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PO vs. No O

Brand is starting.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 18:51


At this point though does it really even matter? The smart money says he won't "finish" even if he's starting, and I'd be willing to take a swift kick in the junk if he plays more than 25 minutes.

Here's a quote Kate Fagan put up on Twitter about Jordan:

Jordan labeled the Brand starting situation a "sensitive subject" and said the coaching staff "wants him to feel good about himself."

So is he saying he really doesn't want to start Brand, but Brand is just too sensitive to accept coming off the bench? Not really liking how this whole situation is being handled. First, Jordan drops the bomb that he's thinking about removing Brand from the starting lineup, then he comes out and says Brand can't play 40 minutes anymore, now he keeps the starting lineup status quo, but takes a stab at Brand anyway in making the announcement. I just don't get it at all. Why was this played out in the press?

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 18:52

Maybe E.S. gave our coach a suggestion? Whatever the reason it is good news, now any other changes? I wouldn!t be surprised if Thad or L.Will. come off the bench because our coach has to be concerned about who takes up Marreeses production.

F it, I'll say it. Let Jrue start for a game or two and move Lou to the sixth man role, and let Lou carry the scoring load for the second unit.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 20:12

EJ never dropped the bomb regarding removing Brand from the starting lineup. Kate and the media manufactured that when the curtain went up for them to view practice and they saw Brand with the second team jersey on. The media probed EJ and all he said was 'ummm...i don't know..we'll see on Wed.' so Kate and the blogosphere read into it and ran with it.

As for the EJ coming out with Brand can't play 40 minutes anymore (not yet), he has been peppered with questions relentlessly about Brand not playing in the 4th quarter and he willfully answered them. Many here have wondered why he wasn't playing him and the guy answered it for all.

Maybe the lineup will change eventually, but the manufactured drama by the media was much ado about nothing except something to toy around with during the off days.

JohnMagee on Nov 18 at 18:52

Every time Eddie Jordan opens his mouth I wonder if he's a basketball coach of a high school guidance counselor (if they really knew anything woudl they BE high school guidance counselors)

Dear Eddie Jordan

If Brand was a 'sensitive girly man' - he might have complained about not being played in the fourth quarter when it actually matters.

Now, bench Sam Dalembert if you want to see a whiny girl who won't feel good about himself unless he's starting.

Seriously - he's not a coach he's a freaking tee ball supervisor making sure everyone FEELS GOOD

And we're off. Sam called for a violation on the tip, great start :)

G. Wallace is too strong for Thad. Too strong for Carney too, that's going to be a tough matchup, he's killed us in the past.

That's one three, as the buzzer sounds, with a hand in his face, by Iguodala.

Brand has a block, 2 steals and an offensive rebound so far.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 19:23

Brand just sucks

2 Threes already

Two threes, Thad from the corner.

I think we've jacked 4 threes already, looks like that's going to be the key tonight. Well, unless Sammy decides to run the offense through himself at the high post.

Backdoor play to Lou. Perfect pass from AI9.

Sweet AI to Lou on the oop... That's what I'm looking for from the PO.

Brand seems a bit pissed to me.

EB is physically dominating Diaw..

There it is

29th ranked offense in the league, shooting 72.7% against the Sixers so far. Excellent.

Brand's second dunk, so far.

Solid foul by Carney there, not sure who Lou was throwing that pass to.

Filed under bad: Willie, first guard off the bench.

Filed under good: 3rd steal and 3rd dunk by Brand, in the first quarter.

Court_visioN on Nov 18 at 19:34

brand is dominating. beastin.

Great set to free Carney on the back pick. Three 3's

Three threes, Carney from the top.

+8 w/ EB at the 5. Who woulda thunk it.

Let this be a lesson- We play good defense, we'll play better. The last five minutes of defense was very good. The first seven, not so much.

Yup, also helps when Brand is dominating. 3 offensive boards, 3 steals, 1 block, 1 dime, 8 points, 3 dunks.

This is the first Sixers game I've been able to watch since I've been traveling for a while. Watched most of the games for the past few years. My impressions so far:

- Iggy looks to continue his improvement of the past few years. Creating, rebounding, knowing his limits on his offense. He's finally arrived as one of the best players in the league, it seems.

- Elton Brand is looking good, especially on the defensive end so far. What is Eddie Jordan's beef with him?

- Lou Williams is AWFUL. I can't believe he has the keys as the starting PG. This team will never succeed with him playing significantly more than twenty minutes a game. Just a terrible decision maker. He reacts to increased responsibility by trying to do even more flashy, stupid plays. He is a one-man offensive wrecking crew in that as soon as he touches the ball you can count on any concept of team offense going out the window.

- What happened to the defensive intensity we used to see from this team? Lou is a sieve, but everyone looks lazy out there. Has the team just given up already?

- It's good to see Carney out there instead of Willie...

Lou actually had a solid offensive first quarter. 3/4 from the floor for 6 points, 4 assists, 1 turnover.

