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JohnMagee on Nov 30 at 18:51

Dumpier is a cool nickname?

I just made it up, so obviously I think it's cool. Say it a couple of times, it'll grow on you.

I forgot, "Dirkus Circus," if you're a TBJ fan.

Brand is in, no word on the starting lineup yet. Anyone taking even money bets that Willie Green gets the nod again?

JohnMagee on Nov 30 at 19:08

can we talk about how the sixers passed on Dirk (and pierce) cause larry brown was enamored of a larry hughes allen iverson back court.

Oh the good old days

Did you see Green last night? He carried the team on his 6-17 shooting. I don`t see any reason why he shouldn't be starting. If Jordan puts Green on Beaubois ( I promise you we will see at least 25 minutes of that), it'll be a penetration party in more ways than one.

I will assume the starters will be Jrue, WG, Igg, Thad, Brand.

I think Sam actually played too good of a game to get a run tonight.

JohnMagee on Nov 30 at 20:01

Brand is not listed as a starter, but willie is

Yup, the starters are Jrue, Willie, Iguodala, Thad and Dalembert. This team is on the highway to hell and Eddie Jordan is in the driver's seat.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:27

But see when they get to hell john wall is waiting for them

(and no, they shouldn't pass on wall just cause they have holiday)

They'll get boned in the lottery get, the number four pick, take a wing who can't shoot and then we'll have a roster full of apathetic athletes who can't run Jordan's offense and don't even know what defense is anymore.

BTW, if you're offended by salty language, you may want to sit out this game thread. F bombs are going to be thrown like daggers at that brace-wearing MFer. Willie for 40!

Max reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:52

I kind of think that we should just let EJ brace lick himself into oblivion with his getting after it style and no defense mentality. Then they will be unconscionably bad. Isn't that the only way he gets the ax? Then the icing on the cake is a stellar chance at a good draft choice? I'm reaching for silver linings here.

You know what, I'd be all for signing Iverson if Stefanski promised to fire Eddie Jordan as well. That would be a worthwhile trade.

Strong start for Willie. 0/2, letting the rook drive at will. But he's really getting after (licking braces) it.

2 early fouls on Iguodala.

That's how you finish on the break, Jrue. Should've been an and-one.

Willie with 4 shots so far, 1/4.

DeanH reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:54

Why no foul? It was a rookie and CSN agrees should have been and 1!

Max reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:54

sixers basketball! its fantastic!

nice pass and dunk by iggy to jrue

I don't remember ever being this upset at Mo Cheeks. This is early, but I don't ever recall being as infuriated as I am by EJ.

very annoying, Jrue makes block, Willie leaves Kidd wide open.

EB in for AI9. Willie completely loses Kidd for an open three.

DeanH reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 20:57

It looks like they switched Jrue to Kidd. Will see if that continues or zone???

That was Willie's rotation on another Kidd three. I bet Jrue gets benched for it.

I am just waiting for the day when we have a coach that just PR's the shit out of the ball with Jrue and Speights with people that can actually shoot just tailgating behind the arc. That is my dream, I know it won't ever happen.

How many shit specialties has Willie managed to jack up already? I've counted 3

willie what the f

Down five after one quarter, 23-28.

Willie so far, 2/7. Shocking. He's really playing hard, though. Just demanding minutes with his effort. Only 4 of those shots were forced stupid shot, that's not a bad percentage for him.

On a positive note, 2 rebounds for Thad in just the first quarter.

Shoot me.

Jrue is out, Willie still in to start the second.

Someone please explain how Willie deserves to be in this game more than Jrue? And now what the shit is Ivey doing ion the game. For as long as Jrue Holiday is on this roster Ivey's ass should be DNPCD every game. This is bullshit.

Willie needs 40 minutes to properly showcase his abilities. 2/8 in that stellar run.

Nice play by Carney there, nice follow by Smith.

