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A Welcome Distraction?

JohnMagee on Nov 29 at 12:47

So I was considering signing up for the league pass again, but now this Iverson thing gives me pause again.

Haven't forgotten you Brian on the DB still getting there, the 'X players together' thing really throws a wrench in it and some sorting issues I have to work out.

what are you guys looking to do? I already probably have the database portion of it done and have started working on the php side :P

email me off thread if interested.

JohnMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Nov 29 at 14:24

You've put brians rotation worksheets into database form and figured out the queries that would allow you to see how any rotation with willie green and elton brand (for example) did?


(Well, not Brian's worksheet directly, I've compiled my own rotation data. Eventually I want to have more detailed stats on the rotation).

The main page will list 6 tables, one with overall accumulations for the players, then one for PG, SG, etc.

You'll then be able to select up to 5 players, leaving them either as any position of specifying their position, and find the stats on the groupings.

Database part is done, admin backend is done, pretty much just have to finish up the frontend display. Hoping to have this (at least the preliminary part) done tonight, but that may not happen.

Yeah, it would be ideal to be able to track the key stats for each unit, and you could do it from the play-by-play ESPN.com posts for every game, but it would just be too much work. It can be painful to figure out just the rotations and the score from the play-by-play, so I do it by hand as the game goes on. Need an intern to then go through the pbp and fill in the stats for each unit :)

So, since Nov of last year, every single head coach that Stefanski had a connection too has been fired. One wonders that if they were all available at the same time, would Stefanski have still went with Jordan, or would he have pursued Scott at all costs? Perhaps Frank, who I think is a better coach than Jordan anyway. Opinions?

I like Frank the best of that bunch.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 18:03

I think frank got a raw deal this year but you kind of had to fire him.

Anyone catch the grizzlies fourth quarter COLLAPSE? outscored 33-7 in the fourth quarter...that's truly pathetic.

i think we should trade lou and dalembert for someone like amare. Just a random idea. IM getting desperate this season and losing hope

JohnMagee reply to rchap13 on Nov 29 at 18:10

And why would phoenix make such a silly trade?

Forget whether they'd do it or not, Amare would have Jordan creaming his pants. A big guy who can score and can't spell defense. Imagine the lineup possibilities.

C: Amare
PF: Thad
SF: Kapono
SG: Willie
PG: Iverson

How exciting would that be?

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 18:15

Seriously, 33-7 - maybe memphis should have kept Iverson?

Tray reply to JohnMagee on Nov 29 at 19:09

They're still 3-3 since he left, which is better than before. I really think the past few years have established that he's a net minus for virtually any team. Although I think Minnesota would probably be better with Iverson. Maybe Charlotte too. Of course, bringing Iverson in would be a dumb move for either team.

rchap13 reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 18:19

we'd be like the warriors

brian the confirmation link won't go to my email

You should be set now, there was a glitch in the system. You can either login w/ the info you used to create the account, or create a new one from scratch and the system will e-mail the confirmation to you.

Sorry about that.

any clue when dalembert's contract expires?

JohnMagee reply to rchap13 on Nov 29 at 18:17

Next season

that's great

Here we go. I've got Zumoff and Pinkney, finally able to watch a game live. Still waiting for final work on Brand, I'll be shocked if they decide to play him, though.

OK, Brand is out. Like I said earlier, it makes sense, he'll be back tomorrow.

Check this out, the Sixers enter tonight 2 games out of the final playoff spot in the East. At the same time, only 3 teams have fewer wins than they do. If the season ended today, they'd have a coin flip for the 4th-most ping pong balls in the lottery, and it could get much worse than that before it gets better.


Willie in the starting lineup, Thad to the 4, Iguodala to the three. Here we fucking go again.

McDyess and Duncan on the front line. Good time to go small.

Willie loses Bogans immediately.

Jrue just came from a bad position to shut down the lane for Parker, caused a turnover.

Jrue backs Parker all the way to the rim, scores with a pretty hook.

Need to see more of this, he tried the same thing earlier, but rushed the shot. Needs to keep his composure.

Nice shot Willie, that's quality offense. 21-foot jumper with about 20 left on the shot clock. And they can't get a defensive board on the other end. Awesome.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 19:21

Can't we send EJ home for the holidays? Both of the Eddies in fact? The fact that they are running this unit out there is just asinine, not too mention that Smith is actually a better shooter than Willie, and brings the big out with him!!

Jordan's PO is predicated upon forced long two pointers with plenty of time on the shot clock. Need Willie in there to miss those.

JohnMagee reply to Sean on Nov 29 at 19:52

People need to remember there are three eddies this team needs to get rid of.

