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Hawks Overmatch Sixers

that lineup of iguo,carney,kapono,yound and dalembert is the one i mostly use in 2k10 on my xbox it works for me lol. Looks like iverson is coming to the sixers again I REALLY HOPE FOR THAT at least for the games to be a little more exciting. It seems that the lineup would be PG Jrue, SG iverson, SF iguodala PF young and C dalembert. In the report I read also said that eddie jordan was gonna start Jrue with Lou together so when lou comesback it would be with iverson. http://stephena.com/?p=335

There are so many idiotic things in that SAS article, signing Iverson may be the least disturbing bit, and it's pretty damned disturbing. If you started a back court of Lou and Iverson opposing guards would score 60 points a night on us without breaking a sweat.

Brian, agree regarding using offense to catch up instead of a defensive lineup. Sammy has been a victim of this all year. The coach has kept him out during the 4th qtr when his 'D' could have provided some stops.

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