The good news is, Jordan will be fired for these moves. Him and Stefanski are shooting themselves in the feet. I am tired of this crap. Willie Green fucking sucks. There is not one head coach out there other than this d-bag that would start him and still keep his job.

Well, it took them 14 minutes to get down by 10. That's impressive.

If I were Willie I'd feel like a god damned thief.

Hey, the coach keeps giving him more minutes. Doesn't that mean he's doing exactly what Jordan wants?

lol brian i've never seen you this pissed

Jumper, jumper, jumper, jumper and no defense.

Better get Brand out of there, he refuses to take 20 foot jumpers with a hand in his face.

Bill reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 21:18

Well played. God forbid we take it to the rack.

What is the negative now since Jrue has been benched? -20?

it was minus 8 a second ago.

Extra burn for Ivey. Sick coaching. On a related note, Jordan just found a piece of the sandwich he had for lunch last Tuesday stuck in his braces.

How much confidence would you have if you looked up and saw those sum bitches sweating? I'd be devastated. At least if it were AI, I'd look up and say "ahh well, it is at least Allen Iverson." Right now he's got to be thinking, "I was the man coming out of High School, now I'm playing third fiddle to one person who has no business starting in the NBA, and another who opted out of a 1 year contract only to sign with the same shit team for less money."

I mean come on...damn it anyway

Iguodala got hammered on that play, no whistle.

Thank God Jordan got Willie back in there with Jrue. I was worried he wouldn't get his 40 minutes.

You know what, I'm warming up to AI.


I have confidence that Eddie Jordan can screw it up so bad that we'll get a top 5 pick and he'll be fired. I now have confidence that is our fate, AI or not. I also have confidence Jrue will be benched once Louis returns, so the only one AI's really hurting is Thad.

I just don't care anymore.

On a positive note. I am normally not this pessimistic, and I truly have no problem with any PLAYER on this team. They can only do so much with what they're given, and when I speak of this misdirection of the franchise I speak of its misguidance.

This is just pitiful.

Nice move by Jrue, lefty finish over Dirk.

Jrue will quickly learn his personnel. You could see him turn to Dalembert looking to pass, but Sammy wasn't even close to being in position. Nice finish by Jrue.

if they lose by 20 do you think iverson is signed tomorrow?

I get the feeling he'll be signed tomorrow anyway.

me too

Ryan F reply to mike on Nov 30 at 21:35

I think Iverson was signed the day Lou went out, they just needed justification.

Ryan F reply to Ryan F on Nov 30 at 21:39

And the reasoning will be because "they haven't been making enough shots", the fact that a rec league team at your local Air Force Base's MWR could drop 110 points on them doesn't really sway this bunch they call management

It is just so hard for me to believe that a "quality" team, not championship level by any means has turned to such a poor defensive team with the only losses being Miller and Evans. There HAS to be something bigger that is causing this result.

There is, Eddie Jordan.

I called Willie's motivation for that foul. Stupid Mavs played up on him, so he couldn't jack the three.

Good foul by Willie, 22 feet away from the hoop. He was thinking he'll get to jack a three before the end of the half now.

Willie leading the team in minutes at the half with 17. He's also leading them in scoring, 9 points on 9 shots. Excellent.

Dalembert is keeping them in this one.

Yup. They're pinning Kidd's explosion on Jrue, I had two of his shots when Jrue was on him, 9 points when Willie was on him.

I almost spit up my dinner when they said that. Something to the effect of "reminds me of another guard who went off on Jrue". then they went on to show kidd making 3's in Willie's face.

Sorry, Iguodala is leading with 10 points on 9 shots. Thad was stellar with 4 points on 9 shots. Brand, who isn't good enough to start for this team, had 8 points on 4 shots in 10 minutes.

Down 43-57 at the half. Eddie Jordan is ripping Jrue a new asshole in the locker room while he rubs Willie Green's shoulders and calls him a gamer.

eddies' heady's on Nov 30 at 21:48

Ummmm... is there even a Sixers team in existence anymore?

