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Please Don't Bring Iverson Back

Not only will it kill the Sixers future, but it might actually make them a worse basketball team. Remember when they had the worst record in the league in '06 w/ AI? Then traded him for Miller and Smith and went on a huge run? Now we're talking 'bout bringing that same guy back, only 3 years older? Fantastic.

Like you, I loved Iverson, but I don't want to see a washed up version coming back to Phily thinking he's still "The Answer". He couldn't crack the Grizzlies starting lineup for goodness sake.

You know what this would prove? The Memphis Grizzlies care more about the future of their franchise than the Sixers do.

God, I need to just shut my computer off my blood pressure is dangerously high right now.

I refuse to believe it until someone more credible then Steven A says so. I am just not going to entertain this nonsense. Not to mention being unhappy with Brand's work ethic when the GM said he looked like a boxer coming into camp. Is it his fault he's not Vlade? And Andre Iguodala doesn't make enough plays off the dribble? That's pretty much how he makes plays? Unless he is complaining that Dre isn't Hibachi... Morons

alwaysunny on Nov 28 at 4:11

Wow, judging from the name of the site, I can clearly see you guys are not only idiotic, but completely ignorant about Iverson. You obviously didn't love Iverson being here, because you'd recognize he would be their best player RIGHT NOW. Are you retarded? Kill the Sixers' FUTURE?!?!?!? WHAT FUTURE?!?!?! They have the lowest attendance in the ENTIRE NBA in the 5th BIGGEST MARKET IN THE COUNTRY!!! They still have DALEMBERT, and they are pretending Iguodala is a franchise player!!! My lord, the city of Philadelphia and the Sixers organization would be BLESSED if Iverson graced them with his presence. And to the idiot who said sign AI to a 10 day contract. Great. That's fantastic. Sign him to a 10 day contract, that way you can get about 10 days worth of sales that the Grizzlies got, when they screwed their fans over by pretending Iverson was going to be an important part of their franchise. I feel bad for jackasses like you, seriously. Lionel Hollins was hired 3 times by the Grizzlies with a .280 winning percentage. He was starting Mike Conley Jr. over Iverson. Conley is one of the worst 3 PG's in the league. Iverson came in one game and in about 5 minutes had 12 points and 5 assists and the team that was down took the lead. The BEST thing that could happen to the Sixers and the city of Philadelphia would be Iverson coming back. My god, he'd be their best player at 40. God bless Iggy, but he's not even a 4th option a championship team. Yea btw, I forgot about that huge run the Sixers made when they got Andre Miller (Richard Pryor's long lost son). Because obviously, if there was any chance of going deep in the playoffs, it was through Andre Miller. The fact you would get sick to your stomach at the idea of bringing one of the 3 best players in franchise history back just shows how dumb you are. I'm sorry, but I read these two posts, and they are literally 2 of the most idiotic, ignorant pieces of garbage I've heard concerning any professional sport.

Ladies and gentlemen, the average NBA fan.

Bring him back.

Do you seriously believe Jrue is our future ? Do you seriously believe we have a chance at championship without a go-to guy when we can't score ? Brand is not a go-to guy.Iggy is clearly not either.And we also have no chance of getting Wade-LeBron-Bosh etc. at summer.Our salary cap is just not enough.

Do you seriously believe Lou can be a starting point guard ? Lou is only a Jamaal Crawford,nothing more.

We desperately need a firing power (my native language is not English so i just hope you get this one).Iverson would be the perfect one.And yes,I absolutely believe A.I. can get us to playoffs.Look how bad the Eastern Conf. is ffs.Even under .500 teams can find a spot.Yes,there's no way we can win a round in the playoffs,but just only the dream of Iverson playing as a Sixer makes me wanna buy a one-way ticket to Philly and sleep in front of Wachovia.

Iverson still can give this team a lot.Bring him back.

deepsixersuede reply to Levent on Nov 28 at 6:55

E.S. can!t believe we are that stupid, can he ? I , for one, would rather watch a Jrue and L.Will. backcourt than one with A. I. now. And this other talk, if true, wants me to hope they fire E.Jordan, on the spot !!! I believe this story is basically trying ,like the Knicks story, to get some team to bite on signing him, nothing more; but the other stuff really bothers me.

