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This Will Not End Well

Come Monday night, If WG and AI are in the starting lineup I wont even bother watching the game.

This team is really depressing.

Jrue has a rotator cuff strain. game-time decision. If he's out, EB might get 30 minutes. Of course willie will play 48.

wow read this petition started by wizards fan a few years ago. This is what we'll go through for the next 3 years


mike reply to herny on Dec 5 at 17:40

jesus that makes me even angrier

I think the Sixers win this one... mostly because I don't think Charlotte is a good enough shooting team to take advantage of the Sixers.

"When Iverson comes back, Jrue immediately drops to the role Royal Ivey's been playing since the Lou Williams injury. When Lou comes back I fully expect the DNPCDs to start piling up again, no matter what lip service Ed Stefanski is giving to the contrary."

For some reason I don't think it'll be that bad. You just can't put your first-round draft pick on ice. Unless he's just a total project, which Holiday isn't quite. I think Iverson will play something like 36-38 a game, and Holiday will soak up some of those minutes he's out. They may even play together at times, as that would actually make a ton of sense.

"You just can't put your first-round draft pick on ice."

Well, you're talking about a coach who put his $80M PF on ice so he could get extra minutes for Willie Green. I don't think he has any problem at all icing Jrue in favor of Willie.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 18:17

He continued to play Brand though. Holiday will get less minutes than he should, but more than none at all.

I'll believe it when I see it. Nothing indicates he values anything Jrue brings to the table.

My God, I f'n hate Eddie Jordan.

It comes down to whether the Bobcats are furious for losing to the Nets last night, or exhausted.

Hey, Brand is getting the start. Yay. All it took was an injury to the rookie.

Green, Iguodala, Thad, Brand, Dalembert.

Jrue is out, which completely sucks because as I said above, this was the last game I can believe we would've seen him play significant minutes. The only reason he was in there was the injury to Lou Williams, Willie is clearly ahead of him on the depth chart so he's third on Monday, 4th when Williams comes back.

I believe Jordan made it clear that Jrue will play 15 minutes a night and I do not think that will change when he gets better.

You ask better, yep, Good old Willie Green took care of his competition and put a injury on Jrue when he blocked Willie Green's shot. Willie Green just does everything he can to kill his competition. I wonder if he paid the DC player to break Lou's jaw???????? :-)

this is random, but:

i hope when iverson comes back that iggy's role in the offense is reduced instead of thad's.

but since it has some hint of logic to it, i know eddie jordan will not agree.

also, anyone want to bet that this will be the starting lineup on monday:


Hmmn, I'm not sure Iguodala's role in the offense should be diminished, but his share of the the shots probably should. He's still probably your best playmaker, but he 15+ FGA/game is too much for him. I'd feel more comfortable if his usage % dropped from 25.1% down to about 22% and if his FGA dipped while his FTA rose. That would be ideal.

Interesting fact:

Sixers coach Eddie Jordan led the NBA in steals while playing for the New Jersey Nets in the 1978-79 season.

I guess if we are looking for defensive identity, we now know who took it.

OK, I've got the Sixers broadcast on league pass, spending my Saturday night with Zum!

Still trying to figure out what to track in the game thread. Maybe Brand's shot attempts and how he gets them. That should actually be worthwhile.

Eddie Jordan..please fire this man. PLEASE ! The sixers are in reality maybe a 45 win team but with this coaching they will win 25 at best. If we had the suns firepower we could afford play no D...but we dont so we need our d to bail us out when offense is sputtering(which is often). Fire Jordan now...this team isnt great but they are better than this. I'm looking forward to seeing Dileo on the sideline within 10 games

These sets make me sick. Brand, standing out by the three point line w/ nothing to do.

EB with a block, get him out of there already.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:13

Thad with finally a nice handle and flowing movement while dribbling.

Brand fouled after diving to the hoop and getting a whip pass from Iguodala in the void.

0/2 from the line.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:14

2 missed FTs by Brand. here comes the quick hook.

"So much of what the Sixers do is keyed off of Sammy Dalembert." and that doesn't bother anyone?

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:17

Iguodala does make it a point to try to force the ball to EB when he sees him at the elbow. Travelling on that possession.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:18

You've got to come out on him EB. Diaw will shoot it.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:18

2 straight bad possessions because of Willie Green's ineptitude.