Sean reply to JohnMagee on Nov 29 at 20:01

The 3rd one is a pipe dream, though Luuko seems to be marginalising him somewhat

JohnMagee reply to Sean on Nov 29 at 20:32

It's not really Snider I want gone, it's Comcast, it's coroporate ownership it's the whole sixers/flyer pairing, i want an owner dedicated to the sixers and only the sixers

Sean reply to JohnMagee on Nov 29 at 20:52

Oh, I'd love that. Remember when there were rumors of Doc trying to buy them. Wish we had a Russian Billionaire or Will Smith or somebody to clean house

Come on! I thought Brand was supposed to be back by now!

If it looks like the Sixers have no one in the lane, that's because the Spurs are playing Duncan out by the free throw line to draw Sammy out. Leaving Thad to protect the paint. Ain't the small lineup a pretty thing?

2 on Sammy, Smith will be in soon to further weaken what is already a horrible defensive unit.

Foul-line jumper in transition then a steal for Jrue cutting off the backdoor pass to Parker.

You know, I am just counting down the days until the Eds are gone. Let Tony Dileo run the show as the GM, bring Erving as a President, bring back Croce, anything is better then this

nice j green

do your thing willie. nice job stepping ya game up

Jesus, they're actually active on the defensive end. Carney in for Jrue as first guard off the bench, obviously. Willie is a 40 minute guy now.

Only down 2 after the first. Playing the passing lanes is paying off early. 3 defensive rebounds in the first quarter, 4 offensive rebounds for the Spurs, that's not sustainable, fyi.

yea but is green in foul trouble

yes sweet feed carney to iggy

come on carney stay w/ finley

Jason Smith has no chance of trying to deal with that beast Dejuan Blair.

omg blair is playin like a beast out there guys do we put brand in??????????
He's manhandling Jason

Sean reply to rchap13 on Nov 29 at 19:48

Blame the Eds for picking Brezec over available bangers like Sheldon Williams. Jason Smith is not a center yet, he is a PF

So far in the second quarter the Spurs have hit three wide-open threes (thanks to over-helping) and grabbed two offensive boards for Blair putbacks. The Sixers have yet to grab a defensive rebound.

and finley is killin us from deep

Can't grab a board to save your life? Go to this lineup:

Smith, Carney, Kapono, Ivey, Green.


Smith, Carney, Kapono, Ivey, and Green. I hope I never see that again.

I cant stand it when EJ puts in 5 bench players at the same time. Iguodala or Thad should be in the game at all times.

Sixers grab their first defensive rebound of the quarter with 6:05 left. The Spurs missed 7 shots in that time span, grabbed 6 offensive rebounds.

10-point game in the blink of an eye. 4 defensive boards, 9 offensive boards allowed.

Jrue picks Duncan's pocket, then shies away from contact out on the break. Should've gone into the man and at least drawn the foul.

At least Green's driving to the hole.

This is comical. I believe they have 5 defensive boards now, and San Antonio has 12 or 13 offensive boards against them. And somehow it's a tie game. The Spurs should be up by 25 right now. Sam just grabbed a pair of board to help stabilize.

I believe Jrue is +10 right now.

And Jrue comes out after a three-minute run, Parker immediately goes off against Willie. Lead back to 6 for San Antonio.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 20:09

9 point game at the half, thanks to 2nd chance points and three-point defense. Broken record?

You forgot penetration. Something that didn't happen once when Jrue was on Parker.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 20:20

Yes, that. It becomes almost a tease, doesn't it. Fleeting moments when things are almost right in the world, before EJ smashes it to bits.

I cannot stand watching this style of basketball. All-offense no defense weak finesse crap.

Thad is 4/5 and can't touch the rock, as WG gives us an AI-demo. Things are freaking perfect

Down by 9 at the half. Jordan leaves Willie in, yanks Jrue, San Antonio goes on an 11-2 run in the final 2:48 of the half. Excellent coaching.

The good: 8 blocks, 7 steals, 15 fast-break points.

The bad: San Antonio 6/12 from three

The saw it coming from ten miles away when Jordan decided to go with a ridiculous small lineup to start: 7 defensive rebounds, 13 offensive rebounds allowed.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 20:23

How can any coach think they can win by while neglecting something as fundamental as defense and rebounding? It is like Big Red forgetting about the run. Just stupid

Who cares about winning, we just want excitement. And it's exciting watching the other team score at will.

