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If You Want To Play, Sign the Contract

Amazing. Almost 3 years to the day since this game and we are about to bring him back.

Ryan F reply to Max on Dec 1 at 20:42

Look at Big Willie's line in that game, oh how I have no Idea how he has remained while so many have come and gone, and now probably come back again.

Alvin reply to Ryan F on Dec 1 at 20:47

I think since then we've lost Barnes, Salmons and Udoka. And they all went to better teams and played better. Barnes is the hardest to take because I liked the guy. Too bad Mo Cheeks didn't.

bebopdeluxe on Dec 1 at 19:41

As you might tell, I don't give A FLYING F*CK about this organization. I wish they all were on a Cessna plane and went down in a big ball of flames.

You don't want to guarantee the contract? Huh?

It's guiaranteed in less than 6 weeks - well before Lou gets back. If you HONESTLY think this thing blows up before then, then why the fark did you fly to Dallas to meet with the guy in the first place?

The Sixers pro-rata share of this deal is $600,000 - chump change versus the gate AI will draw. Even if he only plays TEN home games...

10 x 3,000 tix x $40 = $1.2 mil

This is ridiculous. If you don't want to sign him, fine. Move on. But it sure looks like the Roberts boys and Ed Snider want the $2-3 million (easy) that they make from this...don't they?

This is a player whose number will be hung from the rafters (you'll sell a lot of tickets THAT night). A Hall-of-Famer. And you want to quibble over $600 grand - which you are going to get 3-4x back in the gate.

Guarantee him...or walk away.

Personally, I'd prefer it if either party or both just walked away. I think it's asinine to hold the organization's feet to the fire for not bending over backwards to reassure this petulant kid with a guaranteed contract. If he really wants to come back to prove people wrong they've provided the opportunity. You don't want it, stay retired.

JohnMagee on Dec 1 at 19:46

This is Iversons only shot to play basketball at the moment, I find it hysterical that in the end it's not about playing or basketball but for him being in control and the money.

Make him an offer, and if he walks, let him walk, he's not in control, he NEEDS the sixers, cause no one else wants him, if you give into him now you might as well just make him coach too

Alvin reply to JohnMagee on Dec 1 at 20:03

Not a bad idea, I'm almost at the point where I'd take anyone but EJ as coach.

Kopono, Jrue, and Willie are all terrible. Iverson is bad.

Would you like some crap with your shit?

JohnMagee reply to Joe on Dec 1 at 21:37

Not really sure why Jrue is in that list, he doesn't belong

Seriously? A Yankees fan trying to tell me about Allen Iverson? Really?

This is absolutely despicable.

JohnMagee reply to Jizzy Sams on Dec 1 at 22:27

Oh Jordan - nice try :)

Looks like it's going to happen.

I'd go with Jrue/Iverson/Iggy/Brand/Dalembert to start with
Lou/Thad/Speights/Kapono the first few off the bench.

We can only hope this is true:

ON Twitter: A theory among NBA GM's tonight: 76ers made public a non-guaranteed offer they think/hope AI will refuse. This way, they can say: "We tried"

If Iverson doesnt' take this deal, and trust me there's nothing I'd love more than that, he really is nothing more than a petulant child.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 1 at 23:28

My point is the deadline for when this contract is going to be guaranteed is less than 6 weeks away...long before Lou will be back and the potential issues of who starts and who sits rears its ugly head...if the Sixers don't think they can even get to January 10th before this freaking thing melts down, then why go through the exercise in the first place?

(because the Roberts boys and Snider WANT THE MONEY...that's why)

I'm not trying to make AI out to be a saint here. My take on this has little to do with the impact that AI will have on Holiday's minutes, the Princeton Offense, Thad's shots or any number of other issues...you have made your points clear (as have others) and I understand them. MY point is that - as with virtually every decision that these ownership clowns make these days, the go-ahead to sign AI has ZERO to do with whether or not he will help the team...it has to do with how many extra fannies he will put in the seats - for WHATEVER period of time he is here.

Most cost effective $600,000 in ticket promotional spend in HISTORY.

Even if the guy only plays, say, 10 home games, the Sixers double their money. Pretty sweet, huh?

All that I am saying is that if they are solely bringing the guy in for the $$$, how about having the decency to make the money guaranteed from the jump? Do you have to do it? Nope. You could hold the thread of IMMEDIATE EJECTION from the team over his head until January 10th. But if this is a guy whose number you are going to hang from the rafters when its all said and done...why do we need to be THAT petty?

Two wrongs don't make a right, y'know...

I have no problem with somebody who thinks signing AI is a JOKE. That it is ABSOLUTELY the wrong thing to do. But Comcast/Snider are giving the go-ahead - because they are greedy f*cking pigs who are happy to pimp AI out for the benjamins. All that I am saying is they could do it without being such azzholes about it. The reality is the guarantee is most likely a mere formality that goes away in less than 6 weeks - if they don't think they can get there, don't sign him. If they do think they can get there, then guarantee him the $600,000.

I'm done.

Alvin reply to zig on Dec 2 at 0:05

Alright then.

At least AI can retire a Sixer. It doesn't make that much difference to me because the team is not going anywhere anyway with a crazy head coach (EJ).

Sure I know Snider probably only did it for the money but I think it'll be decent to see AI wear the jersey again. If he takes minutes away from Green and Ivey (please say it is so) then it should not be too bad a thing.

His minutes are coming directly from Jrue. There's no doubt in my mind about that.

wow...just read this entire thread because I was reading archives...man Brian, you were really against Iverson returning. At least you changed you opinion later on.

Say what you will, but the Sixers have been the bottom feeders of the NBA since Larry Brown left and even worse since 2006 (when AI left). And I'm a sixers "fan"

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