You don't like a contested three by Willie Green on the wing? EJ thinks that's a solid offensive possession.

Who gets yanked here? Jordan looks pissed, I'm guessing because they've only taken one twenty-foot jumper in the first 5:29 of the game.

I like how EJ's lineup last game was so insanely small that he replaced an injured point guard with a 6-10 power forward. Gee, I wonder why we got out-rebounded by 14 last game.

Missed jumper, EB on the blocks with Chandler guarding him.

0/1 from the floor. Tough look, but no double came.

2 blocks for EB.

Baseline J from about 11.

1/2, 2 points.

And Diaw hits another three, ugh.

Baseline J from the other side, missed.

1/3, 2 points.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:23

too much miscommunication on the Sixers right now, everyone's looking at each other when a Bobcat gets the ball wide open on the perimeter.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:24

Will somebody realize Diaw is camping out at the line? Anyone?

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:25

willie with a perfect EJ possession - jumper along the baseline with 20 seconds left on the clock.

foul line jumper.

2/4, 4 points.

He's being aggressive.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:26

no call on Chandler pushing off on Iguodala, Dre charged with a foul on the putback. And 1.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:27

Iguodala's frustrated right now going to the basket getting no calls. Here is hoping he doesn't start settling for 20 footers from here on out.

Brand doesn't give the ball up when he gets it on the block. think he's realizing that Eddie Jordan likes players that take shots every time they touch it?

Brand looks good. As usual.

AI9 just got absolutely mugged on consecutive drives to the hoop, no whistles.

If that's how they're going to call it, then that's how you play it on the other end.

Oh, btw, Charlotte has 25 points with 2:52 remaining in the first quarter. They're 28th in the league in offensive efficiency rating.

Small lineup, consecutive offensive rebounds for CHA.

Make that 4 offensive rebounds allowed in the last two possessions. Eddie Jordan looks pumped because Willie shot (and missed) a corner three. That's just getting after it.

I like how EJ just put his head down cuz Brand didn't grab the board, even though he was pushed in the back. Ugh, I hate EJ

Turnaround missed.

2/5, 4 points.

Now 6 offensive rebounds in 3 possessions since Jordan went small.

6 offensive rebounds allowed in the 2:52 Jordan went with the small lineup.

Lucky they're only trailing by 6 after the first, 28-22 CHA.

Smith in for Brand. I'm guessing we'll only see big lineups to start the first and third quarters.

Right now Iguodala is playing the point, and the only chance this team has is for him to deny penetration and then for him to rebound like a PF.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:42

Bout time JK. Missing that open first one. Blow these characters out. This crowd is just like you guys.

Glad he used the pump fake but stayed behind the line on that play. Usually, he takes one dribble and moves in for a long two.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 19:46

And by crowd I meant this home crowd is just like the sixers home crowd.

Although that is going to change long term starting on Mon.

Sometimes I think I miss Korver. Because I really like him when he was at Creighton.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:44

Good strip Dre. And JK with the convert.

The key to this run: Not a single offensive rebound opportunity in the past 2:30. All turnovers, blocks and fouls for CHA on the offensive end.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:47

Get. stops. Esp with some bench guys in.

Gosh, it is going to be nice when Sp8's and Lou get back.

Blown bunny by Thad.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:48

Thad you have not finished 3 gimmies so far tonight. The last one off a sweet late dish from Dre.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:49

Iguodala stopping the ball, collecting the rebound, running the ball up the court, feeds to Young for an easy deuce... which Young misses.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:49

green in for iguodala. here comes a 10-2 bobcats run.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:50

Carney dribbled with his head down the whole way. He needed to set WG up there. But he gets bailed out by hustle and foul.

Big lineup, EB back in.

God, Kapono is so bad defensively.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:51

the big lineup's in!!!

Missed baseline J at the SC buzzer.

2/6, 4 points.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:52

Kapono just lets the guy get a free shot at layup. Damn, that was weak. At the least, give up a foul there.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:53

Lou Williams just tweeted that he lost 5 pounds in a week. So what is he at now, 60 pounds?

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:54

Just. Win. please

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:56

Get the dang ball out of J Smith hands. SHeesh

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 19:56

what the hell is jason smith thinking?

my god, get these white boys off the court

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:57

FReak THad! That's 5 bunnies at the rim. EB with the bailout

Offensive board, put back.

3/6, 6 points.