Or is it just Eddie Jordan, Jrue Holiday, and the Brickettes?.....

6 for 23 in the second quarter?? The head coach has to be at fault for that atrocious shooting. Has to be.

That ridiculous lineup he threw out there for most of the first half of the quarter didn't help.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Nov 30 at 22:14

This guy has basically 10 guys at his disposal (Primoz doesn't even count), the starters have to get some rest, the top wing and facilitator was in foul trouble, who the hell would you trot out there?

Piling on the coach is one thing but being unreasonable is another.

When your coach only plays guys who willingly jack 20-foot jumpers with 20 seconds left on the shot clock, that's what you get.

I completely agree about Brand. It must be really frustrating for him to ride the bench knowing that he's been playing better than anyone else on the team lately all because he doesn't brick 3 pointers all game. How much input/direction do you think Ed Stefanski is giving Jordan about rotations, etc.? I thought the point of small lineups is to run the floor and have more shooters out there than the other team? That doesn't work if no one on your team can shoot (except maybe Kapono who seems to hate shooting most games). It's marked how much better this team is when they abandon the small lineups. Also, Iggy (understandably) looks frustrated every single game. I wonder how long it will take for him to voice his anger to Stefanski or the media.

When Iggy says something, Jordan will just call him a whiner to the press.

So what do you think, 6 minutes for Jrue in the second half, maybe 8 for Brand? 15 for Willie and about 18 for Thad at the four? Sounds about right. Unless the game gets blown wide open and Jordan decides he needs to save Willie for a game that matters.

You know, it could provide some comical outbursts from Iverson when the team is just getting demolished on a nightly basis. May be worth it.

Jesus Christ, did he just eat a full meal at halftime? Did you see him working those braces?

Willie loses Kidd on the first play of the third, Kidd nails it. Obviously Jrue's fault.

Jrue breaks up the P&R, forces the turnover.

Sammy with a three-quarter court pass after his 11th rebound, who is this guy?

Jrue bit hard on that pump fake by Kidd. Led to an alley oop for Marion. Willie hit a jumper. Yay.

Iguodala defending Dirk now, that's a good move. Must've been a call made by Iguodala himself.

Willie missing a three. Dalembert grabs the board and kicks out to Thad for a made three.

Iggy turnover on the break. Ugh, this is just depressing.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:08

overthinking it, trying get the home-run momentum play

yeah he does that

I don't have CSN and the stream I was just watching just got blocked. Why has Brand only played 10 mins?

Because Jordan's a fucking idiot.

eddies' heady's reply to stanley on Nov 30 at 22:17

Because the guy has an injured hamstring and if the head coach were to run him up and down the court for 40+ minutes like so many want, and he end up being injured for an even longer period then that would be the coaches fault and he would be ripped for playing him to much.

Familiar, monotonous refrain.

I just stand the fact that Thad doesn't rebound. Literally drives me up a wall. GTG even has 5 rebs to Thad's 3. What happened to the hustle of years past?

Don't even get me started on defense.

And Jrue's out at the 5:39 mark. They were just +8 in his run, let's see what happens with Ivey in for him.

I'm sure Royal and Willie will play well enough that he doesn't see the floor again.

Can't wait to see +/- with Jrue, Brand, Iggy, Dalembert, and anybody but GTG. Wish it would be Kapono.

Just put Elton on a block, give him space, and let him go to work.

What am I missing here?

There are no 20-foot jumpers in that kind of an offensive set. It's not exciting to Eddie Jordan.

Seriously, can anyone explain that sub to me?

If Pinckney says "off the bounce" one more time my head's going to explode.

BTW, Green with 15 points on 1.36 pps, thanks in large part to 6 FT's. He's "efficient" today.

(just pointing out why I think it's a flawed stat ;) )

He's gone to the line.

