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A Glimpse of the Team I've Been Missing

damn iverson is retiring !

sixers should sign him and let him start at the 2...cause then we can still have jrue and lou developing at the 1

deepsixersuede on Nov 26 at 9:31

I actually liked the Sam/Jason at the 5/4 lineup with Thad at the 3, it seems to allow Thad to work midrange and in , he and Jason compliment each other and if each could improve slightly on their rebounding,this gives the opposing team a different look than Elton inside and Thad out wide.It was fun to watch and yes, I think the Celts are starting to show their age abit defensively.

Sam/Smith has the same type of balance that Brand/M16 has. That offense/defense inside/outside dynamic that also favors the way Dre & Thad(& Lou/Jrue for that matter) like to play the game.

JohnMagee on Nov 26 at 11:56

Seems like they were in this game because of a lot of fluke things that don't often happen.

13 threes, from this team? Strong showings from WG and Primoz Brezec? Come on - how many times do we expect all three of those things to happen in one game?:)

We'd never expect any of them to happen, but Primoz did nothing positive in this game. His only accomplishment was staying out of the way while Willie got insanely hot.

One thing I like about Jrue's game is his very good court sense combined with improving passing skills. He really made some nice plays. He saw a lot last night. He will see even more as he develops. A benefit of him playing in this offense is that so much is read&react that his growth in that regard might be accelerated.

Lou out for 8 weeks with the jaw.

Rich reply to Tray on Nov 26 at 16:25

Ahhhh that sucks for us and Lou. Is Jrue the new starter at the point now?

JohnMagee reply to Rich on Nov 26 at 17:54

I suppose we'll see going forward, let's see what Jordan does - me I'd make him the starter and let him learn on the job - he'll learn and develop faster, I don't think his psyche is as fragile as Jordan thinks

Statman on Nov 27 at 3:06

Hey, I'm way late with these comments, not sure if anyone will even read, but here goes (belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, by the way) ...

I got inside the Garden around 6:45 without having had Internet access for the 2 hours before, so I was disappointed to see that they had a lineup of Dalembert-Thad-Iguodala-Green-Lou up on the scoreboard. It was only while I was chatting briefly with Kate Fagan at 7:15 that I found out the actual starting lineup, which was much definitely more exciting.

Game thoughts:
[1] I thought Jrue did all right but was helped by the fact that Rondo was strangely passive all night until the 4th. Rondo passed up at least 4 lay-ups to kick it out to the 3-point line. I heard an interesting theory on Boston sports talk radio on the way home: Rondo is afraid to get fouled, because he's shooting 33% (8 of 24) from the line.
[2] One would have thought that the team 3-point numbers were reversed (Sixers 13-20, Celtics 7-27). Upon watching the rebroadcast, I concluded that the Celtics were just cold -- only one or two of their missed 3's were challenged (and by "challenged," I mean "mildly rushed"; not even one involved a hand in the face).
[3] For the first time all season, I saw Kapono hit shots with a hand in his face (he usually only shoots when he's "open"). His free throw problems are a developing problem though: not the first time he's missed an important free throw (and he's only taken 9 all year).
[4] Backdoor sighting! On the inbounds play at the end of the first, Jason Smith took one step and went backdoor on Perkins, then got the bounce pass from Iguodala and lay-in.
[5] Iguodala was tremendous all game. I was most impressed by his post defense on Rasheed Wallace. He picked up a foul on a bogus call where Wallace fended him off with his free arm, but Wallace got no points in the post on him otherwise.
[6] Is Primo going to score this year? He's always had a good jump shot and in warmups it looked like he still has one, but he's just so slow in the post.
[7] I saw Iguodala talking with Jrue after several breaks in the action, encouraging him after some mistakes. People criticize Iguodala for not being a leader, but he is a leader in a quieter way.
[8] Both Jrue and Thad had several shots in the lane that went astray because they either got too excited or their footwork wasn't quite right. Thad really cost the Sixers with a brutal stretch (turnover, 2 misses, 2 missed FTs) when the Celts went from an 87-87 tie to a 98-90 lead, but I do give Thad credit for a great hustle play on the House breakaway in the final minute.
[9] Watching closely, I've come to believe that a lot the Sixers' pick-and-roll problems are because of Dalembert's poor decision-making. Dalembert is a good straight-up post defender, but he often doesn't do the right thing in P/R situations (doubling when he doesn't need to, leading to a lay-up; staying home to give up an open 3, etc.).
[10] After watching the rebroadcast, I'm almost positive that if the roles had been reversed, Pierce would have gotten the block call if he had run into Iguodala. Case in point, there was a play earlier in the game where Pierce ran over Thad and Thad was called for the block.
[11] Willie Green had an incredible 3rd quarter, but I wonder how many times that's going to be repeated. Green had a lot of trouble staying in front of Rondo during the Celts' big run in the 4th. I do think Green is an underrated distributor when he penetrates aggressively and doesn't fall in love with his outside shot.
[12] Whoever it was that said Iguodala never hits 2 free throws in crunch time: mark this game down. Down 4 with 1:20 left, he made 2 (and has made 15 of 16 in the last 2 games, a very positive sign for more than one reason). I actually have Iguodala down at 7 of 9 from the line in "late and close" situations this year.
[13] Celtics fans started leaving with 2 minutes left and the Celtics up 6. Nice to be spoiled like that ...

Thanks, this is great, the Boston announcers actually brought something up during the Celts game. Keep an eye on how often Thad (among others) gets completely stuck on a screen. It's not just the bigs hedging, doubling, failing to show, it's the smalls getting hung up and not fighting over, bouncing under at all on P&Rs. They just need a lot of work, and they also need well-defined rules from the coaches on how they're going to handle them depending on who the players involved are. The Boston game is a good example, when Rondo and Sheed are running a P&R out past the three point line, you just send the guard way under the screen and leave the big on Sheed. Rondo isn't a threat to use the screen to drill a three, there's no reason for the big to even hedge.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 27 at 16:17

Ehhh, I don't know. If the example is Rondo and Sheed as stated here, IMO, the big has to give at least a token hedge b/c even if Rondo isn't a threat to use the screen to attempt a three, he can get an advantageous angle for a penetration if you send the guard way under the screen as you say. With Rondo's quickness, all he needs is a slither of an opening to get pursuit of the angle and if his man does go way under the screen he's (the defender) at more of a disadvantage without the hedge to at least throw Rondo off courst a bit.

Disagree, with communication the defender can jump under early and be waiting fir rondo. Until he can hit a jumper, rondo is not a threat in the p&r

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