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A Radio Show, a Redesign and a Field Trip

TheAnswerAI on Nov 20 at 6:26

1. At least 3 times daily. I became a huge fan of your site around a year ago.
2. Depends on the post. I post a lot in the game threads if my pc is running well. That can be a problem with the international league pass ;-).
3. I just used the link to 82games.com yesterday. The other links are helpful too.
4. No
5. That's an interesting topic. I would be very interested in something like that. I just had a conversation about Iguodala's jumpshot and looked up the stats of this and last season. And he improved his efg to 44,6% from 38,8% so far on jumpers. And he takes 5% more than last year. So that's quit an improvement. So that's a topic I would like to write about e.g. if an option like this would be available
6.I like the images. Text alone would be kind of boring
7. I'm fine with the whole site.
8. -
9. I like the fact that there are almost 2 posts a day. That's something I like as a die hard fan
10. Wouldn't be a problem
11. I like the researching feature of Derek Bodner's site that gives you a summary e.g. of the teams record when a players scores 20+ points.

How often do you visit?
-Probably too often :)

How often do you comment?
-See above...

Do you ever use any of the links...
-Rarely, although good to have.

Have you opened an account and/or created a profile here? If so, do you login to comment?
-I would like to see a java based comment section like Libertyballers has so you can see new comments on game threads without refreshing.

Would you be interested in writing your own posts?
-I'd be interested in reading what other main posters here write. I doubt I'd write much (given how rarely I put up post's at Derek's site.)

Do you like the images I attach to entries on the home page?
-Yes, more Mopeds!

Is the site easy to read as it's currently constructed? Text too small?
-As above, would like to see comments update automatically. But overall, aesthetics not as important as content.

Do you follow me on Twitter?
-occasionally, esp if major news is breaking.

What do you like most about the site?
Frequent updates, good content and readers (maybe a bit older crowd and mostly civil.

This is not in the plans, but if an account was required to leave a comment, would that be too much of hassle and would you stop visiting?

Name one feature you wish the site had.
-Free tickets/merchandise. Limited time offers!
-Player columns.
-Stefanski and Snider's contact info
-A catchy theme song.
-Free life advice.
-A video guide to the Princeton Offense.
-More Ty Lawson updates.
-A 2010 Mock Draft
-A Depressed Fan's survival guide (would help this season.)

Maybe a monthly round table/point counterpoint article with several authors (Brian and fellow bloggers/contributors) on big issues.

Brian - Hilarious you post this. I was just in the process of writing a similar post to my readers as we are in the process of our first redesign ever. Your questions:

1. Hard to say exactly. Whenever there is a new post I usually visit

2. Sporadically
3. No
4. I do have an account. But I don't comment signed in most of the time. When I come to the site I never think about it and I think I have become blind to the login links.
5. Probably not only because I have my own blog with plenty of writing to do. Otherwise I might. And I might do it anyway kind of as a guest post type of thing if I think I have something valuable to contribute.
6. Like the images. Gotta have 'em.
7. Seems fine
8. Yes, but not a big Twitter guy, yes most valuable, I get enough email and RSS does the trick for me.
9. Best part is the content and that's how it should stay. Aesthetically it's okay and doesn't hinder the content.
10. It would not be too much to ask at all.
11. Can't think of one now

PSU2413 on Nov 20 at 9:42

1. Usually once or twice a day, morning and late afternoon.
2. Very rarely, if ever.
3. No. I have most of the links I normally check bookmarked within Firefox.
4. No. Never thought it was necessary considering I don't comment all that often.
5. Sure
6. I think it adds to the narrative to the post. I like it.
7. I think it's fine.
8. Yes, no, no.
9. I like the emphasis on stats and the use of them as a continued narrative throughout the year. It shows trends well, rather than just throwing a stat out there that hasn't been discussed. Can't think of much I would like to change.
10. No
11. Guest writers maybe. No offense to you Brian, but I think it would mix things up. Maybe a guest post from a fellow blogger after the Sixers play an opposing team? And it's written from the perspective of someone who doesn't see the Sixers night in and night out. Just a thought.