Say it isn't so.

Makes sense to sign him(hate to say it!).

Offensive minded coach who would tolerate his defensive lapses. Missing his undersized shooting point guard(LW). Swap in another(The AI) who will provide a dramatic increase in attendance(probably 3000 nightly) and 20 plus points a game AND 5 or 6 more wins.

If the coach is willing to take him on. This will happen. Tough decision for Ed Snyder. I'm sure he'll hate to see AI's posse in the building again.

Sean reply to sfw on Nov 28 at 13:41

The fact that you can even make this argument tells me we need to fire EJ yesterday

bebopdeluxe on Nov 28 at 9:07

Do I want to move forward from the Iverson era? Yes.

However, given the epic, EPIC FAIL that has been Stefanski's decision making since the summer (hiring Jordan, not bringing in a Knight/Vaughn PG option, etc...), with a HC who doesn't give a rat's azz about defense, and given a building where you can't GIVE AWAY tickets (I know this for a fact), this decision is a no-brainer. Just the fact that Stefanski and Jordan are considering this confirms that they know they are a 27-30 win season away from being without a job, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

One thing's for sure - the percentage chance of me taking my two boys just went up this morning. I would not pay JACK to see what they are putting out there right now.

For the Sixers, I don't think bringing back AI (other than so he can retire a Sixer) is a good idea. They still won't contend, they might be a little less mediocre or even make the playoffs, but they'll get another lousy draft position and they won't be able to develop the youngsters they need to improve in order to 1. get better long term or 2. develop their trade value.

If the Ed S. and Ed S. want to improve attendance, they need to field a consistently winning team. AI would raise the curiosity level and attendance would go up short term but that would be it.

Now, if there is any team that should bring in Iverson, it is the Eagles. ;-) AI was the #1 rated DB in the nation in HS (National Player of the Year in some rags) and still holds the VA record for interceptions in a game. He always said he was better at football (Vick's own coach even said he was better than Vick) and liked it better but did basketball as his mom was worried he'd get injured. The Eagles have big problems in the secondary with all the injuries and started Ramzee Robinson who just joined the team 4 days prior. I don't see how giving him a crack there could hurt.

Alright so I've been sitting here and pondering this move for about a half hour now and this just seems like one of the acquisitions that doesn't exactly kill the team, but it doesn't make them all that much better either. I know the old cliche states that you shouldn't just make a move to say you made a move, but this is one that they should just pull the trigger on.

I don't think that this will hinder the development of anyone. Let's face it, what you see from Iguodala at this point is what you're going to get and I knew the Sixers and Stefanski made a mistake in giving him all that money in the first place. They would've been much better off with a Josh Smith at the time if they felt the need to spend the money, but that's neither here nor there. Thad Young will surpass Iguodala by season's end as the best 2/3 this team has and while some think throwing Jrue Holiday to the wolves will make him better, I think he has a long way to go and a season on the bench would do him some good.

The Sixers are going to look at this as a short-term roster move, but a longer-term revenue move. Even if Iverson sticks it out through the end of 2009-10, the team's attendance will likely increase by several thousand for each of the remaining home games and Snider desperately needs something to bring in cash. This team is a far cry from where it was 10 years ago.

With Lou Williams out eight weeks, there isn't a better option to replace him than Iverson. If Williams comes back and AI is open to taking a bench role (which is unlikely, but possible) then we have a fantastic sixth man on the bench. If Lou comes back and Iverson isn't willing to give up a starting spot, then you part ways and they're right back to where they were last week.

This team is absolutely in shambles right now and this move would likely not propel them to the playoffs, but then again this team isn't on course to make the postseason anyway. In Eddie Jordan's no defense scheme, a bonafide scorer like Iverson would likely thrive. It would give the team 5-10 more wins and at least put a presentable squad on the floor each night. Remember, this all comes down to business for them and if they can get a few more wins and more butts in the seats, this is a win-win for the higher ups.