Iguodala making a play off the dribble. Eddie Jordan was picking his braces and missed it.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 20:32

lol. Can't recall a coach that burned out a fanbase as fast as EJ

Nice play by Parker there, going away from the screen. Jrue played it poorly. First points Parker has scored on Jrue.

Aaaaand Jrue gets yanked. Awesome.

He was supposed to keep him scoreless all game.

Anyone feel like covering Bonner? By the way, Willie is getting abused by Parker right now.

who's on bonner

Alvin reply to rchap13 on Nov 29 at 20:52

Nobody. But that's the point.

andre is not high in rebounds or assists this game....

Thad hasn't touched the ball in ages. This team needs plays so that the primary threats can get the ball in their hot spots. God, I hate this Offense for this team

rchap13 reply to Sean on Nov 29 at 20:48

well there you go his 2nd assist

Alvin reply to Sean on Nov 29 at 21:02

Yeah proves it wasn't Andre Miller's fault that Thad didn't get the ball enough last season.

Green has gotten smoked at least five times by Parker off the dribble. Had a foul to give right there, let him get right to the hoop instead. Stellar.

well we cut it down to 2. Then blair gets a defensive board then an 8 point swing in the past 2 minutes the lead is 10 for them

Down by 10 again, to start the fourth. Jrue played 5:02 in the third quarter, wonder if he's done for the night.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 20:53

Coach Clueless strikes again. When do you think you'll be getting another shot at Stefanski? There are a couple pointed questions I wish you would ask him...

how many times has iguodala lost the handle on his dribble in the past 2 games?

Too many. Not sure what's going on w/ him. He's had some terrible passes too, uncharacteristic of him.

Willie may have turned an ankle there, only way Jrue gets back in the game.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:02

How do you commit a charge coming out of the deep corner? That is absolutely amazing. Like he doesn't know the Spurs MO for the last 10+ years is forcing drivers baseline...

Willie out, still no Jrue. Iguodala at the point. 18 minutes for Jrue tonight, I'm pretty sure he's done.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:06

Damn I hate EJ. You're not gonna win the game, just play the damn kid already.

Sean reply to Alvin on Nov 29 at 21:11

Of course not, you need points... Idiot

Trading baskets down by 10. Jordan is pleased because the offense is really clicking.

dalembert has as many assists as thad

Sam is the only one that gives a shit. Is that sad?

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:12

Actually I have no issue with Dre's effort tonight. Thad got frozen out and is floating.

rchap13 reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:12

dalembert and iggy are the only starters that play there hearts out. Dalembert is dog dumb but he trys very hard

and more steals

Did they call that a charge on Iguodala?

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:13

That was not a charge. This is why he pulls up so damn much

i can't believe no one told us how bad a coach eddie jordan is. i have a friend who is a wizards fan & he gave me no warning

Just trying to do way too much, Iguodala. Come on.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:16

story of the season thus far

another bad pass by him. something is wrong.

whoa iggy is getting his numbers up there. His assist and rebounds are awesome for a SG

YAY! Willie's back in.

Willie comes in, Parker cuts right through the defense.

Jrue was grabbing his shoulder on that screen where he got drilled. This better be due to an injury.

good to see them still fighting at least

Iguodala with a play in a dribble, Eddie Jordan blinked and missed it.

And then Iguodala makes the lowest percentage play possible on the break. Kicks out to Willie for a three. Awesome.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:23

I'd rather had Jrue in for that shot at least. You could've kept Kapono in for everything Willie gives you plus he makes that shot

It must be so much fun to play against this Sixers team.

It's just like playing the Knicks, except we can't shoot and no one famous comes to our games.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:29

lol. you know Blair and Bonner had this one circled at least

Ryan F reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:30

or anyone else for that matter

And that's all she wrote. Thanks for enduring it with me guys. I'm going to take a much needed break, my wrap will be up later tonight.

89-97 final, but it wasn't really that close.

Someone please post a couple highlights of Jordan's comments from the press conference. I need a good laugh.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 29 at 21:39

I would bet that he says that they just didn't make shots, and doesn't mention defense or rebounding much, if at all

Nah. The Spurs just made shots.

I may have given the Sixers too much credit by thinking they would win 20 games...

How many games are we going to see lost by momentum being loss by Willie Green and his rush, miss outside shots AND/OR IA9 trying a fancy pass immediately after getting close. This is atleast the 2nd time this has happen this year, both. I am more understanding w/ IA9 than Willie Green. I refuse to go to the Wachovia if Willie Green starts. I will not give them 1 penny of my money. And, as I asked Brian, I doubt Jordan gets fired even if he goes 0-17 like the Nets have this year. I am a true DEPRESSED FAN!

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