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Sixers B Team Heads to OKC

JohnMagee on Dec 2 at 18:13

KD goes for 50/20/10 to help my pansy ass fantasy team

Great post. I hope we'll be seeing more previews like this in the future.

JohnMagee on Dec 2 at 19:04

Jordan going w/ same starters: Holiday, Green, Iguodala, Young, and Dalembert

are you freaking kidding me? How does 20-10 in basically a half not equate to starting? Man he's a moron

Great preview man, I love the analysis. Good to see a preview like this obviously coming from someone who knows the game. You won't see shit like this on espn that's for sure

I think this may be one of the Sixers 20 wins....just a gut feeling

It's just 2 more games until AI's return in the rest of the nation's eyes... Sad.

I also find it weird that OKC is fifth in the NBA in points given up. Strange, wouldn't have expected that. I guess Thabo, Kyle Weaver, and Westbrook lock down the perimeter. You heard it here first, I think EB goes beserk in this game tonight and he has to to if we can win the game.

Rich reply to Rich on Dec 2 at 19:33

If he would only start him. Jesus.

How do you not!? How is this possible?

Your ideas are sound and correct. Of course, that means that BarbedWire will do the exact opposite, probably up to and including running Green on Westbrook, Dre at Center with Kapono on Durant "for defense" and "get-after-it-ness"

OK, I'm trying to remain calm but it's increasingly difficult. Elton Brand just dropped a 21/10 in 25 minutes of work and he's still on the bench? Simply so you can get Willie Green's "ballhandling" skills on the floor? Willie has played 76 minutes in the past two games, with 3 assists. THREE!

Knowing Jordan, he probably said Brand needed to work on trusting his teammates and making plays and getting after it, like Willie. :-)

Jeff reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 20:09

Yeah, but he gets after it a bit more than Brand does.
You see, it's simple logic - Willie scores 17 off the bench and gets to start the next game.
Brand dominates off the bench and well, that can only mean he would be better off as a bench player.

tenson reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 20:11

I dont think green is a horrible player. I wouldn't mind seeing him play 15mins a game. However he should not be a starter? Why do coaches love him so much? It's not just EJ, dileo and cheeks also had a man crush on him. One more thing, we are 5-12 and it is not all willie's fault.

One positive on AI coming back means more eyes on the team which hopefully leads to more scrutiny on Idiot Ed

Jeff reply to rswknight on Dec 2 at 20:10

I never thought of that before, but you might be right.

If AI's return means more heat under the Eddie's seats, then for that reason I'm glad he's back.

JohnMagee reply to rswknight on Dec 2 at 22:13

I think it means less for Jordan - can't use the PO with Iverson

I'd like to track how many points Willie's man scores in the comments, but I'm not sure tonight is the night to do it. He'll be guarding Thabo, who is pretty inept on the offensive end.

Thad stroking the rock lately...

Anyone notice OKC went right to Thabo for an iso on Willie and he drove right by him? Their worst offensive player and OKC immediately recognizes the mismatch. Awesome.

Willie takes a terrible shot and lets Thabo blow by him. We're only two minutes in as well.

2 points against Willie.

Sefolosha drives right past him (for the second time) getting right to the rim.

5 points against Willie.

Lost Sefolosha for a corner three.

7 against Willie, Thabo already over his average.

In half a quarter...

7 points against Willie.

Sefolosha blows right by him for the third time. Eddie blames Dalembert.

7 points against Willie.

Sefolosha blows right by him for the third time. Eddie blames Dalembert.

Who's guarding Durant?

Tray reply to Tray on Dec 2 at 20:44

I guess the silence suggests the answer is Iguodala? I've never really, by the way, bought into the whole "how many points did so and so give up" thing. There's a certain baseline of points that any defender is going to give up on a given night, unless he's guarding Reggie Evans; people make a certain percentage of their shots, and if they take a lot they'll score a fair amount regardless. Good defense can only do so much. I suppose the shooting percentage of the players you guard is more meaningful, but even that's pretty ambiguous, in that, say, you could have been guarding someone, but then you get rubbed out by a good screen and your teammate doesn't help properly. Is that on you? In part yes but in part no.

