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Just Split 'Em

R and S -

I am anxious to hear your response to this:

That's just spectacular. First of all, that combo wasn't particularly effective. They were out-scored 14-16 in a 4-minute run, mainly because they were hamstrung by a ridiculous small lineup, but that's beside the point. The fact that our coach doesn't even know what combos he's been using in games, or how they've performed...well, I don't know what to say about that.

I consider this Prosecution Evidence #1 for the FireEddieJordan.com debate. The few minutes above has been the highlight of the year so far for me.

DeanH reply to DeanH on Nov 13 at 10:40

Just to make myself clear, just having fun. As with Thad, we need to give the coach, Thad and Brand time to shake off the cob webs as tk76 pointed out.

His post-game comments are ridiculous. "He doesn't particularly remember that combo." He's only the one that put them in together. This is the next reason Jrue should play with Lou, because Lou is horrible defensively. Jrue allows Lou to slide to the worse offensive guard assuming the size isn't too big of a factor. When our coach doesn't remember what he does (or even better WHY he does it), I am at a loss for words.

deepsixersuede on Nov 13 at 7:44

Things are better Brian, last year Willie would be starting to cover these next 2 guys.These guys are the reason I like the drafting of Holliday, and can!t wait till he and Iggy are starting together.When is the last time we had 2 awesome defenders at the 1 and 2 ? [Cheeks/Toney]

Statman reply to deepsixersuede on Nov 13 at 8:01

Suede - Toney was one of my favorite players growing up, but I wouldn't call him an awesome defender. Few steals, fouled a lot. He was definitely awesome offensively, with great range and a superb midrange game unheard of in today's NBA. Cheeks, of course, was great defensively.

I tend to think Iverson and Snow were a pretty good defensive combo back in the 2001 timeframe (before Iverson decided to forego stopping dribble penetration later in his career). When McKie came in, Snow and McKie were an even better defensive combo for those teams. Add Lynch, Tyrone Hill, and Mutombo, and they had pretty good defenders at every position (hmmm, wonder why that team did so well).

I'm going to go with Hersey Hawkins and Mo Cheeks, although they only had Hersey's rookie year together. Hawkins was under-rated IMO.

I thought Hawk and Dawk were also underated. They would have done well in the P.O. Dawk was a smart scoring guard who could defend.

They used to kill Hersey, having him try to guard Jordan. I thought about Dawkins, couldn't really remember what he was like on defense.

Tell me you wouldn't take this stat line on the Sixers right now:

47% from the floor, 40% from three, 87% from the line, 3.9 boards, 3.7 assists, 2.2 steals.

Dawk was a solid combo guard. He had decent length and strength. Rember him as sort of like the Sixers version of Andre Miller without the bad defense or great passing.

He lacked pure PG skills, but otherwise was rock solid although not elite in any area.

89-90: 49%/86%/14pt/7.4asst/2.6TO/1.5stl

Very Andre Miller like (also smart shooter who did not take 3's)

Wow, Barkley shot 60% from the field tat season, even though he took 92 threes and only hit 21.7% of them.

I thought the Sixers would beat the Bulls that year... of course I was 16 and a bit biased.

Statman reply to tk76 on Nov 13 at 15:55

Speaking of the 89-90 Sixers, I have the Sixers NBA Dynasty Collection and one of the games they have in entirety is Game 3 from the Sixers-Bulls playoff series that year. The Sixers got out to a huge lead (25+ points), with Hawkins scoring a lot in the first half. Then the Bulls made a big comeback and almost tied the game in the 4th before the Sixers pulled it out 118-112. Hawkins wound up with around 28 pts, Jordan had close to 40 (mostly in the 2nd half). Hawkins was my favorite Sixer from that era and a very underrated defender (nice call, Brian), including top ten in steals 4 times. He was an important part of the 95-96 Sonics team that made the finals a few years later. Dawkins, unfortunately, was never the same after his ACL tear.

Brian, you hit the nail on the head regarding the Jazz game. Deron Williams usually tears this team up, but if he has no shooters to pass to you have won half the battle... the other half (stopping his penetration) could be won if you just sag way off and let him shoot.

