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A For Effort, F For Me

Bravo. You really nailed it. The only thing we can hope for is that the core survives EJ's abyss.

I think the thing that makes this worse than practically any recent era I can remember(including the post-Barkley, pre-AI time) is that this is not due to a lack of talent. I can handle losing when the reason is that you're outgunned. It is much harder when the reason is moronic tactics, stupidity or Sabotage by Simpleton. EJ's whole shebang just makes this team absolutely suck. He is not coaching the team he has, he's coaching the team he wants. As a consequence, he's ruining my favorite team.

Did I believe they would win? No, unless Dallas gave it to us. However, Eddie's mistakes(which tonight include keeping Willie on Jet when Carney would've been a better pick) will consistently cost us games. It is what is expected.

The ironic thing is that if they bring AI and he starts ripping the coach, he'll be killed for it, when all he is doing is speaking the truth

Wait, didn't you hear? When AI comes back he's going to be the best teammate ever. He's not going to take a ton of horrible shots, he's going to be a premier distributor and he's going to take all the young guys under his wing, really boost them up and help with their development. Then when Lou gets back he's going to willingly accept being the sixth man. He's completely changed his ways since he quit on Memphis two weeks ago.

Sean reply to Brian on Dec 1 at 2:29

I love that whole line of thinking to death. He would respect Dre & Brand as peers, if we're lucky, everybody else wouldn't matter.

Like EJ saying that he learned in the meeting that "AI would bring an aggressive scoring mentality." Why did he need a meeting to figure that one out?

Why did he need a meeting to figure that one out?

That line got me laughing again :)

hanwayl on Dec 1 at 2:27

Thanks for a brilliant write-up and some venting on behalf of the readers. I only watched the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter of this game, but even those 5 minutes were too much to bear, especially when the annoucers reminded that the Sixers came back from a 17-point deficit.

It was a scene to familiar to forget: the tag team of Thand and Iggy trapping the opposition, hustling after the ball, and making baskets on the other side. When Iguodala made that 3-pointer to tie the game, it felt like the 2 game-winning shots he made from last season, against the Lakers in regular games, and the Magic in the playoffs.

But I was quick to realize that Green was on the floor when he should have no business there. Did you notice that in the very last stretch of the game, he first fouled Dirk (is that the flop you mentioned?)and then allowed the game-winning shot by Jason Terry?

It's when you know they can be so good, and yet they're performing so bad, that hearts are broken.

Great write-up. While watching the game, if I sat back and played the role of casual NBA fan, I would think Green had a great game. In fact, on several plays where the team looked lost on offense, Green was there to hit a contested jumper. The problem is, as you've mentioned repeatedly, they always look lost on defense. In all honesty, I've never appreciated what good defense can do until I've seen the opposite in what Jordan has done to this team. New management is needed...badly.

deepsixersuede on Dec 1 at 7:21

The reason Sam went after the shot was the 19 rebounds he got mean nothing so he was trying t6o add to his point total.

hanwayl on Dec 1 at 8:02

- The Sixers have played 216 minutes in the fourth quarter of games
- They have scored 437 points in those 336 minutes.

uh, which is it? the team played 216 or 336 4th Q minutes?

Sorry, brain fart. It was 3 hours and 36 minutes, or 216 minutes. it's fixed now.

"The Princeton offense was abandoned"

This assumes that they were actually using the PO before? I'm just asking Brian, I couldn't watch the game (blackouted here)

All I saw of the PO in these first 17 games is that "ring-a-ring-o'roses" BS that they do 4-5 times per game at the beginning of our off possessions. Soviet Union nat teams were using the same scheme in the 70's (no kidding, I'm 100% serious)

Iverson is perfect for the PO, we will finally see it used in its full potential... not to mention Sam = Divac

Well at least we know for certain that our coach wants to start the small lineup since he started Willie twice with EB available. What a joke about Brand not playing consecutive games when he doesn't get the minutes anyway. Willie will probably be replaced by AI in the starting lineup. Jrue will continue in this role until he plays himself out of it. This will give Ed S an out for the AI signing(still developing young players). Missed the 2nd 1/2 last night. Sounds like I missed a good one but I also am watching games while thinking too much about the coaches moves.

JohnMagee on Dec 1 at 10:29

If Allen Iverson isn't signed by the time the Sixers take the floor on Wednesday night, I expect Willie to replace Jrue in the starting lineup at the point.

Marc Stein reports on ESPN that if they sign him Monday home game against Denver (I think) is targeted as his debut game.

Here's hoping they still don't sign him.

JohnMagee on Dec 1 at 10:51

I appreciate your "rant" above Brian as you say it so much better than I ever could. Agree 100% and am ready to follow the Denver Nuggets till EJ is history. I just can't bear to watch much more.

Btw, AI deal is all but done. I am hoping to sell my 2 tickets for next Monday to pay for the season ticket I wasted money on. Hopefully I can break even. Can we sell our tickets that you bought as a group as a protest?

Its really hard for me to believe in this team. In the past I've always felt we had a chance to win going into each & every game - you never knew who would step up & have a big game. Although I would disagree with some of the decisions coaches made, at least I felt like it was the players that lost the games (for the most part#. Now I just feel like theres a huge strike against them before they're even taking the floor. I feel, I KNOW this team is so much better than what Jordan is allowing them to be #as witnessted by countless stats). And thats what disheartening.

I am so scared of the Iverson signing. Theres just no upside. And it just means we'll have to wait even longer to build a team we can all believe in.

Doesn't Utah have the most rascist arena?

JohnMagee reply to will on Dec 1 at 12:23

Um, what does the last line have to do with anything?

I intimated that Boston had the most racist arena in the post. I stand by that.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 1 at 12:29

Bostons history isn't exactly one of acceptance, and neither is Utah's these days, I nominate Utah for most intolerant franchise, not just racist, due to their ownership and their mormon beliefs :)

And while it may not be the arena - Donald Sterling has to be up therein the competition for most intolerant owner :)

I find it hard to call Boston fans racist when most of their key players are non racist - morons who just bad mouth everyone on the other team, yes, punks, yes, but that's just stupidity and the basic Boston resident right? :)

The dribble hand off stuff kills me.

On the other hand Iggy AKA Diet Lebron doesn't have that great of a hand so when he tries to just bull rush into the paint the ball tends to just fly out of his hands.

Plus he doesn't even have a center to pass it to because Sammie's hands are so damn awful.

Who'd thunk we'd be missing Lou this much?

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