mbtoole on Nov 20 at 9:57

1) Read every post
2) Once in a blue moon
3) No
4) Yes
5) Not really
6) Yes, like the images
7) N/A
8) Read/subscribe via RSS

deepsixersuede on Nov 20 at 10:23

1] A few times a day.
2]Often,your topics are good.
6]They are great, a good sense of humor is needed lately.
7]yes, especially trading deadline time.
8]Not really;got my first cellphone this christmas;can!t do the "during the game exchange" because I am a 1 finger typer or as my daughters tell me "a dinosaur".
9]no changes needed
11]its fine as is.

How often do you visit? many times on weekdays, once a day on weekends.

How often do you comment? Normally, once a day.

Do you ever use any of the links in the black section in the middle of the home page (Player salaries, helpful links, archives, recent entries, entries from the rest of the Blogs By Fans Network)? no.

Would you be interested in writing your own posts (to be displayed in the sidebar, with the possibility of them being included in the main section of the site?) No

Do you like the images I attach to entries on the home page? Would you be fine with plain text? I kike the images!

Is the site easy to read as it's currently constructed? Text too small? I prefer continued comments based on timeline not responses to a comment placed after the comment. Have to scroll through the comments to find the latest. Prefer just going to the bottom for the latest comments.

Do you follow me on Twitter? Do you subscribe to the site using the RSS feed? Would you like to receive an e-mail whenever a new post is published? No thanks.

What do you like most about the site? The timeliness of your updates and the fact that you are extremely knowledgeable. What would you love to change? Some of the combative commentary of certain bloggers. Just not needed.

This is not in the plans, but if an account was required to leave a comment, would that be too much of hassle and would you stop visiting? no.

JohnMagee on Nov 20 at 11:56

1. Probably too much for my own good
2. A lot more than most people wish I would
3. Sometimes
4. I don't know :)
5. Sure - i think it would be a nice feature
6. Images are fine but if you just wanna go with plain text sure
7. Yup - so far so good
8. Of course not, what's twitter?:)
9. I like the idea of RSS feeds but have so damn many that if i don't look for one day I never read them
10. Not a new post but the ability to 'follow' a post would be nice, if you want to know when a follow up comment is posted (with a direct link to said comment) would be awesome.
11. Intelligent basketball talk - wouldn't change anything hugely
12. I don't think requiring an account to comment is an awful thing - keeps 'robots' away - most blogs require it
13. Only one? Ok - ability to easily identify the 'new posts' since last reading an article would be excelelnt - but i know not easy

Thanks for all the responses, guys. Really helpful stuff here. I've been looking into different commenting systems, haven't settled on anything yet.

A couple of ideas in here that I hadn't thought about, thought I'd throw this out there and I'll put a post up at some point but thought I'd throw it out there for you now.

1. Bringing on a second writer to do an "Around the NBA" post every morning. Just a quick blurb about the games maybe with an eye toward teams the Sixers will be facing soon and teams they're chasing in the playoff race (or the lottery race, whichever the case may be). I toyed with this last season, but never had the time to put a solid effort in. Is this something you'd find useful, and if so, anyone want to volunteer?

2. Some kind of interface for us to share links, a simple form on the home page where anyone can put a quick headline and a link for any sixers stories or blog posts out there, then there'd be an automatically generated list, calling a reading list of Sixers news for the day. Kind of like a google alert built by humans rather than an algorithm.

Also, this is something I already started working on, but on the homepage under each story will be a link to the newest comment on the post, who wrote it, and a link to that post. This will hopefully make it easier to see where the conversations are taking place, and whether new comments have been added to a conversation.

Keep the comments coming, can't tell you how much I appreciate them.

#2 sounds like a good idea. Something where peopel and find (and discuss) the most recent Sixer coverage on the web. If it included links to other blog articles it would both help the other blogs, and help establish this as the go to site for Sixers news.

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