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Iverson Update

I cannot believe this. If your two major issues are defense and rebounding, why bring a little-guy scorer-specialist? This Eddie era(or should I say, error?) could cause real damage to this team

In Jordan's eyes, the issue is that he doesn't have enough offensive firepower to give up for all the points his team is giving up. So he needs a guy who gets after it on the offensive end. It's not Jordan's fault he's a moron. If he's able to talk Stefanski into it, however, well that's a much bigger issue. At this point I'm hoping Jordan spent the whole meeting picking food out of his braces and turned Iverson off to the idea of having to watch that spectacle every day in practice.

Seriously, though, there's no basketball reason to do this, short or long term. It's strictly a financial move and a big step backwards for the franchise, figuratively and literally. If they're going to bring back an ex-Sixer to sell tickets, I vote for Dr. J as the GM/President or Barkley to tell racist jokes at the half.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 16:47

lol. You are absolutely right. Eddie Jordan wants to become the Black Don Nelson.

I remember Doc tried to buy the team, but Snider blocked it. I wish they had Doc & Croce in charge instead of these nitwits.

bebopdeluxe on Nov 30 at 16:29

Anything that gets "Dumb and Dumber Part 2" (Stefanski and Jordan) out of here as quickly as possible is OK by me. The only possible positive outcome from this is we once-and-for-all shelve the PO...but if that happens, then why the f did we hire Jordan in the first place?

(because Ed Stefanski is Brad Greenberg reincarnated)

See, this is something you'd have every reason to flip out about. This isn't the same as not trading Miller last season. The team was headed to the playoffs already at the trade deadline, and they already had him. This is actively bringing a guy in to sacrifice the future for a bullshit run, which won't happen anyway.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 16:53

You are right - I see no difference between starting Green over Speights last season and bring AI in and nailing Jrue to th bench (actually, last year was worse, because it also pushed Iggy to the 3 and Thad to the 4). For all of my recent comments about being somewhat open to the idea of bringing AI back (with the thought that Jrue would still get 15-18 minutes a game), I was OK with us passing on AI and being a sub-30-win team...

Until Willie Green played 38 minutes last night.

I do recognize what Derek Bodner has said - at least Jrue played 18 minutes last night...and if we sign AI, he may very well play ZERO minutes. But if I have to choose between 38 minutes of Willie Green and re-signing AI?


Sort of related...

If the Sixers leave things as they are (no AI and keep Thad at SF) where do the end up? Will they be a bottom 6 team- like you have to be in order to have a legit shot at getting a top 3 lottery pick.

Basically if signing AI is the difference between a shot at a top 3 pick vs a #9-12 pick then you can't sign AI.

But if signing AI is only the difference between a #9 and a #13 pick (winning 36 instead of 30 wins) then I'm not as opposed to bringing back AI for a year- as long as he takes WG's minutes and not Jrue's.

He's going to take Jrue's minutes, I think that's a given. Jordan has a massive boner for Willie.

As for draft position, signing AI could very well cost the team enough wins to move up. It depends on how it plays out. In fact, I think the odds are in favor of this move killing the team chemistry and putting serious dents in the psyche of Iguodala, Thad, Lou and Jrue.

Who knows. I think a lot of people are making one of two assumptions about AI (1) that he's somehow changed and realizes what it takes to win as a team (2) He's going to be the dominant scorer he was in 2001 again.

Neither of those things are going to happen, the guy just quit on the Grizzlies because he wouldn't accept not being the man in Memphis. What's changed between a week and a half ago and today? The Sixers are willing to bend over and let him start, which leads to bending over and letting him play 40 minutes per game, which leads to bending over and letting him take 20+ shots per game, which leads to bending over and keeping the ball in AI's hands and out of Iguodala's in the offense.

I also expect a major melt down at some point if AI is on this team. We love AI because he hates to lose... so I can see the media goading him into a T.O. style event with him on a bad team full of inexperienced players.

