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How Irrelevant Are the Sixers?

they've updated the logo, but still an effing disgrace not to have the right logo in the first place.. they changed it months ago.

Glad I grabbed the screen shot when I did :)

They updated it on the NBA home page, not on ESPN.com, though.

Why do they all think the move's good after pointing out all the problems with it? Why do they think he'll make us better?

JohnMagee reply to Tray on Dec 2 at 13:13

He'll make the sixers record better, he'll probably give them a few wins that would have been losses, maybe limp in as the 8 seed to the playoffs, which is seen as a 'success'

Jalen Rose loves the idea - at least on tv - but I'm convinced he's functionally retarded.

Comcast did this for ticket sales and they're getting them, at least for now

Tray reply to JohnMagee on Dec 2 at 16:12

I think he should make our record worse. Not worse than it is now, but worse than it would've been at the end of the season had he never came. I mean, how can you reach any other conclusion? We know he'll make us worse defensively, he shouldn't really make us better offensively, and if you look at recent history, we improved when he left, Denver improved when he left, Detroit got worse when he arrived. Memphis also got better when they cut him, though that's a tiny sample size.

JohnMagee reply to Tray on Dec 2 at 16:26

We'll see, I think he's just a better lou

Tray reply to JohnMagee on Dec 2 at 19:49

Perhaps, but now the plan is to play Lou and Better Lou together in the backcourt, killing us on D.

Hollinger came the closest to saying he won't make them better on the floor:

Hollinger: It really has little to do with him -- the operative question is "Can Elton Brand get the 76ers back into the playoffs?" and the answer so far has been an emphatic "no." Iverson is no longer good enough to dramatically alter their fate.

I disagree, I think he could be bad enough to dramatically alter their fate.

JohnMagee on Dec 2 at 13:10

Gee now where did I hear marc steins comments before...ooh yeah that's right.

In terms of just overall relevance I was working through it just off the top of my head. ANy team with 'cap' space to make runs at the big guys this off season are more relevant than the sixers....teams losing big guys (Toronto) also more relevant...

So Memphis, Golden State, Clippers maybe (just because of their ineptitude)?

Tray reply to JohnMagee on Dec 2 at 16:26

Monta is kind of playing Golden State out of irrelevance (even if he loses, people do enjoy watching a still very young guard drop 45). And people are always fascinated by Nelson's hijinks. Memphis, maybe. Rudy Gay's scoring a tad more this year but it seems unlikely that he'll ever make the leap into stardom. When I had my free league pass I would occasionally tune in for a few minutes just to watch Marc Gasol, he's a solid player. Not terribly relevant though.

JohnMagee reply to Tray on Dec 2 at 16:33

After reading the blind side i would tuen into to some grizz games to hear tuohy (what an accent by the way) but that's a bad ownership bad gm direcionless franchise that drafts pretty badly...and probably a worse fa destination than phildelphia

HOw old do you have to be to gamble? I hope it is 21 for Jrue's sake!

I disagreed w/ it, but that’s over.
EJ should do the following:
Lineup should be Dre, AI, Thad, Brand, Sam with 2nd unit of Jrue, Kapono, Carney & Smith. Scrap the PO, run simple P/Rs with some weakside motion, post isos for Brand, Thad & Dre. Improv is the watchword from here on out.

Once Lou & M16 return, add to the 2nd unit, likely in place of Smith & either Kapono/Carney

Take all the time that was spent on the PO and focus on Pressure D, overplay the wings, mix in some zones maybe, crash the boards and run out, non-stop. Force everyone to keep up.
It might work, if EJ can do the above.

So basically, do everything the exact opposite of how EJ has done things up to this point. Yes, that would work :)

Its O.K., becasue AI gets along really well with Ayers :)

Imagine this: Its Christmas in 2006. If I had told you that not only would AI be back as a Sixer and starting, but Michael Vick would be McNabb's backup right after being released from prison, what would you have said?

I'd been stunned

Everything except Vick being in jail would've shocked me.

lol. In fact, they should just fire Eddie Jordan and bring Coach Carter, or even Sam Jackson and have him play Coach Carter. They'd be better off. :-)

Brilliant my friend. Simply brilliant.

Hey, Sam had a problem getting his Nick Fury contract from the studio, he might be available... :-)

JohnMagee reply to rswknight on Dec 2 at 17:37

Though they worked that out?

Yeah they did, eventually. After realizing Sam is not to be played with. Marvel tried to get him on the cheap now that they are running their own house movie-wise. He reminded them of who he is. Dumb move by Marvel, especially they drew the Ultimate version in Sam's likeness long before the movies came out. Backed into a corner.

Still, he'd be better than Eddie, running that Coach Carter style. Him or Denzel for that matter. Denzel verbally turned Ochocinco out and his son plays for my school(Penn). Man is a no-nonsense motivator; he could just do speeches from his movies and let Lynam, Ford & McKie handle tactics and still be a better coach than Mr. Metal Detector Teeth.

Brace jokes will never get old. They crack me up 100% of the time :)

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 18:16

You never had em did you?

(I had em twice)

Nope, never had em.

Thing that kills me is the constant licking. Feels like being near him would be like hanging out with my Saint Bernard. Either that or a sprinkler.

I wonder if we will see any fans in the stands Monday sporting Denver AI jerseys? That would shout it was a good (financial) decision by the Sixers.

Who said hockey guys couldn't run a successful basketball organization, y'no?

"shout" should read "show"

Just heard broussard say "see if iverson buys into eddie jordan's system."

I wonder if a defensive liability who loves to gun and score fits into our so-called "system..."

JohnMagee reply to Bill on Dec 2 at 16:24

Chris Broussard must not have seen a sixers game this year - there is no system

IMO, I think Jordan mesmerized Stefanski by making him stare into his Braces. Hipnotic Trance, "3-hour" "impressive" chalk-talk later, he's got the job.

Wow. Iverson back on the Sixers...it doesnt change the fact that the team still sucks with or without him. Sucks as in win 20 games sucks. They maybe win 5 more games with him. Whoop dee damn do. I would rather see them gut this team and rebuild.....starting with the coach who is flat out awful. Bring back Chris Ford...AI loves em !

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