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Speights Out 6-8 Weeks

JohnMagee on Nov 15 at 15:29

Awesomeness personified

Actually, Primoz will definitely be active. That just screams production to me.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 16:19

Another brilliant signing by the often-defended-this-summer GM. Let the floodgates open on the head coach when he starts to play him. That seems to be the recurring theme lately, even when dude puts in the almighty Jrue.

But wait, if he doesn't play Primoz then he will be ridiculed for going small. The guy just can't win can he? Sad.

JohnMagee reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 15 at 16:27

I'm wondering where this 'often defended' nonsense comes from as he was criticized the entire off season for his poor signings (mandated by Comcast who wouldn't given anyone more than a one year deal, but never let the facts and reality get in the way of your insanity, ok ricky?)

Can you please read the post again and point out exactly where I said one thing that could possibly be construed as negative toward your beloved Eddie Jordan.

We get it, you think our players suck and the only good move Stefanski has ever made was signing Jordan. You don't need to repeat it in every comment you make.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 18:12

First, my comments are in no way related to what was written in this post. They are related to the endless criticisms of a coach who is only 10 games in. It has only overtaken this blog for the last two weeks or so. This uneventful start couldn't have anything to do with the players on the roster and their lack of many's.

Second, beloved he is not. Still in wait-and-see mode on him, yes. The rope you spoke of extending seems to have quickly run out. Preconceived notions rearing their head it does appear; passing final judgment prematurely. How can the guy who was hired be dogged but no mentions of the guy who hand-picked him?

Can you please advise Mr. Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader that you and myself have had a running, yet contentious, dialogue since the summer. If he needs to know where things pop-up or come from, the archives are there to see. All that's needed is time.

deepsixersuede on Nov 15 at 17:23

Brian, I would love an inquiry into the availability of J.Dorsey [sent to the developmental league] by Houston.With Holliday showing he is capable to at least playing Royal!s minutes I would love a release of Ivey and see if a 2nd rounder gets Dorsey.Toughness is a major issue with this group and when Sammy leaves it will get much worse, Dorsey averaged double figure rebounds in the summer and Houston is loaded at the 4, maybe they would take Primo, they currently start 6'6" C.Hayes at the 5.

There goes the one reserve big man who actually rebounded the ball in the first 10 games of the season.

I'd rather see Primo on the court than more small ball, but that's why I think coach jordan will go with the latter.

Alas, things could be worse. At least we're not the Hornets.


I`m taking up bets on Brand still sitting out the 4th quarter and Smith getting Speights` time.

Perhaps we might even get to see some excellent small ball of Thad or Kapono at center.

This is terrible. Our offense takes 20 seconds to get going. This is the only guy that bails our asses out more times than not. Now AI9 is going to be taking a hand-off with 5 seconds left and who does he see in the post? Probably Sammy.... (sigh).

Well I guess that gives the Crazy Eddies and excuse for the losses coming in the next 2 months.

As in E. Jordan, Stefanski and Snyder.

Seems we do this every year Brian. OK so lets say the sixers start off 8-17. Would that warrant Jordans Firing ? What about 10-20 ? 12-23 ?
I'm just curious how long until a change is made...
Im not saying its all Jordans fault but this team played a hell of a lot better under Dileo.

Jeff reply to Gdog on Nov 15 at 20:44

They also weren`t learning a new offense and Dileo stuck to the same rotations.
Jordan has this entire year and if it`s a downward spiral next year, I`d say that`s when he probably gets fired.

That's two different questions. When would I say he should be fired, and when could we realistically expect him to be fired.

For me personally, it's not going to go by record. If nothing changes and somehow the team hovers around .500 for the first half of the season, I'd be pretty close to the end of my rope. Meaning, if we're halfway through the season and he's consistently ignoring defense when defining rotations, benching Brand, etc.

On the other hand, if it looks to me like the team is sort of getting the PO and Jordan has started (a) looking to the future with his rotations and (b) recognized what works and what doesn't, and doled out minutes based on that, then I don't really care what the record is. They could be 10-31 at the midway point, but if it looks like they're headed in the right direction, I'll stick with it.

As far as the team's concerned, I don't see any way Jordan is fired before 2011 unless (a) the team is sold, (b) Stefanski is fired or (c) a real coaching legend becomes available and Stefanski does one hell of a sales job on Snider to allow them to eat Jordan's contract and get the stud coach. Not sure how likely any of those scenarios are.

It's great don't you think? It's been a long time since we've been excited about a lottery draft pick.

Too bad we can't get that John Wall kid...we're bad but we're not THAT bad :( ...sigh~

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