Btw, they've traded hoops since Jrue went out, which is not good basketball, and not how you come back, but I bet Jordan is pleased with himself.

GTG, 25 min. 0 assists. Dalembert has more assists than anyone on floor right now

Realistically, any names that we could grab to coach this squad?

I mean, anyone can do it better, but who could be an actual switch?

Sean reply to Bill on Nov 30 at 22:22

McKie, Ford, Lynam in house...

Sorry, they've traded baskets, but one of the Dallas hoops was a three. They lost a point.

12 points, 6 boards for Brand. Time to get him out of there.

Two consecutive terrible shots by Willie, then he loses Barea. Exactly like I said, trailing in the game, they trade hoops for 4 minutes, lead is still 6 going into the 4th. Fucking bullshit god damned coaching. Defense doesn't matter.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:23

But, but but but... They got after it!

Over/Under 4.5 Minutes for Jrue in the 4th...

Zoomoffisms that I don't like to hear...

Willie Green has it going on.
Sixers on a run ...oh, and a three :(

Love the way Willie just grabbed the board and bricked a 16-footer, giving Dallas the entire shot clock to find an open 3.

Holiday's out next whistle. Two turnovers.

eddies' heady's on Nov 30 at 22:26

You can holler defense all you want, but when you are out-rebounding the opponent by 11 overall and 7 more o-boards at the end of the third quarter. And you are shooting 2-11 from three and 38% overall, that is simply bad shooting no matter how it's sliced.

And that's why you emphasize D. Bad shooting nights can be overcome by consistent defense. Jordan fails

Royal Ivey is 1-5. He has always been a poor shooter so why is he in the game?? Hmmm..

eddies' heady's reply to Alvin on Dec 1 at 0:04

Because Jrue had 4 turnovers. And who else are you to put in? There are only 4 healthy guards you know.

Brand is ballin'. Our two bigs are playing really well. But our coach only likes to play one big.

He's done now, and he should be. 3 turnovers and that defensive effort.

Great. So they will lose... and we get top watch more Willie Green. Double winner.

Sixers have been efforting, just not good.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:30

I'm so glad to hear you admit this. Thank goodness your sanity returned.

I'm glad you're so accepting of differing viewpoints.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 1 at 0:15

So are you accepting of my differing viewpoint of Jrue, that you and I debated a few weeks back on here of him not being ready because of some responsibility being on him? Can you now see that viewpoint after he has gotten minutes these last games? Lynam saw it, O'Koren saw it, Ayers saw it, McKie saw it, and EJ saw it. Now we all see it, so was it not on Jrue like I said?

Or is it going to be the 'he's the youngest player in the league' argument?

"So are you accepting of my differing viewpoint of Jrue"

Do I accept it? Yes. I'm not going to call you names or say your sanity has left the building because we disagree.

Accepting does not mean agreeing. It means not being condescending, like yours is the only valid viewpoint.

Little snips like "glad your sanity has returned" do nothing more than put out the perception that yours is the only viewpoint that is valid.

and I still disagree. Somebody not being prepared doesn't mean he hasn't worked hard enough. Yes, I'm bringing up the "he's the youngest kid in the league" card. You have not convinced me otherwise, nor has his play. All of this I expected. He's playing a role he's not ready for, developmentally. The argument back then was minutes over Royal Ivey. The only thing that has changed is my expectation for this team, at an all-time low, which has increased my desire to see Jrue so he can get experience, not because I think he's ready to play 30 minutes per night at an effective level.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 1 at 9:35

Not once did I convey that my viewpoint was the 'only valid one'. My viewpoint in this particular game was the 'reasonable' one and for the kid overall is the 'logical' one.

And you taking 'glad your sanity has returned' and 'perceiving' it as 'condescending' and 'the only valid viewpoint' is called "interpretation". Misinterpreted at that.