His D is pitiful, but that's nothing new.

Ah, the Ivey/Green backcourt to start the second quarter. Those guys just get after it.

4 offensive rebounds for Brand now, 10 points.

I believe Iguodala is at the four now:

Smith, AI9, Carney, Ivey, Willie

Man, that's an ugly lineup.

TheAnswerAI on Nov 18 at 19:45

Who said Brand couldn't dunk from standing anymore? He did it already 2 times this game :-).

Great game so far from him. With no plays he has 10points, 4 boards, 3steals (I counted 4) and 1 block.

Court_visioN on Nov 18 at 19:46

so what was the key to the turnaround so far this game? Carney coming in for Dalembert and playing Brand at the 5? Or Willie Green coming in for Lou Williams and actually putting a live body against opposing point guards defensively?

Carney on both ends, and Brand dominating. Willie has yet to show me anything in this game.

Four threes, Carney on good ball movement to the weak side.

Carney again- 4 threes.

I can't take Royal Ivey. This is a joke.

Smith doing work on the blocks. Brand back in. Wow.

This is probably the team worst-suited to play against the "Help, help, help, and help some more" defense.

Willie lost Augustin twice, two made threes.

Court_visioN on Nov 18 at 19:55

Other than Ivey playing instead of Holiday, I've got nothing bad to say about the rotations so far. Surprise.

Court_visioN on Nov 18 at 19:58

I wouldn't take too much out of the defense in this game given the Bobcats' ineptitude offensively (although if they can't guard the Bobcats who can the Sixers defend??) the offense is probably the more key thing to watch in this game.

Yeah, I'm surprised they're scoring this well on Charlotte.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 20:02

hitting the threes early helps tremendously.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 20:03

brand dominating helps a lot too.

Horrible decision by Lou.

Brand had crazy position down low and he passed it to Willie for a deep 2, thank god he made it

He just had Brand for a dunk or Willie for a corner three on that last drive. Guess what he picked, and guess what happened.

Willie apparently has a green light. Horrible offensive possession.

Another block for Brand.

does thad care about d? at all?

Elton, Carney, and AI playing lights out for the most part and only up 4. A little concerning...

Heh, three shots on that foul.

Pushing the lead a little bit here after Ivey and Green went to the bench.

No Kapono, no Jrue in the first half.

Up 52-43 at the break.

Five threes. Lou from the corner, off Iguodala penetration.

Silly turnover for Iguodala there. He knows it too.

4 blocks, 6 offensive rebounds for Brand.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 20:41

And to think, the guy hadn't really played in two years and all the uproar on here by most after just ten games. In that aspect, EB and EJ seem to hanging together.

Beautiful drive and dish by Lou, better finish by AI9 w/ the two-handed slam.


Extended run for Charlotte, timeout Sixers with 4:27 left in the third. Wonder if Jordan sits Brand the rest of the way.

He's got 15 points, 8 boards, 2 assists, 3 steals and 4 blocks so far.

JohnMagee on Nov 18 at 20:43

I'd like to point out that the sixers still suck on the defennsive glass tonight, are being out shot by the bobcats and for some reason the bobcats got to the line twice as much as the sixers.

I see no reason to expect them to win

JohnMagee on Nov 18 at 20:44

The moment chandler left the game Eddie should have pulled Sam -

EB bailing out Thad who has been useless. 1-8 with 2 boards, just great.

Nice work, Kapono. Way to make your presence felt right away.

AI9 at the four again, but he's bringing the ball up the floor. Odd lineup and usage.

That was either a block or a steal by Brand, not sure which.

Six threes, Iguodala in someone's eye.

JohnMagee on Nov 18 at 20:57

I'm confused, elton brand has 32:30 through 3 quarters - he's on a 40 minutes pace - but as i understand it he can't play 40 minutes?

Come on, that quote was the reporter's fault for asking the question. Try to keep up.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 21:04

It may have been the reporter's fault, but you can thank EJ that EB is able to play this many quality minutes tonight b/c of managing his minutes at the start of the year. So, as a coach, would you have ran him in the ground from the jump when you saw he couldn't give the production needed especially in crunch time?

Are you related to Eddie Jordan? Seriously. So you extend EB's minutes (only because Speights was injured), and he produces in those extra minutes, so you automatically assume he wouldn't have produced like this had his minutes been extended before. That's logical.

So if/when Jrue finally gets regular minutes, he produces, it'll be because Eddie consistently DNPCD'd him.

When a mistake is exposed, you turn it into somehow a positive for Jordan.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 21:39

I can relate to a coach's thought process and not be blinded by personal likes or dislikes after only ten games into a coach's tenure with a new team.

And I disagree that EB's minutes were extended only because Speights was injured. How do you explain Sam and J Smith only getting 11 min and 6 min respectively? Wouldn't their minutes have increased too because of the Speights injury? Maybe their minutes will increase in other games but the coach gave Carney more run because of LB playing more wing guys at a time. The coach said they were doing some soul-searching with the rotations and looking for more production from certain players.