His first rebound of the game. Ugh.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 19:58

Yes. JK.

Kapono on fire. Willie gets an assist for basically throwing a pass into the second row :)

Brand fouled on a follow after another O-board. 3 rebounds in the past minute after having zero in the first 16.

Free throws TK.

JK just shut me up. And Brand has been an absolute beast this last 3 minutes. What a shock, Brand comes in we go on a run!

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:00

Not in the public-hype-way but, I can't wait for AI to show up and Reese and Lou to get back. That's the positive I HAVE to hold onto.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 20:02

good look, bad pass by kapono.

Willie apparently worried about foul trouble on that break.

jesus, they called a walk on that play? Iguodala got shoved out of bounds.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:03

Good foul EB.

Missed turnaround, block looked like a goaltend to me.


Layup in transition

4/8, 8 points.

Then a good hard foul on the other end. First sixer down the floor to stop a fast break is the "slow" PF who made the hoop on the other end. That's pitiful effort by the other guys.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 20:04

two things i loved about elton brand on that sequence. 1 the soft touch inside haven't seen anyone on the Sixers with that kind of touch in traffic for awhile 2. the hard foul on wallace.

How about making the shot and being the only Sixer back to stop the break.

O-board, put back.

5/9, 10 points. (may have had two shots and 2 o-boards there, need to check play by play)

Nice charge drawn by Willie.

if EB goes for 20/10, what are the odds he's benched on monday?

Down 1 at the half, huge second quarter for EB.

49-48 after 24.

Thad carried the first quarter, EB and Kapono the second. Iggy struggling with his shot. Actually grabbed an offensive rebound or two ourselves there late in the second.

Diaw is killin EB, takin wide open shots

EB looks like he's worried about the drive for some reason. Get in the guy's jock when he's shooting like this.

Missed baseline J, badly.

5/11, 10 points (he did have two attempts on that series at the end of the second.

WHY would brand leave diaw when he is that hot

It's the system. It doesn't account for who's hot or not. Thad's supposed to rotate there, no way he could.

Baseline miss.

5/12, 10 points.

That three by Diaw wasn't Brand's fault as much as philosophy. EB left to help Green who was getting backed down by Wallace.

I come back from watching Ninja Assassin(fun flick), and see the Sixers get bombed from deep again by yet another team that is "normally" poor from there. Fire EJ ASAP

Brand doesn't pass once he gets it

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 20:30

Brand not doing a good job of closing out on shooters. He's doing that half-hearted jog out to the perimeter with a hand up.

Anyone notice AI9 limping? Jesus.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:33

If EB plays defense like this, he should only play limited minutes. But he's merely pouting. Do it for yourself and your team members.

Man, I'd love to see a stop or two mixed in here when the Sixers are shooting it so well.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 20:34

trading baskets. Eddie Jordan is giddy.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:35

AI! AI! AI!........ 3 that is

I love when green attacks for me if he attacks more he ould be a very good player, he just takes to many hard jump shots

Primoz, huh?

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:38

Let's go Willie G.


OK, Willie made his last 4 jumpers (within 3 minutes), the closest one about 16-feet away. What are the odds?

You have to hand it to him, when he gets hot those bad shots all fall.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:40

D up!

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 20:41

"u think u got whaddit takes?"
hahaha i wonder what Speights would sound like if he were doing these commercials.

This has been a great quarter for this team, relatively, and let's break down what's happened.

Charlotte has scored 28 points in under 10 minutes.

Willie Green has hit about 7 really bad shots.

That's something to strive for.

Who's the guy wearing 21 taking the rebounds?

Alvin reply to Alvin on Dec 5 at 20:44

I get it now, when he rebounds, he can't score. When he scores, he can't rebound. That must be it.

Sorry, they had only scored 25 in under 10 minutes when i wrote that.

Now they've scored 29, in 10:25.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 20:47

It doesn't surprise me anymore. This is a recipe for failure, when you give up 100 points a game even to the worse offensive teams in the league.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 20:46

if Willie Green pressured that ball AT ALL on that possession that was an easy 8-second violation.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:47

Something is going on with ES and EJ.....how can Sam only be playing 16 min so far and they have Primoz in?........ Primoz now,... and this isn't just on EJ, Ed has to have a hand in this too. What is the motive?

It's like they are trying to protect and hide their supposed trade pieces. That's counterproductive.

