shot mechanics.

I'm just worried about Thad because his passive play, playing to his weaknesses instead of his strengths, etc., is what he was knocked for as a college player, so, you know, one could hypothesize that this is the real Thad and rookie Thad was just the super-motivated Thad.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Nov 7 at 18:01

Not really sure if I'd go that far. Just remember how duly effective and efficient he was in that stretch of seven or so games the end of last year before he hurt his ankle against the Hawks. It looked like he was coming into his own right before our eyes. What happened to that guy?

Minute distribution means more to me than who actually starts. He would seem to flourish coming off the bench, IMO. Other choices to start - Kapono? Probably not, his scoring punch is needed off the bench. Carney? Maybe, he can play better defense than Thad is right now, can't he? And maybe knock down some of these open looks Thad is receiving within the sets.

yea i agree, if we can come into the came with 5 guys who can defend (we thought we would have that when thad was in the lineup but that did not pan out obviously), a lot of problems would go away.

besides a second unit of :

smith, speights, thad, kapono, and green/ivey (though i wish it was holiday), actually sounds really solid.

ej should definitely look into it (especially if it ends up lighting a fire under thad)

Thanks for the info - nice post.

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