It's fine to disagree. But two points: 1) You say "not being prepared doesn't mean he hasn't worked hard enough" - Just like I said the other week, if "he" isn't prepared then that is clearly on "him". 2) You say "he's playing a role he's not ready for, developmentally" - Once again, "he's" the one not ready and "he's" not developed enough, so clearly on "him" again.

You basically just proved my argument for me. Accountablilty has to come into play here at some point, no matter the age, because this is the big leagues.

eddies' heady's on Nov 30 at 22:29

Holiday switches the pick and causes a given up three by Barea and then commits a charge. Then Barea schools him and takes him to the hole. Yeah, the coach is real smart to play him more.

He should sit Holiday now. But just for the record, you just described about 5 sequences Willie has had in the past 2 games.

1) Willie Green hasn't been burned defensively the past two games
2) Wouldn't expect the youngest player in the league to go through periods when he makes mistakes.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Nov 30 at 22:41

Jrue has played 25 min so far, Willie 29.

Willie has 21 pts and 7 boards. Jrue has 8 pts and 4 assts. Willie has NO turnovers, Jrue has FOUR. They weren't even subbed for each other. Ivey came in for Jrue and grabbed 4 boards. Who would you play? And what would you guys change when you only have 10 guys to play? Seriously.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 30 at 22:42

I mean, you guys are just bitching to be bitching and complaining to be complaining.

I was pointing out the irony in your reasoning, in large part due to defense, when Willie's been getting toasted regularly the last few games. I'm actually not quite as anti-willie as Brian. I just found it ironic.

BTW, these comments were BEFORE willie green actually starting making shots. He was shootings

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 1 at 0:17

You still didn't answer my question from above....

OK, he could've played Iguodala at the point in a big lineup, like he did the night before, with great results. Iguodala, Carney, Thad, Brand, Dalembert.

I effing hate the whole "We should have gone for Josh Smith because Sixers aren't winning." It basically clarifies that you haven't watched the Sixers at all..
Yes Josh Smith is a good player, and it would have been entertaining to watch, but watch EB on the block. Playoff basketball is half court basketball, and the idea of being able to run and then post a monster like him up is salivating.

I am lost about why the hell he doesn't the touch the ball in a place to score every half court possession, let alone play more than 3 quarters a game.

Screw you EJ. Screw you.

Smith is a fucking butterfingers, huh?

Nice take down by Thad on Gooden. I enjoyed that.

OK, anyone want to guess why Kidd was wide open there? I'll give you one hint, Willie got completely smoked by Barea off the dribble.

Elton Brand and Sammy are keeping the Sixers deceptively in this game.

One of the few times I can't get upset on Thad leaking off his man for an open 3. Sammy was out on the perimeter defending Dirk on a pick and roll, and Brand wasn't going to get there in time. That's an open layup if Thad doesn't stop the penetration.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:39

One more game from Elton after this one (coming off a long rest), and I gotta completely pledge my support to him being back.

Two bigs on the floor in the fourth!!! (GASP)

Watching the Sixers feels like being a fan of UNC Chattenooga when they go play an ACC team. They can scratch and claw themselves into a close game, but ultimately the better team is bare breaking a sweat and is just toying with them.

You think Jordan realizes the only reason they're even close right now is the big lineup?

OK, Willie just committed the exact same sins Jrue did earlier in the quarter on consecutive plays.

and he committed two fouls. The only difference is that Willie does this shit constantly on defense, it was a hiccup for Jrue.

Can't screw up a Gooden/Barea P and R.

Damn. BS shot by Barea.

Court_visioN on Nov 30 at 22:44

Willie Green has taken more shots than anyone else on this team. Why, for the love of God...????

Uhh, he gets after it? Duh.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:49

Will he ever catch it? I doubt it

Who was that pass to that Iggy just threw?

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:46

Did Brand fumble it or something? He was the only one there, I think...

Brand wasn't even looking. Just saw the replay, it was to Willie.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:46

Jason Kidd. Thought that was obvious.

