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A Heavy Load

I absolutely agree about Dala's heavy load. The only positive I can see is that it helps his all-star resume. But that is not a way to survive.

About that trade note, I think they should check in with NO to see if Emeka Okafor is really available. He is a solid defensive big with a high IQ. And if Okafor is being considered moved for KT(although I don't see why the Kings do it with Hawes and Thompson already), then they might consider doing it for Sammy. Maybe. That GM doesn't look too bright anyway

KT expires this year, though. Sam has another on his deal. I'd definitely make the call, but Jordan would hate Okafor

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 10:19

Yeah, well. Jordan has not proven that his opinion is worth anything yet. I am hoping that, at worst, he might be just keeping the seat worn and maybe Aaron McKee could be ready in a year or 2 with some vet assistants(like Ford) to help out.

Pipe dreams, huh.

deepsixersuede on Nov 17 at 7:36

Brian, the worst part of the Iggy overuse is the pieces ARE here to help in some of what he does, but the coach doesn!t seem to know how to use them.Does 6 mill. help this situation while leaving us centerless,probably because a step back may be a good thing as far as drafting is concerned.

I pretty certain the 6M in savings would go about as far as Miller's 10M expiring. It would go in Comcast's pocket to help offset the horrible gate revenues.

Chances of sammy getting dealt this year?

At this point, this team needs Sammy to compete. I'd really hesitate unless we get a defensive shot blocking presence in return. Maybe, Jason will show that he can play big minutes and be a Gminski type presence when he gets more time. If so, a lesser(salaried/game time) version of Sammy would fill the bill.

On another note. It's nice to see our coach providing some of his substitutional logic in the press. I suspect his boss has had a conversation with him about media savy or lack there of.


JohnMagee on Nov 17 at 9:45

This trade would've basically brought nothing of value to the Sixers

Are you kidding? Sam Dalembert no longer being on the team is a huge value to the sixers and their fans I would think

Well, I guess I was losing focus. The bottom line is ridding ourselves of Sammy's attitude issues and in the process probably getting a higher draft choice AND the most important thing, clearing the salary off the books. It's not about staying mediocre but going to the next level. There, I'm back on board!

JohnMagee reply to sfw on Nov 17 at 10:36

I don't know that trading sam makes the sixers more likely to get a high lottery pick but it does clear cap room that comcast won't use a year earlier

You guys see this????? From the ESPN Rumor page:

ESPN.com's Marc Stein is reporting that ongoing conversations are taking place for a three-team trade involving Boston, Philadelphia and Sacramento.

According to Stein, Andres Nocioni would go to Boston, Kenny Thomas, Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine to Philadelphia and Samuel Dalembert and J.R. Giddens to Sacramento.

JohnMagee reply to scott on Nov 17 at 9:50

Yes I saw it

My concern is this - they've been trying to trade Sam since February with no takers...and in that trade the sixers get back shorter contracts.

Say good bye to draft picks?

If there were draft picks leaving Philly I'd lose it.

JohnMagee reply to scott on Nov 17 at 9:54

Man - everyone missed the key sentence in this article

The Sixers, frankly, don’t care who comes back in a Dalembert swap as long as their contracts drop off the payroll at season’s end.

scott reply to JohnMagee on Nov 17 at 10:04

I didn't comment on whether or not I liked the trade. Just trying to bring the rumor to everyone's attention because I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere.

Each player has a contract expiring after this year right?
Kenny Thomas- 8.7 mill
Tony Allen- 2.5 mill
Brian Scalabrine- 3.5 mill

They just want to save money.

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