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SixersBeat Radio Show at 8PM Tonight

Sorry to miss the show.

No problem. You can listen above now.

I listened to about 1/2 of it. Good analysis. We are all spoiled by the polished ESPN shows, and I appreciate the in depth coverage (that we really can't get elsewhere.)

A few comments:

-Typing sounds comes accross somewhat loud.
-Derek's mic is louder than Brian's.

-Good, much have what has been covered the blogs.
-You guys agree... a lot. You also agree with my line of thinking. Not a bad thing, but I think you need to find some topics you have diametrical opinions. I find Dannie and Pete at ReclinerGM sometimes see things a bit differently, which makes things interesting. Some strong opinionated posters here and realgm as well (and Jem.)
-Maybe have readers suggest some topics in advance?
-Maybe have a competition for predictions and keep track during the season.

Also individual predictions (break out and bust player of the week predictions?)

BTW, appreciate you guys putting in the time- both for the show and the sites.

It's painful to hear myself saying, "Yeah, I mean..." every time I start a sentence.

Thanks for the notes, and for listening, consider this our pilot, we'll work out the kinks and I'm sure disagreements will pop up.

Derek, thanks for setting this up, had a blast.

Next episode is a week from Thursday.

Yeah. My mic was considerably louder. I'll figure out why by the next show.

And I thought I had my phone on mute while I was typing. That was completely my bad. That will definitely be corrected by next show.

I also need some water. I have a huge cotton mouth problem.

Overall, I felt we had to cut our topics short, and completely missed some topics all together. With no guests we probably could have easily filled an hour. It seemed like we hit the 25 minute mark very quickly. From now on shows will probably be a full hour in length.

and um, I promise um, less um's next week. I've called in to radio shows before, but never hosted. I um, needed to um, line up my next thought/question, um, better.

Like Brian said, that was a pilot. The ease of filling up 30 minutes was what I took out of it the most. I honestly don't think we even hit half the topics we wanted to talk about, and the ones we did we still had some points we left out due to time.

And I don't expect to agree on everything in the future. It just happened to be that way today, mainly because of Eddie Jordan.

eddies' heady's on Nov 23 at 23:04

Funny, I was tripping on all the 'um's' too. Not bad for a first though. Hate that I had other obligations and missed it.

And I guess it's safe to assume there wasn't any disagreeing b/c the ol' heady's didn't call in??

Good job and kudos for providing a format for us few-and-far-between diehards. Look forward to future discussions.

Good first effort guys. It's hard as hell to do a podcast and impossible on the first time not to say "um" a bunch of times. Keep up the good work.

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