I want to see this happen. I agree with always sunny 100%. The team has NO number 1 option! Eddie Jordan could use AI just like he used Agent Zero. This 09-10 Sixers team is a whole lot more talented than the 00-01 Sixers team. The Sixers are NOT going anywhere this year. I don't see any harm in bringing A.I. to Philly for 1 year. It would deff bring a lot energy and fans to the arena. He could be our answer for a deep and entertaining playoff run. Jrue has no business being on the court he needs to watch the game. I don't see how this would crush our players if we are winning. If we don't win well we say one final goodbye to him after the season is over.

JohnMagee on Nov 28 at 12:37

This would be a failure on so many levels.

Make the team better this year? Nope
Make the team better in the future? Nope - in fact hinders development of any players since Iverson is all about Iverson, and who exactly became better on the sixers before Iverson left?
Ticket Sales? Nope - Iverson is no longer a gate draw, maybe for a week or two but the sixers will still stink and still lose and people won't go.

This would be the epitome of a Billy King type idiotic move that would necessitate the immediate resignation of Ed Stefanski cause he's obviously no better than Billy King

Sean reply to JohnMagee on Nov 28 at 13:40

We are in total agreement

JohnMagee on Nov 28 at 12:44

Team sources confirmed on Friday that Iverson would be a starter because Jordan had planned on starting Williams with rookie Jrue Holiday anyway, just to put some excitement and more ball-handlers into his Princeton-style offense. So even once Williams returns from injury, he'd be in the starting lineup with Iverson.


EruThePhenom on Nov 28 at 13:06

How will this kill the future? that's an overreaction. One player doesn't kill the future of an organization you leave that to the GM. I want to see him for just the games to be more exciting and iverson does that. I've keep reading about sixers getting 8th seed and gettin' another lousy pick but with those so call lousy picks we got thaddeus young, mareese speights, Jrue Holliday. It's not the spot you're in, it's really good scouting.

JohnMagee reply to EruThePhenom on Nov 28 at 13:58

Iverson doesn't run an offense, iverson breaks an offense, iverson needs the ball to excel, an offense has to revolve around Iverson or having him is useless and he starts whining.

Getting Iverson back is short sighted and useless and puts the sixers back yet ANOTHER year...it's an awesome idea really if you don't care about this team EVER coming close to contending for a title again

Sean reply to JohnMagee on Nov 28 at 15:57

I'd rather see them sign Antonio Daniels, smart vet, knows the PO, has a ring, same size as Jrue and could be a solid mentor for him. That's who would be a better pickup, almost like a PO-experienced version of KO, just ride things out until Lou gets back

One player can damage the future, in multiple ways. Kill might be an exaggeration, but AI would pose a major problem.

Really good scouting? Ha This team is so bad at drafting players. They drafted Jiri Welsch before Carlos Boozer (when they needed a big man) and they drafted Larry Hughes before Paul Peirce (when they needed a 2 guard). That is only to name a few.

JohnMagee reply to Mike on Nov 28 at 13:56

They drafted larry hughes because of larry brown - larry brown was an idiot.

And how many teams passed on Carlos Boozer - do they all suck at scouting?

Not to mention Jrue Holiday before Ty Lawson.

mike reply to Mike on Nov 28 at 15:32

holiday will end up being a better player than lawson. lawson has pretty much already peaked, he's not going to get much better. no one knows how good holiday could end up being.

Tray reply to mike on Nov 28 at 15:49

Yes, he's playing really well so therefore he must already have peaked. Only guys who get picked their first year out of college ever progress past their rookie play. Ridiculous. Anyway, I don't know that Iverson's a bad move because I don't know that he'd really make us better. He didn't make Detroit or Memphis better.

JohnMagee reply to Tray on Nov 28 at 16:23

Assuming that Lawson is going to have a better career than Holiday after a few weeks is also ridiculously asinine.

Tray reply to JohnMagee on Nov 28 at 18:02

I don't assume it. Holiday has, no doubt, a good shot to be a better player than Lawson - he has a lot of tools, as they say in baseball land. But Lawson's a very intelligent player, a good handler, and no slouch himself as an athlete in many ways. So to assume that Holiday's the clear-cut favorite just because he's years younger and has some obvious potential is silly. All that can be reasonably said is that, if this team was after winning this year or the next, Lawson would very likely have been the smarter pick. I don't really think we're that close to contending so I can certainly see the case for picking the guy with greater upside.