So coach Jordan yet another team is shooting nearly 50% on 3 pointers....

EJ: Well you can't expect them to keep hitting all of those shots. When guys get hot like that you know its just not your night. But we protected the lane.

How many threes does Barea have tonight? And Willie goes under the screen, fucking lucky he missed.

Court_visioN on Nov 30 at 22:48

11 assists on 32 FGs. Princeton my @$$.

Aaaaaand. Take a seat Brand, we need to go small now.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:50

i guess 21 points and 10 rebounds isn't "getting after it".

Nope. He didn't take one 20-footer, and he actually tried on the defensive end. There's nothing exciting about that.

Efforting their way to a close loss.

Sean reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 22:53

Ah I see. The "it" must be quality wins. No wonder they never catch it

I can really see why Jordan loves sitting Dalembert in the fourth.

EJ is blind in his love small ball. One game won't change him.


That was a foul BTW.

Flopping soft bitch euro motherfucker. I blame Jordan.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:56

This team is so vexing!

Ryan F reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 22:57


Ugh. So close, but yet not really close at all.

Every late game shot this season has been a contested 20 foot jumper.

That's Jordan's favorite play to draw up. Here comes another one.

Sixers giving 100% against the Mav's C game, makes for an entertaining game.

If only we had AI ;)

Wait, AI hit it!

Oh man. Shit, this is going to be a heartbreaker. I can't even watch. Get Green off the fucking floor for this possession, please and put Iguodala on the ball.

Big shot Dre!!

Who ever Thad is guarding will get an open look here...

Who covers Dirk here? Has to be Sammy, right?

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 23:01

smith for 3. calling it.

Court_visioN on Nov 30 at 22:58

Brand and Holiday need to come in for Kapono and Green. NOW.

Heh. Just like Willie Green doesn't exist.

He did have a hand in his face. Had Terry made the shot initially, after Green tripped, i could blame Bill. But he was right in his face.

I blame EJ


Kidd is gonna drive past Willie and set up Barea/Dirk for the 3. And it's going in.

That wasn't bad defense, but he's a bad defender.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 23:00

Good observation, damn good defense just a good shot.


Well, maybe not that surprised.

I predicted this! knew it was going to be against Willie Green!

Was that going in?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 23:02

Man, that shit was either going in or was going to maybe glance in off the edge of the rim. Or worst case, it was going to be just a tad long. FU....................

eddies' heady's on Nov 30 at 23:01

Hold up??? Was the shot having a chance and Sam screwed it up and touched it??

Sam saving every last lottery ball.

Anybody with a DVR?! I thought so

yes... watchit it about 5X.

Shot was either going in or hitting back iron. It was definitely on line.

WOW, never saw that before.

Sean reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 23:07

Well, it is hard to win the game on the last shot if you are playing 4-on-6

I think it was definitely long. Maybe, and it's a huge maybe, it kicks up off back rim and drops down. Did he have a foot on the line?

I think it was long, but it had a shot.

That was going to at least get a chance at a roll. Sam has been trying to hard for me to blow his shit up right now, soooooo ughhhhh

Sammy has absolutely no basketball common sense. The alarm went off a full second before he touched it. It wasn't going to be an air ball. you have NOTHING to gain by touching it.

You could see the wheels spinning in his head afterwards.

OK, the comedic value of watching these games may be outweighing the potential for a coronary at this point. I'm in. Operation John Wall is in full effect, bring Iverson back!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't going in. You can't blame willie for that defense

You're right on both accounts, the shot was long, but there was maybe a 1% chance he gets a shooter's bounce off the back of the rim. Zero chance once Sammy touched it.

it makes no difference whether the ball was going in or not. the buzzer had sounded so even if sam tipped it in it wouldn't have counted. just a dumb play.

yea, what derek just said

Back later with the wrap. At least I'm laughing instead of crying or throwing things, I think that means I've grown as a person.

