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FPR: Hawks @ Sixers

thanks brian. i was wondering why stephen a smith was in the house last night. now we know.

Yes when I heard the "We want AI'chants I knew it was time to leave. There was also a round of boos when Willie checked into the game. That being said the Iverson move is a major marketing move for the Sixers. And you are right if SAS was there it is very serious because he has big time ties and connections in Philly sports.

Nice write up Mike, a lot of good stuff you don't get from just watching on comcast.

Duracorr on Nov 28 at 15:06

I was astounded to read that the Sixers are reported to be seriously considering bringing back AI. I've always been an AI fan, but if he's not willing to accept a support role - start for a while during Lou's absence, then be instant offense as a 6th man for example- then they should just walk away. I'd like to see AI finish the year here and then retire, but not at the likely cost to team chemistry, player development and team development.

Court_visioN on Nov 28 at 16:42

i'd be okay with AI coming if the only person he takes minutes away from is willie green

JohnMagee reply to Court_visioN on Nov 28 at 17:04

He left Memphis cause he wasn't a starter, no one wants him because he isn't a starter any more - you think he'd agree to come back and come off the bench for one of the worst teams in the eastern conference?

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