Why not bring him back? The season basically just started we are only 16 games in. Iverson would, like everyone else said, bring in more fans and generate at least a little more excitment about the team. Iverson also doesn't make this team worse at all. I feel like he could very well propell us to a playoff run and if he plays well maybe even into the second round. And as for jrue not being able to play, that's one of the downsides. The thing is though if lou didn't get injured he would be getting just as many minutes as he would if iverson came back. Lou is used to coming off the bench so starting iverson when he comes back isn't that bad. I don't really understand why this move would be extremely bad like a lot of you think. I hope they do it.

JohnMagee reply to Tyler on Nov 28 at 16:25

Good lord, stop saying Iverson will bring back fans until you look at the facts, look at sixers attendance POST 2001, in the declining years, look how little impact he had in Memphis...stop listening to the idiots on ESPN...

The one thing I like about this issue is it's a wheat from the chaff kind of thing

Tray reply to JohnMagee on Nov 28 at 21:05

This isn't Iverson in Memphis though, or Iverson several yeras ago on a team going nowhere - this is Iverson coming back to Philly. It would attract a ton of interest initially. I don't know how long the effects would last, but they'd definitely get a huge short-term boost in sales.

I agree. I think they average 3K more per game the rest of the season. More on this later.

Personally I'd love to have AI back. It would give me a reason to watch the team I say I like the most but actually never want to sit and watch suck ass.

More Bucks/Thunder/Rockets games on national TV plz.

A Jrue-Iverson backcourt is kind of intriguing. I would move Thad, Speights, and Lou to the bench to create a dominant second unit that could outscore most teams.

Tempers aside, I think we can all agree that Iverson should retire a Sixer no?

One thing I find interesting is management's apparent disinterest in Iguodala and Brand's opinion about Iverson. What do you guys think their opinion is about Iverson's return to the team?

Sean reply to raro on Nov 28 at 17:46

Brand might not have an opinion, given that he has no history with him. Iguodala "might" resent "sharing" the spotlight, or feel that this is a direct slight against his "leadership." I would feel more annoyed if I were Dala given that the team has him playing power forward for stretches yet wants to sign a 5'10 guard in order to "help", especially when most of Dala's statements are about the issue being the defense.

just throwing this out there, im undecided on whether or not this whole iverson thing is good. but we talk a lot about stunting development and everything, but is it really good to develop young players into losers? I don't think it ever really works out for young players when they become so used to losing and bad habits that result from being on a bad team. You constantly see that in so many sports that a young player on a bad team ends up with terrable habits and goes onto a career of mediacrity on losing teams. Like I said, I still don't know whether or not I think it is a good idea, but figured I would just throw that thought out there. Personaly I think we should bring back Todd Macullah

The more I think about it, the more this seems like a clever move in a perverse way. You get worse defensively, you don't really get any better on offense - yes, he can save a bad possession, but he's inefficient, freezes guys out, turns the ball over, etc. - so you rise in the lottery chances, and at the same time you bring in at least some fans and have more money to play with. The big drawback of course is slowing Holiday's development. But depending on their finances, maybe they really need the ticket sales, and people would turn out to see an Iverson comeback in Philly.

I am amazed at the number of people above that want Allen Iverson back as a 76er other than to retire in a few games! Unbelievable.

I cannot even read in detail many of the above. IMO, anyone who follows the 76ers and love the 76ers would not want Allen Iverson back. He was great while it lasted but time to move on! I enjoyed last nights loss with Jrue (our future point man) and would like to see that continue.

steve reply to DeanH on Nov 28 at 22:29

How could you enjoy a loss? Iverson is my favorite athlete of all time I would love to have him back for the remainder of the season. I really feel like he would do whatever it took to come back here and contribute. The team as currently constructed with all of these injuries probably won't win 35 games. We might as well make it entertaining and have some buzz in the wach every night. We wont win a championship but all the talk that he would destroy the development of the young players is overblown IMO. It might even make Iguodala step up as a leader and take control of the team.

bebopdeluxe reply to DeanH on Nov 28 at 23:03

You enjoyed last night's game? What did you enjoy the most...