Guys, this team is like the 3 stooges. We have Ed S., Ed J and Sammy! Would be funny if it was the Harlem Globetrotters!

sammy just wanted 20 rebounds for this game, he just got a little over eager that's all

Most logical explanation possible.


Iguodala was shooting that last shot and Dalembert thought it was an alley-oop. Iguodala goes to Sam, "I was shooting, Sam ...""

10 for entertainment value... down to the final stooges routine.

Who says this team needs to sign AI to be entertaining?

Just a quick question, why is Sam on the floor with 1.6 seconds left. Not really enough time for an alley oop unless it's off the inbound pass. If you're goign to give that final shot to a big, you want it to go to Brand, not Sam.

and this team is believe it or not.............
A GOOD TEAM!!!!!!!!!!
something is missing.
I think its coaching.
The weird thing is we show up every time we play very good teams but we can't beat teams we're supposed to beat.

the look on sammy's face after he realized what he did was the same my old roommate's dog had whenever it shit in the house

eddies' heady's on Nov 30 at 23:18

OK, so let me get this straight. The coach is ridiculed for going small and also dogged (not starting) for reintegrating Brand off a gimpy hammy BUT....

Brand played 25 min after not playing for several games AND we out-rebounded them by 60 to 37 overall and 24 offensive boards to their 11. So what about that is on the coach?

And if I told you that a line of 23 pts, 8 rebs (2 offensive), 8-16 from the floor, 7-7 from the line, 1 steal and ZERO turnovers was the much ballyhooed Jrue Holiday, there would be premature ejaculations taking place. Sorry to break the news that line was Willie G's.

please just shut the fuck up already

eddies' heady's reply to mike on Nov 30 at 23:39

Feel better?

So intelligent, I'm telling you. I'm a fan and maybe you are too, but you come at me like a petulant child talking to his buddy around the corner that is a Celtics fan.

Two supposed fans of the same team that want the same things and you let your immaturity shine. Real nice. Hope that made you feel more of a little boy and gave you the ego boost you were seeking.

Don't forget 0 assists and irreparable emotional damage defensively...

Maybe IF your man Willie covered Kidd ONE time more during the game we would have won instead of all his wide open shots! If it was his first time at poor defense, would not say this but come on Eddie, If I shot so many times, I could score points. How many layups does he have to miss and we think he is awesome.

Sorry, but the Philly fans are catching up w/ Willie. He is the only one to get booed the last game at that Wachovia.

eddies' heady's on Nov 30 at 23:33

I hope they really do sign Iverson so he can lead us to the playoffs and reciprocate the passion that I have for this team AND show all the naysayers that he won't make us a worse team AND let Jrue continue his proper learning curve in practice and from the sidelines.

Jrue very well may be better towards Feb/March but I want someone, anyone (AI) to get us to that point first and not just sit back and watch a kid that is not ready and a gang of misfits that can't shoot lose game after game. Screw three years down the road because the roster will probably have changed considerably by then anyway.

A team that signed a piece (Brand) to a near max contract that has been just a few good games from making the second round shifting to a training and developmental grounds is not what I am a fan for. Higher draft picks can be nice but that is way too much of a crapshoot. As a fan I want them to win and I have a strong feeling that Iverson, if signed, will help accomplish that. AI! AI! AI!.......

A team that signed a piece (Brand) to a near max contract that has been just a few good games from making the second round shifting to a training and developmental grounds is not what I am a fan for.

Then you should really start following another team, because that's exactly what Eddie Jordan has turned this Sixers squad into.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 23:54

Disagree. I was ridiculed by you in the summer for riding Stefanski's ass but you stood up for him. Stefanski has turned this team into this (and Snider too). Go read my posts and look at how many times I hammered him for not bringing in shooters for an offense predicated on shooting being ran by a coach HE hired.