By the way, in the comments yesterday I said Memphis cares more about the future of their franchise than the Sixers do. Completely forgot to add the Knicks to that list as well. They passed on Iverson so they'd have more minutes for their young players. Not a concern at all in Philly, apparently.

That's why I think signing AI is a fireable offense.

andre iguodala in the half court court shoots 38.6% (by comparison, Thad is shooting 45% this year, 46% last year). I actually think someone that could create (for himself and others) in the half court could really help this team.

But it only makes our two major problems (defense and defensive rebounding) worse. Maybe increases our win total by 3-5.

I guess Iverson shooting 40% on jumpers is an improvement in the PO over the guys we have shooting 20-footers right now. Wonderful.

Here's a hopeful quote from a Ken Berger column on CBS (thanks for Dean H for the link).

There continue to be significant objections among the Sixers' basketball staff to adding Iverson's dominant personality to a rebuilding team that has tried to distance itself from an era that included success and a litany of distractions. Notably absent from the meeting with Iverson was assistant coach Randy Ayers, for whom Iverson once lobbied to become the Sixers' head coach before quickly turning on him and getting him fired.

JohnMagee on Nov 30 at 17:24

Ayers wasn't qualified to be an NBA head coach - he was the guy of last resort cause no one else wanted the job, you can blame iverson for a bunch of things, but you can't blame him for Ayers sucking as an NBA coach

I don't really care if Ayers is involved now, or what happened between he and Iverson. I was just encouraged to read that at least someone in the organization is against the move. Though it seems kind of transparent that Ayers is the guy from this paragraph now that I read it again :)

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 17:43

I'm just saying, Iverson did a lot of things, he didn't get Ayers fired (and can we please stop preaching chris ford cause he 'stood up' to Iverson - it was one damn game - so what - ford had no risk of losing his job cause he wasn't going to keep it after the season anyway, jeez)

I love the Snider quotes about bringing back Iverson I read today, passing the buck to anyone else and keeping his nose out of it.

Yeah, well I think this could be a "sign him if you want to, your ass is already on the line for picking this Jordan joker. I'll give you enough rope to hang yourself with," message to Stefanski.

DeanH reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 18:07

I hope, hope, hope you are right, Brian. I suggested to someone to start a petitiion to have Jordan fired. I don't have any other ideas other than complaining or just giving up again.

deepsixersuede on Nov 30 at 18:04

I am curious as to everybody!s best case scenerio if it happens?

JohnMagee reply to deepsixersuede on Nov 30 at 18:20

That depends on if you think getting the 8 seed in the east and getting waxed again and having the 15th pick in the draft is a good thing or a bad thing...cause i guess that's the 'best' case scenario.

deepsixersuede reply to JohnMagee on Nov 30 at 18:24

John, if they somehow caught some magic and knocked off a 1st round opponent I would really wonder if it was worth it.The last couple of years have been fun come playoff time.

JohnMagee reply to deepsixersuede on Nov 30 at 18:33

See that's a pipe dream, Iverson doesn't make this team any better than the team that couldn't get past the magic or whoever the lost to two years ago.

And while you may have found the playoffs fun, since I knew they had no shot, I found it a waste of time and 'experience'

Eh. Up 2-1 on their home court both years, that was fun no matter what you thought going in. Even Tray, who's the most cynical Sixers fan I know, bought in last year. Especially during halftime of game 4 when it looked like Chicago was going to beat Boston and set us up for a winnable series to get to the ECF.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 18:36

Yeah, I didn't buy in or think they could win last year

Are you asking for the most possible wins, or the best case scenario for the team?

Best-case scenario for the team is Iverson plays, dominates the offense, the Sixers lose a ton of games and they get a top-three pick, probably. Best-case scenario as far as wins are concerned is probably what John laid out above.