You think ES is telling EJ not to play Dalembert? I don't see why he would, he's not the one that's allergic to defense. BTW, Sammy got yanked right after a beautiful block that sprung a fast break.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 20:57

It's not that I think that but....it's just like your boss isn't going to let you do but so much. The extension of control isn't infinite here. It just seems to be sort of fishy or something. There's definitely more going on than meets the eye with some of these moves. It can't just be coaching when you look at some of them as a whole.

It's not just coaching, it's terrible coaching. Jordan's forte.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 21:06

Look, I know you're frustrated, as so am I. But there is more to it than just the isolation of the coach. Just look at them..... Primoz?...... Really?... who signed him? And Sam is close to expiring. There's more elements to it, has to be.

I mean, Primoz actually plodded up the court each time tonight. Plodded, not run.

What could ES possibly have to gain by telling EJ not to play Sam?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 21:11

What could EJ have to gain (and Ed indirectly) by playing Primoz?

Both of them are on the guillotine here.

Jordan is a moron. Get it? What does he have to gain by calling out Brand at every opportunity and only playing him when someone else gets hurt?

He put Primoz in because in his twisted mind, that was the best way to get the W.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 21:24

Whatever, you're too narrow-minded b/c no one even mentioned EB.

And I can't even begin to believe my boss would let me play Efthimios Rentzias over Theo Ratliff. No basketball mind, no matter the depth, would not run him out there. I mean, besides Sam, he didn't even play J Smith there.

And you seem to think that ES is innocent here? It is collaborative to me. If for nothing else, but its blatancy.

I never understood giving the foul and letting them take the last shot of the quarter when you would've gotten the ball back otherwise. What's the point. This is a coach criticism, not a Willie criticism.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:49

YES! WIllie!!!!

Willie doing his best Kobe impression.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 20:50

wow Willie's on fire. Kobe's shot last night was more lucky though.


eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 20:50

Criticisms aside, Willie is 9-11 at the end of the 3rd which was a 38 pt quarter. Win. this. damn. game.

Erm.. What has Willie Green been smoking? It's counter-productive because people will see this game and say how good he is for a team and give him major minutes, etc. This is the exception, not the rule.

i think brian would look for the bad things that willie has done when he writes about this game....he only see what he does bad

Nope, he's had a good game all around, more positive on offense than negative on defense.

Every once in a while he hits all of his bad shots, planning on him doing that on a nightly basis isn't a good way to set your team up, though.

Recent observations over the past few games:

- Carney can't seem to make a shot
- Thad seems to be taking the most shots
- As eddie's head pointed out, limited minutes for Sam

I'm sorry, why is Brezec on the floor again? I know the +/- says +11 but that's an anomaly.

4th block for Brand, I believe.


krishna reply to ed on Dec 5 at 21:00

they're trying to make up for the non call on the other end

7-point lead, small lineup, Brown going right to the blocks. He must laugh when he sees the shit Jordan pulls.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 21:05

No doubt. He can be an asshole, but still a great coach.

The Sixers sell SRO tickets? Who knew?

Offense rebound, fouled on the follow.

2/2 from the line.

5/12 from the floor for 12 points for Brand.

I'm pretty sure that was a two, not a three. Finally got a whistle, though.

Please go right at Wallace now.

That was a textbook example of just how athletic Iguodala is. How many players in the L can beat practically everybody down the floor for a dunk while laboring?

Majorly underrated

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 21:14

Yep. But that would be too smart.

For the record, Jordan has been trying to pull Iguodala for most of the second half, according to Kate Fagan's tweets. He tweaked his ankle, but Iguodala refuses to sit.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 21:23

i wonder if brand can stop jordan from sitting him like iguodala can.

OK, Wallace is guarding Brand. They don't even think about going to him on the post. Small lineup is allowing the Bobcats to come back. Jordan content to lick his braces without making a sub. Maybe this would be a good time to put Sammy back in there? Just maybe?

10-point lead cut to 4 in short order. Let's see what lineup Jordan comes out of this break with.

Willie's bad shots aren't falling now.

Dumb frustration foul by Brand there.

This is a loss.

Fifth foul on Brand. Iguodala is doing everything humanly possible to win this game.

Brand baseline jumper.

6/13, 14 points.

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 21:26

EB on Wallace in the post. Airball.

That Diaw three was set up by this. P&R, Brand shows hard, Willie just stands there with Diaw wide open 3 feet away, Diaw hits the three.