You may have a point that 'statistically' we are a worse defensive team. But, seriously, we haven't defended the arc even respectably under our last 3 to 4 coaches, that's not a sudden problem. These slow rotations and questionable schemes is nothing new to this team this year only.

You can bring in any coach you desire, but they will do no better with a roster full of misfits and a bunch of athletes that can't do one simple thing averagely - shoot.

Him playing Jrue more isn't going to save the day. Him playing Jrue more is the training ground that should take place in incremental minutes and at practice. But right now I'm OK with him starting him because we are down our top two scorers and I want them to sign AI so that Royal or Willie won't see so many minutes (Royal at least).

And for the record I will never ever follow another team but I will criticize the front office for creating this mess. It's just too easy to criticize EJ just like it was easy to criticize Willie for starting last year, EJ can't help that Stefanski hired him just as Willie couldn't help that Mo and DiLeo were starting him.

The front office hired Eddie Jordan, that's their only firable offense since taking over. Period. End of story.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 1 at 0:33


1) You left out giving Dre way too much money when they were bidding against NO ONE else. 2) And signing Brand for way too much money without doing due diligence on a guy coming off an injury. 3) And tightening the purse strings and not getting shooters for a new offense based on shooting. 4) And not signing a vet PG like he publicly said he would which is kind of indirectly creating this Iverson drama. 5) And drafting a kid that isn't ready for a team that wasn't that far off from climbing the ladder in a weakend conference. 6) And knowing they didn't want Miller around for another year and not getting anything for him. Yeah the short term playoff run was nice but there is a long term you know.

You can't be pushing these facts aside and failing to take them into account could you? Comma, story continued.

1: Iguodala is far from overpaid. The alternative was letting him become an unrestricted free agent the following summer.

2: Brand is averaging better than 20/10 on excellent shooting over his last 4 full games.

3: Give me one example of a shooter they didn't get, whom they could have, because of financial reasons.

4: Brevin Knight would really be making a difference right now.

5: They drafted the best available point on their board when their pick came up, over a guy who could never play alongside Lou Williams in their back court because he's 5'8", and he's 23 years-old, and he's now getting bashed by his coach for not playing hard.

6: Tell me one deal they turned down for Miller either at the deadline last season or as a sign-and-trade this summer? He was Portland's option D in free agency and no one else even made a hint that they were interested in him.

The only indefensible decision Ed Stefanski has made was hiring his moronic buddy, who could give two shits about defense, to coach a team that he'd built to be a defend & run team. And that's unforgivable in my eyes.

can the vast improvement in dalembert's game be attributed to EJ?

It can be attributed to more minutes and giving him the feeling that he's part of the offense, so yeah. Although he's still riding the pine in the fourth quarter more often than not.

Just a thought, maybe EJ playing willie will increase his trade value. AND maybe we can package him with Kapono for an expiring contract. 10 mill off the books so we can sign someone decent with the MLE.

Other coaches and GMs aren't as dumb as Eddie Jordan.

DeanH reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 23:50

amazing, we wrote our replies at the exact same time!

stanley reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 23:55

doesn't willie have an ETO? Maybe he will overvalue himself since teams are clearing cap space for summer 2010 :)

DeanH reply to stanley on Nov 30 at 23:49

I hope you are right but I have a very hard time believing EJ is that smart!

deepsixersuede on Nov 30 at 23:55

There is a rumor on N.B.A. tv that Jordan is trying to get Willie resigned when his contract is up, in their words "E. Jordan is getting after it."

stanley reply to deepsixersuede on Nov 30 at 23:58

if that happens i wont even bother watching the sixers illegally on the internet

deepsixersuede reply to deepsixersuede on Dec 1 at 0:02

What is worse, Willie slowing the development of our youngsters or A.I. ?

You have to be kidding! That would be the final straw as Stanley said! Definitely.

deepsixersuede on Dec 1 at 0:04

It was a joke guys!!! Trying to cheer Brian up.

I've been laughing most of the night, that's part of the problem.

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