Here is the problem with Jordan. Our scoring comes when we shoot the ball well, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with our offense. Now if we would get that shooting with a Tom Thibodeau, hmmmm?

i've been watching OKC a lot on league pass. really been looking forward to this game. whoever mentioned their surprise about OKC's strong defense, that is all scott brooks, COY candidate if not this year then next.

wish we had him...

mike reply to rswknight on Dec 2 at 20:31


funny because OKC usually struggles offensively but against the sixers they look like the suns

9 points against Willie.

Helpless against Jeff Green in transition.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 20:33

I'm digging the WillieWatch.

I must say I am astounded by his "stellar" defense.

Willie with a foul on Durant, gave it to Jrue for some reason.

Ibaka on EB. That needs to be a house-call every time on the blocks.

ed pinckney just said they're getting after it

Eddie probably takes him out to lunch every day to make sure he never says anything bad about his coaching decisions.

Brand with a nice follow. Definitely shouldn't be starting.

I know he missed the shot, but why was Willie switched on to Durant? Iggy ended up with Ibaka, Sam on Wilks. What coach could allow that with only a P and R which you have time to get organized with? That was crazy.

You see, this is the problem with Eddie Jordan. Right now he's licking his braces and patting himself on the back because they scored 33 in the first quarter, but what he just doesn't realize is they were lucky. They aren't that good at shooting the basketball.

The big thing in the first was how horrible their defense was, and Jordan doesn't even realize it. Willie Green gave up 9 points, 7 of them to Sabo Fucking Sefolosha.

tenson reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 20:37

does EJ have braces? I've never notice them

mike reply to tenson on Dec 2 at 20:42

he's got them on his lower teeth for sure, don't think they're on the uppers

mike reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 20:38

yea when they shoot that well they need to be up double digits, because they will inevitably shoot under 40% the rest of the game.

Brand out to start the second. Un frickin believable...

By the way, Westbrook got into the lane once on Jrue. No one helped, Jrue challenged his short jumper, made him fade away and miss it.

But the fact that Westbrook's feet touched the paint was enough. Jrue's not "getting after it"

This is a lovely lineup to start the second.

Dalembert, Smith, Kapono, Carney, Ivey

mike reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 20:40

great minds...

this is the worst lineup i have ever seen

4:31 for Brand, +6. Better get him out of there.

Alright guys, I'm out for an intramural basketball game (We won't be implementing the PO for sure). I'm recording the rest of the game and am sure OKC will have 110 plus.

Brian, maybe we need a "Free Elton" shirt too. If the guy starts playing good, that you don't play him? Rediculous.

It is not how good you play, but how you "get after it"!

Ivey looks like Dalembert dribbling the ball.

How did he just drive into a big and hand him the ball? That was amazing

This offense is...man, I can't come up with the words. It's just ugly.

Max reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 20:46

I have a word - putrid.

Jrue back in! Wow!

Oh wait, Willie's back in too.

Good news: Jrue back in

Bad news: Willie back in too

12 points against Willie.

Gives Harden way too much space, buries a three in his eye.

This is... I do not understand how they can't see this? It is so obvious.

Jasner spent a good bit of his chat yesterday defending Green as a smart capable player. Unbelievable

JohnMagee reply to rswknight on Dec 2 at 22:22

Jasner has been a tool of Comcast for a couple years now

eddies' heady's on Dec 2 at 20:49

Collison is manhandling EB on those O-boards.

You guys are watching the game. Please let me know if I'm being unfair to Willie with any of these points. I seriously want an accurate accounting of this.

tenson reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 20:53

Willie did do a good job by getting the ball to a wide-open Brand

Nope, he's getting baked per usual

Damn he waited a long time to put Thad back in there, and he was the one guy who was scoring.

iguodala really gets hosed with certain calls. unreal how little respect he gets in this league.

Not a foul

mike reply to rswknight on Dec 2 at 20:57

seriously, if kobe makes that play, everyone is amazed by how hard he works on defense

Awesome, awesome D by Iguodala denying Durant the ball there. Ticky tack foul diving for the loose ball.

This will be Westbrook's first point of the night, thanks to Jrue's defense.

Willie's offensive numbers are very good. 3/4 for 8 points, 4 assists. Too bad he's getting absolutely abused on the other end. But he is getting after it.

