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The Second Ten

4-6 worked for me last time, so I'm sticking with it :)

The team played worse than I expected the 1st 10, but the opposition was more crippled than I would have guessed. But the last few games the team has shown some good signs, and teams tend to step up the first few games after they lose a player. They play enough bad teams to win 4 games, but 3 wins would not surprise me either.

So what's your feeling if they're 8-12 after this next stretch, and their 4 wins come against CHA, CHA, MEM and WASH? 20 games in, with wins over the bottom feeders only (still don't believe in MIL, by the way)

I guess its more how they are playing then what there record is. The 4-6 record against so many crippled teams (and barely winning) was a disappointment.

I expect them to have a bad record the 1st 1/2 of the season. I also expected them to then finish strong- but that implied that EJ can coach them up in his system. That's a big if.

JohnMagee on Nov 16 at 11:46

I voted 4-6 without looking at the schedule, they'll win probably both charlotte and memphis games and probably one game they shouldn't is how i see it.

Anything from 2-8 to 5-5 wouldn't surprise me

after looking at the schedule it seems like 2-8 or 3-7 is most likely. they always have problems with charlotte, so they're not going to win both of those games.

JohnMagee on Nov 16 at 13:33

And Charlotte just 'upgraded' by obtaining steven jackson

Mike reply to JohnMagee on Nov 16 at 13:57

yea i was going to sell my tickets for wednesday, but i'm kind of interested to see how capt jack fits in there

JohnMagee reply to Mike on Nov 16 at 14:01

Will the trade be completed that fast?

His agent said he expects Jackson to be in uniform for the Bobcats tonight against Orlando.

JohnMagee reply to Dannie on Nov 16 at 14:12

That's pretty impressive, can't remember the last time a trade moved so fast, with physicals and such, unless both teams are so desperate (and stupid) they'll wave the physicals?

It would completely shock me if they beat Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland or the Spurs (granted two of there big three play).

I have them 3-7 with a good chance at 2-8 now that Stephen Jackson is in the mix in Charlotte.

My head says 3-7, my (way too hopeful)heart says 5-5. Let's go with 4-6. If they can't defend Charlotte, it could be 1-9 for all I know. The Bobcats are playing historically bad offensively right now.

Wow, the Willie thing threw me totally off guard. The question is, "Where does Willie do more damage, at the 1 or 2?" Conventional wisdom says the 2, because that would make it a smaller lineup. The stats don't though. Or is it the one, where he (gulp) handles the ball sometimes.

eddies' heady's on Nov 16 at 22:14

My take - I predicted 4-6 in the first ten but missed on some wins and losses.

CHA - L, LB will go with his usual sag defense and force us to win by making jumpers.

MEM - L, They always seem to bring it against us. I wavered on this one as this may be the only win they get in these next ten.

@CLE - L, Blowout city.

@WSH - L, EJ's former troops will want to show they can carry on without him.

@BOS - L, Think they may be competitive in this one but come up short.

ATL - L, Two guards who can actually shoot spells doom here.

@SA - L, Pop will sag back too on defense and Parker will abuse Lou and whoever else they throw at him.

@DAL - L, Weary legs, too much firepower from the Mavs.

@OKC - L, Too many memories from the stinker they laid here last year to have them winning this one.

@CHA - W, They have to win one, right? If not MEM then it will come here.

Whew....I think I predicted them to be 5-13 at the end of November on here when the schedule came out. So, I guess I am still on the same wavelength as back then even with Speights' injury. When that schedule came out, I knew it was a daunting one with all the newness around the team in various areas.

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