Unfortunately, don't expect them to win the coaching battle...

Where do you guys get your stats? Is there a good website?

I am curious what Thaddeus's stats were in the first half compared to the second half of the last game versus the Nets. I think he started 6 of 7, but ended up 8 of 16. Couldn't have had a great second half. I really thought Thad was going to breakout this year, so I have been trying to figure what exactly is going wrong with him. Did the defense on him in the second half change, or did he just go back to not making shots?

So far it seems like he is able to get into the lane like he was at the end of last season, but other than the first half of the Nets game he hasn't been finishing. He seems to be the kind of player that needs to hit a couple shots in the lane to heat and get his jumper to fall. Obviously the new system and the change of position are effecting him, hopefully the 1st half of the Nets game are a sign of him turning it around.

Give Thad some time. Iguodala started slowly last year too. Speights looked horrible his first few preaseason games...

There is nothing physically wrong with Thad (unlike Brand.) It's his first year starting at Sf and he is learning a new system. I fully expect him to be a stud by the end of this year.

I use a bunch of different sites for stats. If you're looking for how Thad shot against the Nets, by quarter, I'd try ESPN.

It looks to me like Thad was 5/6 in the first quarter (with 2 threes), 2/3 in the second, 1/4 in the third and 0/2 in the fourth. 8/16 on the game, right?

Not to pile on regarding Jordan... but Thad was iced on the bench for 9 min in the second qtr after his hot start. Donyell called out Jordan on the halftime show about it.

The only person who could stop Thad in the 1st half was Jordan.

JohnMagee reply to Scott on Nov 13 at 10:49

Depends on what you're looking for.

82games. com: advanced (team and individual) stats (jump shot %, rebounding rate, line-up +/-, etc)

popcornmachine. com: Gameflows (scoring by different player groupings on the floor throughout the game)

basketballreference. com: Stats (including some advanced one) current and historical

yahoo : sortable basic stats

NBA (or is it ESPN?) : hot zones (shooting % by spot on the floor)

The hot zones are on NBA.com.

Wow, go to the link from my last comment and check out Speights' heat chart. Then look at Willie's.

If he just stopped jacking up those L baseline J's he would basically never miss :)

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 11:06

I really wish i could find the NBA data feeds (or that they made them available) the way MLB does

Thad has a stiff shoulder, listed as a game time decision.

If he can't go, you think Kapono slides in as the starting 3? Carney? God forbid, they slide Iguodala to the 3 and start Willie?

DeanH reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 10:42

If I see Willie start, I may just walk out of the Wach tonight.

Start Holiday :)

Wow, no Deron Williams tonight for the Jazz. This has to be a win now.

Start Holiday :)

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 11:52

On my fantasy team too - i could have used those points

I posted this at realGM:

Simple Plan to help Brand and the team

Brand has been effective in the low block against weaker defenders. With the starters he lacks touches and can't score in deep against good defenders. So here is my plan...

1. Publicly announce that after 2 years of relative inactivity Brand needs an extended training period to get get back his "game legs." Sort of like what the Eagles said about Vick when they signed him.

2. Move Speights to starting PF. Say he has earned it, but it is not a demotion of Brand.

3. Give Brand lots of touches in the post against 2nd team defenders. This will best utilize his current strengths. It could help his confidence and help him learn to best use his current skills.

4. If/When Brand starts dominating against second teamers (and gets his mojo back) move him back into the starting line-up FOR SAM. If he never fully recovers then he can just stay with the 2nd team, and you were able to do it without ever really "demoting" him.

Seems logical to me, which means it has zero chance of actually happening :)

I actually think Brand would be better served, offensively, being on the floor with Speights. Takes the focus off him and should give him room to work on the blocks. With Sam in there, two bigs can worry about Brand.

Rich reply to tk76 on Nov 13 at 13:14

With Sam in the game, EB usually gets their best post defender at this point. It's tough though because he can't score right now. It's honestly all about the legs on the jumper (short all the time) and jump hook (gets it blocked a lot).

deron williams isn't playing tonight

mike reply to mike on Nov 13 at 13:20

and clearly i can't read

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