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9:40 of Good Basketball Won't Cut It

DId not like the shot, if they had run that play a little earlier, he easily gets the corner with only Jamison to beat for the lay-up(or dunk, possibly). This team is too damn jumper happy, especially with the blessing of the coaches.

Statman on Nov 25 at 8:53

Brian, what impressed me most about Holiday's performance (and there was a lot to be impressed about, on both ends) was his excellent man-to-man defense on Arenas. A guard who can stop dribble penetration is valuable, esp. on this team. One would think he's at least earned more minutes ahead of Green and Ivey.

Regarding Thad, he was actually hitting both early and late. It was in the pivotal 3rd quarter that he missed 5 jumpers in a row. Even though he's shown some ability to hit from outside, I'd still rather that he get the ball closer to the hoop.

Regarding Iguodala, I thought he was starting to attack in the 3rd quarter (8 points, 6 FTs, 3 rebs, 1 ast) and early 4th (2 more rebs, 1 ast). I wonder if he had been in instead of Carney (or even Thad) whether they might have prevented more of the whopping 9 offensive rebounds the Wizards got in the 4th.

Anyhow, I like your suggested starting lineup for the Celtics. The Celtics have not been playing well, so I'm looking for the Sixers to keep it within 30 this time ...

it's complete bullshit that iguodala was benched, imo. he is your best player, and you bench him because he had an off-night shooting? really? i just don't understand anything eddie jordan does, ever.

JohnMagee on Nov 25 at 9:45

Oh come on brian, you know that tonight Jrue Holliday will probabl see no more than 5 minutes, can you imagine the damage to the psyche of a young man like Jrue playing against Rajon Rondo. The number of psychiatrists who have ever lived wouldn't be enough to heal the damage.

Seriously though, there's no way this team is worse than the nets and the knicks right?

Imagine the toll on his frail frame if he had to play twice in 24 hrs. I think they need to buy the kid a hyperbaric chamber and a safety helmet if they plan on playing him any more minutes.

Maybe we can arrange for Jem to give PTSD psychological rehab after tough games.

I think Iggy deserved to be benched. He was forcing everything, playing outside of the team. I understand why he was doing it, but he still shouldn't have been doing it. It wasn't just a bad shooting night, his head wasn't where it should have been.

JohnMagee reply to T on Nov 25 at 11:35

Then sam deserves to be benched almost any time he takes a shot - especially if it's from more than 5 feet - or when he tries to dribble - cause he's forcing things then.

Thad should be benched almost every game this year cause he's forcing, he's mising and playing piss poor defense.

And then what would willie green do if a player is forcing shots.

The theory is 'shoot your way out of it' - when you're having a bad game - half the roster forces shots they shouldn't - most of that half doesn't bring to the court HALF of what Iguodala brings...

"Willie Green-esque" is cracking me up.

Glad I missed the game.

"Willie Green-esque" is cracking me up.

JohnMagee on Nov 25 at 14:23

I just thank goodness the sixers don't have any unamerican players like brandon roy - cause then they'd REALLY be in touble :)

"I think I'm one of the best all-around players out there, on both ends of the floor," Iguodala said afterward. "I don't know what it was. I guess it wasn't making shots. But I feel like I defend better than anybody out there and give it 100 percent on both ends."

What do we make of this? He is in a really bad shooting slump, but I couldn't help but notice him sitting when Jrue was leading us back. I don't know, I guess I would have sat Sam (who wasn't terrible) and went with Iguodala, but then you are going small with Jrue, Lou, Carney, Thad and Smith. That's too small, but I guess you should sit Carney there. Still, AI9 needs to get to the rim more to get back on track.

76ers point guard Lou Williams will miss tonight's game against the Boston Celtics because of a fracture to his jaw. Williams caught an elbow in last night's loss to the Washington Wizards, although it was unknown he was injured during the game -- or after the game. Williams received an X-ray today, revealing the injury.

The Sixers have yet to set a timetable for Williams. They said he will be evaluated tomorrow, upon the team's return to Philly. Although no exact timetable has been set, it does appear Williams will miss at least a little while, he posted on Twitter, "The places my career takes me. Just learned I have a fractured jaw. Gonna be out for a little while ..."

Power forward Elton Brand, who sat the final 16 minutes of last night's game with tightness and soreness in his right hamstring, is still listed as a game-time decision.

Court_visioN on Nov 25 at 16:44

If Willie Green gets the start tonight for Lou Williams I'm going to be sick.

JohnMagee reply to Court_visioN on Nov 25 at 16:52


Look for rookie Jrue Holiday to start tonight in place of Sweet Lou. The future is now.

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