EB also wasn't getting run in other games because of the perimeter oriented 4's along with his early season acclimation after two years and two injuries.

And Jrue's nurturement and maturation process apppears fine to me. And when Jrue gets minutes it will be because he earned them, not because a segment of the fan base slobbers over the young kid. And yes, it will in fact have something to do with the head coach and staff not playing him before he is ready.

But really, it seems everytime the players give inexcusable effort, or shoot bricks most of the night, or don't communicate or execute properly, or miss free throws, you somehow turn it into a negative for Jordan.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 21:08

well he's on the bench with 36 minutes - so maybe he can't play 40

It's winning time! Let's put Willie Green in!!!!

I'm pretty sure that Ed Pickney has no clue what the f*&^ he's talking about sometimes. I can tell he's trying so hard to think of what he is saying before he says it.

Every time Thad handles the ball with anyone close to near him it feels like watching Sam throw an outlet, or a train wreck

5 blocks for Brand.

TheAnswerAI on Nov 18 at 21:04

That block was unbelievable. WTF! Wow. He was really high on that one. And it looked just as fast as the 20/10 Brand ;-). He gets 19 points without getting a play run for him. Get the damn ball in his hands and let him get this game home for us.

Alvin reply to TheAnswerAI on Nov 18 at 21:06

That is if he's gonna get on the court.

Brand to the bench. Hold your breath.

Come on Thad. WTF are you doing? Just watches a guy left wide open for a corner three.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 21:11

Coach's fault.

Aaaand Willie fouls a guy on a 22-foot jumper.

Elton Brand in the 4th!!!!


That was Elton's fault. He has to get that board


Against a team this bad offensively, pretty much all you have to do is clean the glass and it's an easy win.

By the way, just from a quick look at the box score, I'm guessing the Bobcats are anywhere from 5-10 points above their season average in offensive rating.

Eddie Jordan's defensive scheme, it's fan-tastic.

Another one Elton. MY GOD

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 18 at 21:46

But he's a 40 minute player, remember? Notice how he didn't produce in crunch time like the head coach said? But EB should have been wearing him out at the start of the season and giving him more minutes than he did?

And I was wrong to assume that EB wouldn't have produced had his minutes been extended in previous games? Sure....

Sometimes you have to trust what the coach says, but not everytime when it comes to public comments. In this instance, yes.

Huge block there. Need both of these freebies by Lou.

Iguodala got bailed out there. Need em both, come on.

Fuck me.

AI is the worst clutch FT shooter I have ever seen. I can't remember when he's made 2 in a big spot.

Alvin reply to Rich on Nov 18 at 21:41

AI is the worst free throwing 2/3 I remember playing for the Sixers for a long, long time.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Nov 18 at 21:42

I meant free throw-shooting.

Alright, now you need a stop here. What's your best defensive lineup? I'll give you a hint. Lou Williams is not at the point, and Thad Young is not at the four.

They both are there

Not surprised in the least. They'll be out there now as well.



NO THREES. Come on make it a tough two!!!!

Thank God

Aaaaaaand, Elton Brand seals it with his 4th steal of the game. In (wait for it) his 42nd minute of action on the night.

There's going to be some major brace-licking going on in the post game.

Max reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 21:35

Maybe this was bracelickers master plan all along. To get Brand pissed off enough to make a difference?

Elton- "Got a chance to play in the 4th Quarter..."

Off topic, Randy Foye gets 2 minutes tonight for WAS. His defense is atrocious but wouldn't he be upgrade over Lou? I know Jrue is the future, but wouldn't he be a more suitable player for the PO? Watched him at NOVA and he could really run the team. Sadly, he was stuck in MINN and now behind Agent 0.

Thoughts? A possibility?

Bob reply to Bob on Nov 18 at 21:44

*And when I say Foye is suitable for the PO, I mean in comparison to Lou, not Jrue.

deepsixersuede on Nov 18 at 22:17

When Elton plays defense like that it makes me wonder if Marreese or Jason could play the 5 next to him when Sam leaves, what an effort!!!

When he can defend like that, even if he doesn't score he has a good net effect to the team.

However in this game he was at his best offensively. Games like this where the other team is stifling defensively and forces us to score in the halfcourt - these are the games in which we need Brand the most.

God I hope there's more where that came from.

deepsixersuede reply to Alvin on Nov 18 at 23:09

His hops impressed me, he was getting up and getting up quickly.Carney had 8 boards also.

Great game by Brand.

But this type of game defines the Sixers. Pure Gimmick madness between the P.O. and small ball. But just enough to beat a bottom 8 team.

This is whey the Sixers will end up with the 9-11th pick.

If they look at this game as a great sign and a model for going forward, I completely agree.

EB finally felt confident going off one leg on the break. Hopefully no more of that walk/jump stop/gather BS. That's a great sign

Hopefully we can look back to this game as when Brand finally started coming back to normal.

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