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Losing on the Glass

A couple notes, I uploaded the latest version of the rotations spreadsheet, it has a new tab on it called cumulative. This page is a running tally of all the sheets.

It should be filtered by the positions, so you can go in there and create your own splits. So if you want to see how the team did with Speights at center (they were +9) as compared to with Sammy at center (they were -3), you can do that easily (set the filter to whatever player names you want to see, then simply highlight column N to calculate the +/- for the units in your sample).

You can also do any combo, so if you want to see how they played with Speights at the 5 and Iguodala at the 2 (they're +29 in 62 minutes). All you do is filter the center position to show speights only, then filter the sg position to show iguodala only. Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions.

Willie Green and Ivey should never be playing together at the same time.

Also, according to your spreadsheet, I'm liking the combination of Speights at center, then the rest of the starters. I think this line-up won't be effective for every team, but definitely against the Suns tomorrow.

I've been calling for Speights to start next to Brand, but now I'm not so sure. I still think Speights could jump start the P.O. but would be a defensive liability.

I was assuming Brand's excellent defense and rebounding would help mask some of Speights' weakness, and that Brand could cover some of the bigger centers, using strength and length.

The problem is that I don't see Brand offering all that much on the boards or even defensively. Frightening as it sounds, Sam is playing at a much higher level then Brand (at least defensively) and Sam can finish easy looks inside, which Brand cannot. And those outside touches Brand gets could be put to good use in Speights hands.

So, crazy as it may sound, I'm calling for a starting line-up of Sam and Speights... with Brand left at the rest stop to eat his milk and cookies and then take a nap. He can return to the starting line-up when he is better- whenever that is.

JohnMagee on Nov 9 at 11:01

Yes it's small sample size and yes it's early in the season, but Dalembert over Speights doesn't seem to make the sixers a better rebounding team or a better defensive team


He's also, from the same small sample size of statistics, neck and neck with Kapono and Smith to be the worst defenders on the team in terms of oPER.

Interesting how his PER at C is significantly better, but his oPER at PF is significantly better. probably has a lot to do with who he's playing with. Probably also has a lot to do with small sample size. I would expect both of those numbers to converge close to a mean.

JohnMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Nov 9 at 11:37

I have no doubt that it will even out, but my long standing dislike for Samuel Dalembert obviously slants my view and I know it :)

I still believe that any 'positives' Dalembert brings defensively he costs the team offensively, and right now, he's not a positive on the floor in terms of defensive rebounding. Yesterdays game was an atrocious affront to basketball and if 'young kids' get benched for playing like garbage I see no reason Sam shouldn't be benched for tonights game against Phoenix

Wow, check out some of the rebounding rates for those lineups. 22.5% for Sam, Thad, Kapono, Iguodala and Lou. That's laughable.

Like I said in the post, Speights should get the start tonight.

I'm actually in support of starting Speights in place of Sammy. From the naked eye, it seems his defense (at least his defensive effort) has been better, although at this point the numbers (neither on/court off/court of who he's defending) support that. He does seem to be a + rebounding, where he wasn't year. If that holds up, and his offensive productivity remain, it's going to be hard to keep him from playing upwards of 30 mpg.

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