In post over Wallace miss, badly.

6/14, 14 points.

Now he puts Sammy in????

He should be in the game, Willie shouldn't.

Where the fuck has this rebounding been all year from Thad?

Up 1, 19.9 seconds left.

What's the point of putting Carney and Sam if Willie's gonna be out there?

Alvin reply to Alvin on Dec 5 at 21:31

Straight to the hoop in about 2 seconds. Brilliant.



Removes Brand for defensive purposes? Wow.

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 21:31

Ed Pinckney has been brainwashed by Eddie Jordan. Always talking about making shots when the other team scores.

Is anyone shocked?

They should really milk the clock all the way down here and either make/miss for the win. If they give CHA the ball back, they're going to lose. this team can't get a stop to save their lives.

The play here is Willie/Iggy iso and contested 20-footer. LOL.

What do you think 1/2 here, then a layup for the win at the other end?

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 21:34

Good call. I'd bet on Felton.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Dec 5 at 21:35


Fouling Iggy is a stroke of genius, he can't make both. I love Iggy but his FT shooting leaves a lot to be desired.

Glad you're wrong...

Alvin reply to rswknight on Dec 5 at 21:36

I'm glad I'm wrong. But still good decision because they ensured they got the ball back and a chance to make a basket, which given this porous defense, is more likely than not

Court_visioN on Dec 5 at 21:34

Felton right by Green.

Clutch shots there by Iggy. Shocked they attacked Willie on the P&R on the other end.

OK, 4.7 seconds, enough time to get a contested 20-footer for Willie?

And, it's a party in Charlotte.

I can't believe he took Brand out FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES on both those layups by Charlotte. EJ gets worse every game

Seriously, I want a show of hands. Who didn't see this coming with 8-minutes left when Jordan went small to protect a 10-point lead?

The man is a strategic genius. Just because us lesser mortals cannot conceive of his brilliance does not mean that it is not there. Eddie-Ball is the wave of the future. Just you wait until he gets Dwight Howard, Elton Brand and every other big banned...

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 21:40

Totally agree about the small lineup to protect the 10 point lead with 5 minutes. Of course he brought Sam in with 20 seconds and he hadn't played almost the whole second half. DOn't know what to say anymore but it seems like they will never win another game. Can't believe we have a sell out monday for a 5-15 team.

Well at least it was a 16-footer this time. Haha.

as bad as this team has been playing, i couldn't ever imagine giving up a layup like that. if eddie jordan doesn't take the blame on that one he should be castrated.

You know, I'd love to say this would've been different if Jrue was available and out there defending Felton for those key possessions, but you know Jordan would've gone with Willie anyway.

Yeah, what about actually using Ivey, who is available & on the roster FOR JUST THAT REASON!

You know what I'd like? One solitary game where I don't feel like I need to punch a hole in a wall after it's over.

I'm going to decompress, the wrap will be up late tonight and I'll have a pretty extensive statistical post some time in the next two days as well.

Thanks for hanging in there, guys.

Duracorr reply to Brian on Dec 5 at 22:33

What a debacle. I fell asleep with the Sixers up 8 or 10 only to wake up and find out they lost. I read the comments. I don't understand why Sammy D doesn't get key defensive minutes at least. Can we fire Eddie Jordan now? Please? Wouldn't that be cool? Fire EJ. Enter the original AI with a new coach and the Sixers run off 10 wins to get even for the year? (I guess I'm still sleeping because that's just a dream!)

eddies' heady's on Dec 5 at 21:44

Well I predicted 1-9, but just got the CHA games mixed up. Prediction and expectations met. It has got to get better though.

You know EB has went to Stefanski being he signed him, but evidently ES is on board with trying to ship him. Because I can't see how a human resources manager (Stefanski) would allow their big hire (Brand) to be marginalized. That department head (EJ) would not carry out actions without repercussions or, better yet, directives from his higher-ups. Because in the end, they are all accountable.

OK, I get it now. Every bad in-game decision Jordan makes is actually Stefanski passing orders down. As long as we have that cleared up.

You'd think that. But, if the dep head is actually the Boss's boy? Maybe ES is not happy with all the heat Brand has "caused" him

How many losses in a row before a firing is theoretically possible? Will it take 18?

I'm hoping we hit whatever the magic number is very soon... If there is a magic number

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