He has been literally the glass half-full guy the last couple games. Better than his usual drunken stupor

eddies' heady's on Dec 2 at 20:58

I'll ask this - if Willie G is giving up those points, then who is responsible for Westbrook having 8 assists leading directly to points (16+ when taking into account 3's) and it isn't even halftime? Jrue?

no, you are

eddies' heady's reply to mike on Dec 2 at 21:04

it's ok db, you're my bud man

i get it, you smoke pot right? very clever.

eddies' heady's reply to mike on Dec 2 at 21:35

Actually you provide my hallucinogenic state with your wussy pseudonym immaturity.

pseudonym? the drugs are making you paranoid brah.

Thad Young with the steal. Sign of him "getting after it"?

Down by three, suddenly unable to hit those long jumpers in the second.

thad has really been looking like the thad we thought was going to average 20+ppg last year. really hope AI's return doesn't stunt his development too much.

Sefolosha right into the lane, dishes for a dunk to Collison.

Lemme get this straight. Jrue is hot from deep, so Willie calls his own number, almost turns it over before Jrue gets fouled on his miracle try w/o a call, yet Green plays "ahead" of Jrue? Fire this cat now.

Jrue, 11 points on 4/6 shooting, and completely kept Westbrook out of the lane. Westbrook had 1 point on a BS foul called on Iguodala.

To answer a question from earlier, Westbrook's assists came on passes around the perimeter, not a single one was on a drive and kick where he broke down the defense, not a single one was Jrue's fault. I believe two or three of them were to Thabo with Green on him.

Up by one at the half. I thought the defense was much better in the second. Big half for Jrue, I just hope he doesn't turn the ball over early in the third and get benched for a couple of weeks.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 21:12

He's not looking hesitant on his jumper. He is stepping into it with confidence.

EJ sure gave the quick hook to Carney, Kapono, and Ivey. Looked like Carney and Kapono b/c of D and Ivey b/c he was turning it over and forcing things and well, just looking like Ivey. Bring back AI already so he can be our best cheerleader.

Both ESnow and Kenny Smith love Jrue, both of them were bigger type points so that fits.

Elton needs to work on his rebounding. Why hasn't Dalembert played in the 2nd quarter? In regards to Jason Smith, I think the announcer put it the best way " Jason Smith will spend the night staring at the ceiling"

That was funny. Either that or watching himself on Smallville. :)

tenson reply to rswknight on Dec 2 at 21:23

haha you're right, he does look like that guy from smallville

You see, here's the rub. Jordan looks at the scoreboard and sees 11 points for Jrue and 8 points for Willie and thinks they're both having good games. That's just stupid.

Jrue is unusually hot on offense, yes, that's very good, but it's the complete game that matters. He could be 0/5 right now and he'd still be having a good game because of the defense he's playing on Westbrook. Willie, on the other hand, can shoot the lights out and still be a detriment to the team because of his shitty defense.

How does our coach not grasp this?

Doesn't watch one half of the court.

Jrue hopped under the screen too early there, led to penetration and a corner three.

God damnit, Durant gets every fucking whistle.

14 points against Willie.

Thabo right to the rim.

Jrue doesn't settle for the three, drives to the hole and converts. Nice play.

eddies' heady's on Dec 2 at 21:30

Dala gets shook and then scolds Thad for it. Leader, I tell you.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 2 at 21:31

And then forces it and gets caught under the basket and throws a bad pass to Thad for a turnover.

Actually, he was telling the ref Durant palmed the ball, but feel free to make shit up.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 21:38

So sensitive? So I couldn't have been mistaken? I thought he was getting on Thad for not coming over for proper help but don't have the benefit of DVR. You guys are such a welcoming bunch.

No DVR, he wasn't even looking at Thad at the time and was made the violation motion while staring at the ref.

Durant just abused Iguodala.

Makes me wonder about their help system(yeah, yeah I know, what "system"?).

I would think you'd want to force him baseline.

I wonder if Iverson's mom will get her seat back.

Now we are playing small... brilliant

Westbrook finally got someone other than Jrue on him.

16 points against Willie.

Never stops Westbrook in semi-transition, lets him go right to the rim and fouls him. Makes both free throws.