Best-case scenario for me personally would be Iverson making his return at the Wachovia Center, in front of a sellout crowd, dropping 50 points in an overtime win, but tragically pulling his hamstring on the final play of the game (a game-winning three). He'd be done for the season and the team could carry on sucking ass without him, but he'd have his one last shining moment in front of Sixers fans. Preferably, this would take place on December 19th, against the Clippers, when the Depressed Fan field trip is taking place.

I do not see how this will help us do better this year. AI has hurt the last 2 teams he has played for and will take away time from Jrue who may be able to develop into a very good player.

May help us in the lottery, which could be a positive!

Best case, things blow up quickly and he is gone before too much damage is done.

Am I a bad fan for thinking getting a bottom 5 record (and winning a top 3 pick) is the real best case scenario for this season?

This team's young talent would line up really well next to a superstar in 2-3 years....

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Nov 30 at 18:33

The reason I am torn is the excitement of the last 2 playoff runs.It is like hoping Elton is done for the year, don!t you think ? I really feel it is more a basketball decision than a putting people in the seats one because they can!t believe people will keep coming if they keep losing.

Am I a bad fan for thinking getting a bottom 5 record (and winning a top 3 pick) is the real best case scenario for this season?

I'm struggling with this right now. I don't think I can physically root for them to lose, I do believe in the culture of winning. On the other hand, if they're simply a middling team, I don't think there will be enough of a push to replace Jordan over the summer. I'm up in the air right now.

Sean reply to Brian on Nov 30 at 18:39

You're right. I think they have to bottom out to justify dumping Jordan. I couldn't normally root for my teams to lose. However, watching this team play the EJ way is so excruciating, the losses are almost pyrrhic victories for me, as long as Jrue is getting time.

Losing is really, really tough for me to handle. My usual MO is to look for something positive to focus on, within the game, when the team as a whole is playing like crap. In the Sixers' case, it would be the development of Thad, Jrue, Speights and to a degree Lou. To see those guys learning the things they'll need to know when the team has a legitimate shot (which I have to believe is coming, at some point), that's something I could hang my hat on through a bad season. Unfortunately, Jordan is robbing us of that opportunity as well by playing Thad out of position and refusing to play Jrue. I just hope Jrue keeps a big chunk of minutes, at least until Lou gets back.

DeanH reply to Sean on Nov 30 at 18:48

Exactly the way I think also. No complaints AS LONG AS JRUE PLAYS.

I am all for bringing him in in this situation, even though I was an Iverson hater towards the end of his time here and wanted him gone long before they made it happen.

The state of this team is BULLSHIT right now. This is the first time in my life I am not excited to see Sixers games. Really, if I had some better shit to do tonight and didn't have to work in the morning, I wouldn't even watch this shit team, and this is the first time I've been able to say that and they have been bad before. They're just so damn boring to watch right now, and I am not of the "tank the season to get a high pick" variety. I want to see them win games even if it's only 41-41.

To me it's almost obvious that EJ is going to take a big dump on Jrue's developement, if the choice is between Willie or Iverson, its no choice to me at all really.

It is clear to me that no matter the roster, with this coach this team is going to be shit defensively, so who cares if Iverson won't help in that facet.

Nostalgia, at least I know I'll look forward to going to a game, and I'm not a random fan. Just right now with the direction this team is heading and the weak performances they're putting up I can't justify contributing financially to this mess. If it is to see Iverson at the Wach again, I can live with it.

Its not life or death. At the least he'll stimulate the box office for at least a couple games and make it more likely that Snyder will spend some cash in the future. If he sells out the arena once or twice and the team sells a couple thousand AI jerseys, it should make a difference. Seriously, this team was on PTI tonight, how long has it been?

Bottom line, if he comes back and something good happens its a cinderella story, if he is bitching in 2 months you let him walk.

Now if when Iverson suits up, Willie puts up another 38 spot under MP, and Jrue is handing out Gatorade, ballistic it is.

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