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Systematic Regression

Watched some of the 2nd and 3rd quarters last night and my only real reaction was "way to go, rook!"

Is Jordan giving someone the finger in that picture? I just noticed that.

I think its his response to all the criticism.

Yeah he is giving all the diehard Sixers fans, who actually care about winning the middle finger, either that or Sammy.

"The superb defensive game the kid played had nothing to do with it. Not a single thing. It was a footnote that the coach didn't even bother to mention in any post game comments. "

Actually, he did.


Click "Jordan talks about making improvement".

It was actually one of the clips I want to use tonight :)

I stand corrected. Fixed in the text. Glad he at least recognized what was going on, but doesn't change how I feel about this subject.

You know, I had a thought about this whole thing. I really think Jordan might've been on board about getting AI because he might think it buys him another year. From Fagan's article today, a Jordan quote:

"When I talked with him, he knows what we do. I would like for him to know the minimum part of it, not necessarily the intricacies of it . . . we'll just do the minimum part, and that's all he needs to be successful."

This tells me they are essentially scrapping the PO for the year, short of AI blowing up and being gone by Jan.

By doing this, it provides yet another excuse Eddie can point to when(if?) he gets called out on his piss-poor record/performance, besides 'injuries' and 'learning curve'. This might save his job for a year.


Reminds me of how last year they scrapped the whole Thad/Iguodala wing (SG/SF) combo after Brand went down. For a team that is rebuilding, they sure do a lot of odd things to win now at all costs.

I'm not a fan of EJ, but to scrap the P.O. for a year because they sign AI is crazy. So next summer are they going to talk about how they will again try Iguodala at the SG and Thad at the SF in 2010... just to abandon it after 20 games for the 3rd straight season? And are they really going to give the majority of the guard minutes to AI and WG? Might as well bring back Barros and Maxwell.

For such a losing organization they seem afraid to actually risk losing a few games to actually grow and learn what they have.

That's because they are feeling the heat. So they have this false sense of urgency. I mean, they fired Mo after giving him an extension for having a record of 9-14. Right now, Jordan would need a 4-game win streak just to match that record, with virtually the same talent, being the genius

Krishna on Dec 3 at 13:44

Can't wait to see a Green/Iverson backcourt against Billups and Affalo.

Also, I finally figured when I've felt this low as a Philly fan. Ironically, both of them have to do with the Eagles.

One recent time was the infamous Winston Justice game, when he gave up 12 sacks because Reid kept wanting to pass the ball in a close game w/o giving the kid any help, despite the facts that he was being blowtorched & that Buck had 100 yards on limited carries.

Another time was the Carolina NFC title game, when I watched McNabb with a broken rib repeated dropping back to throw to receivers being manhandled by the Panthers steroid-freak secondary, once again displaying Reid's playcalling blindness & faith in system over talent.

To me, I don't get disillusioned if a team gets beat because they lack talent to compete. If you're not good enough, you're not good enough. You might be able to make up some of that gap with wits, savvy and effort, but only just so much, right? I can deal with that, it becomes a "hope for the best..." type situation.

However, when the talent is there, but the Coach blows it through blatantly arrogant foolishness, willful blindness and/or piss-poor strategy, it is maddening. Especially because it tends to be followed by that same coach shamelessly saying disingenious things in the media that are either flat-out lies or utterly wrong.

That is Reid, that is Jordan. At least with Reid, the West Coast has a legacy of championships to fall back on, including his own personal experience. Jordan ran the PO with Jersey when they went to the Finals twice during one of the weakest eras in the Eastern Conference. One ironic thing is that I remember those teams tended to suck in the half-court.

My only question now is how were Jordan's teams in Washington above-average? They had some star power I guess, but the guy doesn't know how to spell defense, or care that his 5-14 team can't play a lick of it.

Loaded on offense. They were a top-10 offense when they were "winning." Winning here is defined as a 45-win season. It was very much a working-class Phoenix-East type of deal.

At their best:

Jamison>>Current Brand or Thad
Butler=AI9 (at least in the P.O., Iguodala better on a trapping/fast break team like the Sixers once sort of were.)

heck, even F'n DeSwawn Stevenson is a better shooter than W.G.

Rich reply to rswknight on Dec 3 at 14:45

I understand that was not "winning" in the sense a true fan ultimately wants, but at least they were friggin competitive. Plus, Phoenix at least had a system where they would run people out of the gym and play no defense to speed up the game. There was a reasoning behind the whole thing and they were a very successful regular season team. Not so with brace-face. They had Arenas, Butler, and Jamison, which certainly is good, but what have they done without him? Absolutely nothing. The whole era where that team was able to go over .500 for four straight years is starting to become mind-boggling.

Its hard to know given how they never all stay healthy and now Arenas is not nearly the player he once was (and Jamison is 32.)

TheAnswerAI on Dec 3 at 14:41

What about a petition for firing Eddie Jordan Brian? I would sign immediately.

It's time to make them clear that we fans are not happy with him at all.

JohnMagee reply to TheAnswerAI on Dec 3 at 15:24

Has one of those ever worked in the history of mankind?

DeanH reply to JohnMagee on Dec 3 at 22:07

Well, I don't think all this constant complaining to each other is helping one bit! All this does is make all of us depressed (maybe that is Brian's goal?).

I think we need to do something other than complain to each other. I think we ALL agree! Ideas?

Depends on whether we could get access to people. I have not been listening to Sonny Hill, but he does a sunday morning radio show on 610 and he works for them. We should try twittering Mike Preston about getting a blogger conference call soon. Maybe up the pressure that way too. Try to communicate with several national bloggers as well, since AI helps put us on the map again. Getting on the blog roll to get the issue mentioned by ESPN, Yahoo Sports et al, could do it.

Also, the Sixers normally do a season-ticket holders event, perhaps Stefanski might hear an earful then if people don't flood it with haikus and sonnets about AI.

We could always try psy-ops, send emails to Media with "info" from insiders & sources stating elements of management are unhappy with Jordan's defensive strategy & rotations. This theme repeated could help generate articles and stories which might help bring the issue forward.

Who knows...

This is why I don't really have a problem with the Iverson signing. Sure, he'll get in the way of the young guys developing, but do you really think any of the young guys will ever become above average with Eddie Jordan coaching them?

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