Willie gets stuck on a screen, not sure why he was on nenad though, so I won't count those two against him.

I'm a big fan of the hard fouls Brand gives under the hoop.

definitely. Reminds a little of Mahorn that way.

So, we are getting bombed from deep and Brace-Licker's response is to go small with a zone...

Beautiful pick and roll run perfectly by Jrue and Brand, leads to foul shots.

Jordan hates that play because it doesn't result in a twenty-footer.

I think it's official, Elton Brand is back. Now if only he gets more PT..

Block by Brand ignites fast break. Get him out of there, please.

When did Collison become a good rebounder?

34 points in the third for OKC.

Going to a 2-3 Zone with no one bigger than 6-8 against a team already shooting over 50% from deep will do that. Frickin Genius, that EJ

88 points allowed heading into the fourth. The Thunder average 96.8/game on the season and I don't think this has been a high paced game.

Thad continually leaves Durant to help. Continually.

The Eddie Jordan defense, making below average shooters excellent on a nightly basis.

We might as well be playing against Nash, Allen, Kapono, Dirk and Okur every night...

That was a dumb play by Iguodala, but it wasn't a travel. Not unless he touches the ball again, but he didn't. Whistle blew immediately.

Sixers actually outshooting the Thunder, but getting owned on the glass. Dalembert 16 minutes. Hmmm.

Stefanski's holding press conferences talking about pushing the pace and running, somebody should ask him to tell his coach to play the guys who get boards and stop running SMALL!

Brand needs to show on that P&R, Kapono has no chance to fight over the screen.

19 points against Willie.

Mike Wilks with a three in his face.

willie with the block

So who's "given up" the 82 points Willie hasn't? It's not exactly like he's the only guy whose man is scoring (or dishing out 13 assists). I just don't want to read a wrap-up after the game that says Willie scored 12 but gave up 19, so he was the difference in the game or something. Besides his having 6 assists and a couple steals and therefore arguably being a net plus tonight, there are other people out there whose matchups are outscoring them.

I didn't say anything about this game being Willie's fault. I started tracking his points given up because I'm sick of hearing about how he's playing great right now and really getting after it. Even when he's at his absolute best offensively, and he's played very well tonight, he gets abused on the other end. Tonight, he's gotten abused by offensively challenged players.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 22:44

Sure, but obviously the rest of the team has been abused too - other than Westbrook pretty much everyone had a great night (and by the way, other than Brand pretty much everyone had a good offensive night for us). Who, I wonder, "gave up" Collison's 8 buckets on 9 attempts? Or Durant's 33? What you say of Green is seemingly true of virtually everyone right now.


Am I seeing JRUE on the court in the fourth?????

Ok, guys, Westbrook, 1-8, guess who is coving him?

Why are we running small while struggling on the glass and giving up inside buckets? Moron

Guess who is leading the team in minutes tonight?

Wow with or without AI this is a high lottery team unless we can find a way to avg. 115 pts a game.(I think that would be enough)Better make it 120 just to be safe.

High lottery team because the coach is a moron

Either that or A. Miller was the key to our defense last year.........Nah I think ur right guy can't coach.

So you pull Kapono finally, but pull Brand too...

Small lineup, can't grab a board.

bebopdeluxe on Dec 2 at 22:17

People worry about AI and the impact on our defense...meanwhile Nick Collison is 8-for-8 tonight.

This is absolutely unwatchable.

Comcast/Snider had no choice but to sign Iverson...at this rate, this crew will be drawing 8,500 a game to the Wachovia Center.

Fire Eddie Jordan...

So because the defense is really bad right now we shouldn't worry that Iverson is going to make it even worse?

Hey why should we worry about D. Our coach isn't worried about it at all

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 22:34

My new best-case scenario is that AI comes in and finds out how much of a JOKE that Eddie Jordan is...he starts saying some of the things that other players already think...he tries his best, but it is just a lost cause...the season ends on an ugly note (not solely because of Iverson), and Comcast/Snider get rid of "Dumb and Dumber Part 2" and start over.

I could live with that.

DeanH reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 2 at 22:46


I think I just saw Cheeks laugh and say this is what they replaced me with.

If I were him, I go get a big ol steak and have major laughs after that. Dre probably wishes he had Mo back

The Sixers just scored 106 points on a very good defensive team. Offense is not the fucking problem.