1) Iggy's pathetic attempt to score the ball from the perimeter?

2) Bibby lighting Jrue up like a Christmas tree?

3) All of those backdoor cuts that got us layups out of the Princeton offense?

4) The great secondary rotations on defense that shut down the Hawks' perimeter game?

Sorry, bro...I don't know what you are talking about. The Hawks weren't even trying hard...and any time the Sixers got close, the Hawks threw a 7-0 or 9-2 run out there...like flipping a switch.

If you don't want to sign A.I., that's fine. You want to play Jrue 30 minutes a game (in the name of player development), than that's fine as well. Be ready for 10-23 when the come back from their "Disney on Ice" road trip. Be ready for 15-31 by the time Lou is ready to go back into the starting lineup. Be ready for a coach who has lost the team, a "quote-unquote" superstar who may further alienate some of his teammates with his "jack it up" outside game and pithy stares, and a desparate need (in my opinion) to make an "AI for Billups" like trade to reset this roster.

The only problem is that even if Stefanski had the sack to make a trade like that - and even if he made the RIGHT trade - I have no faith that Jordan could pull it off.

Greenberg/Davis - part deux

Relative to that, I would MUCH rather watch AI with these guys. I'll tell you this - it will be the best talent that he's ever played with in this town. Could you imagine this team (healthy)...coached by LB?

I would pay to see THAT.

DeanH reply to bebopdeluxe on Nov 29 at 1:24

I do not expect us to be the NBA champions this year. If you have not noticed, Lou, Brand and Speights are injured, we are going no where this year. It is a great year to allow the young guys to play and get experience and enjoy the good times and accept there will be alot of poor times. I am into making lemonade out of lemons this year as long as Jrue starts and plays alot this year. And, btw, I do put my money and time where my mouth is, at the Wachovia EVERY game.

But, we can agree to disagree, that is fine. I understand your points, just beyond that for this year.

bebopdeluxe reply to DeanH on Nov 29 at 8:22

Had a quarter of a season ticket for years...4 seats, Section 120...right across from the Sixers bench...This year, I finally said "no mas"...couldn't justify the $4,000-$5,000 for the pathetic product that Stefanski put on the court this season. I came in right after Pat Croce got rid of "Dumb and Dumber" (Greenberg/Davis), and I'm probably going to wait until "Dumb and Dumber 2" are out of here before I start dropping any serious coin again.

I think if iverson does come back, he would appreciate the setting more and play better than he has before. This city made him, and maybe if he was given an opportunity in a different setting on the same team (no mo cheeks, EB playing) he would play his best to redeem himself.

and what if he starts at the 2 instead of the 1? Jrue can still develop...

bebopdeluxe reply to Eric on Nov 29 at 0:30

I think that you would see a lot of AI and Jrue out there together (with Iggy, Thad and Sammy/Brand)...that would be a "small ball" lineup...with AI moving to the point in a bigger set up with Iggy, Thad, Brand and Speights/Sammy.

If Jrue got 15-18 minutes a night, that would be fine - and he could get that with AI getting 32-35 minutes and Lou getting 25-28 (the remaining minutes at the 2 would go to Iggy). I wouldn't be thrilled about Iggy/Thad at the 3/4 a lot...but they're probably already committed to that even if Iverson doesn't come back.

You guys are dreaming if you think Iverson coming back wouldn't mean about 40 DNPCDs for Jrue for the rest of this season. Absolutely dreaming.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 1:25

Sad...but probably true.

I understand that the lesser of two evils is to pass on AI and let these guys get their brains beat in this season. I just think of Stefanski and Jordan, think back to the days of Brad Greenberg and Jonny Davis, and realize how pathetic and horrible the Sixers "brain trust" is. I think about how this team is just going to pizz away a valuable chunk of these guys careers over the next couple of years, and it makes me so fucking angry.

You're not the only one that's angry. I think it's pretty common among people who care about this team these days.

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