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Game 5 Advanced Stats and Reconciling Differences

JohnMagee on Nov 8 at 11:34


Did you ever pick up Hollingers Basketball Handbook when he published it? I think I picked up the 'last' one he published in 2004 - there's a bunch of formulas in there.

If you seriously are interested in why your numbers don't mesh - head over to the APBR discussion forum - very helpful friendly folks.

Nice find brian. I was doing the same thing as you, with my pace not meshing up. In fact, I was getting the exact same numbers as you, and was a bit perplexed by it. the definition on bbr does use the averaged possessions, which makes it more than a little confusing.

I've actually done the same. I'm leaving pace the way it is, and not worrying about it meshing with bbr.

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