Another in a long line of disgusting losses. This entire franchise is completely lost, for some reason none of the heat is falling on Eddie Jordan and I really have no idea why.

Thanks for hanging in there, guys. I'm going to eat dinner, the wrap will be late tonight.

I think maybe no heat on EJ because we are the only ones watching right now. Come monday when all eyes are on the Sixers people who haven't watched all year will be like what the hell is this guy doing.

I don't know. For some reason he has anally raped this team's defensive identity and he gets a free pass.

Cause its "early" like these press people keep telling me...

A back court with Green and Kapono? Are you FUCKIN SERIOUS?!!?!

James Harden just said "getting after it" about 15 times in his post game interview. He should play for Eddie Jordan.

bebopdeluxe on Dec 2 at 22:39

When asked after thew game about why the defense isn't getting better (the question was specifically about defensive rotations), Jordan tries to throw out there that we are "a young team"...


The only young guy out there was Jrue, and he seems to be far from the worst player out there.

Brian, you asked me if I think that the defense could be even more of an issue with AI out there...of course, the answer is yes, but as you pointed out recently, Jordan had taken a team that had somewhat respectable defensive stats last season and turned us into a defensive laughing-stock.

Jrue 37 minutes. That's about the only thing I liked in that box score.

I am hoping that maybe atleast Jrue will start along side of AI. I know it is highly unlikely with our incompentent coach but he allowed Jrue to play 37 minutes tonight, way beyond his allowed 15 minutes. Well past his bedtime!

E.J. makes DiLeo and Cheeks look like John Wooden.

Nearly 41 minutes for Will f'n Green. While Sam and Brand average 24 min each?

I honestly think EJ is trying to lose games to prove a point... Is he trying to break them? Or is he really this stupid/bad/obstinate?

Everything I have ever hated about recent Sixers coaches is just magnifierd by E.J.
-too much small ball
-poor 3 pt defense
-too much Willie Green

How can you bring in a coach who makes the bad things that much worse? Are they just trying to drive away every last fan and hope to replace them with casual AI followers?

Whether that's their goal or not, it's going to be the result. I don't expect anyone to be as much of a masochist as I am and stick this thing out. I wouldn't even make fun of them for not being a real fan.

When will he start feeling the heat though? The media is being 'patient,' even though he feeds them obvious BS. He has to be close to losing the team

Now he gets a pass because Iverson was thrust upon him, I bet.

He's got two excuses he's going to use hard (1) Injuries, (2) Iverson. If those don't work he'll switch right back to "These guys just don't get after it."

You are probably right. Any time someone actually says the opponent was tossing up 30-footers, as if this were the 70's w/o TV coverage, is willing to say anything...

Reminds me of that old Eddie Murphy Raw bit about how to get away with cheating, "Wasn't me." That's EJ's whole guiding philosophy.

I remember after an early game he defended the teams poor 3pt defense. he said something to the effect that if this is still a problem after 20 games then maybe they will have to do something- but at this point its just a few shooters getting hot, and there is nothing that you can do about that.

Well I guess he does not have to address it until after next game.

Sorry to be bitter, but I have to close my eyes when this team is on defense.

BTW... remember when I said WG would get lots of minutes this year... told ya so :) Bet we all wish I was wrong on that one.

You got that right. Bet you didn't think Willie would be the leader in minutes though, right?

Man, I thought Jim O'Brien's system was screwed up. EJ is like the Peter Petrelli/Rogue of the post-Brown Sixers, except he absorbs the worst aspects of each into this anti-christ amalgamation of pure suck.

That about sums it up.

Nothing worse than a passive small ball team on defense. You end up not taking advantage of quickness to generate T.O.'s and you still can't rebound. The worst of both worlds.

"Those guys just kicked us on the boards. It might not show up tremendously dramatically in the numbers, but it was timely offensive rebounds and putbacks for them," Jordan said.

And you still insist on going small, you nitwit freaking son-of-a *&#%# moron!!!!!

Tell me about it,

Besides, Derek Bodner(phillyarena.com) had a stat from tonight showing them getting 55& def rebounding, so it does show in the stats.

Gotta love Eddie-Barbed-Wire...

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